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by Judy Dukes

03 September 2009


    It is now fairly certain that everyone in Group 2 is descended either from John Duke of the Isle of Wight, or from a brother, if he had one, and if he did, I'll bet the brother's name was William. 

    Michael Duke's descent is well-documented, and it appears that Rayford Duke and Lloyd Russell Dukes have excellent documentation as well.  Exact DNA matches with Rayford are Andaleen, Brian, Jane, Jessica, Joyce, and Kevin. These people make up our biggest subgroup. Michael, Lloyd Russell and William Wilson are each one marker off from them. William Wilson also appears to have a solid paper trail to JDIOW.  Emily has a great paper trail but her markers are puzzling. 

    The brick walls are as follows:


     For Andaleen, it is Green Berry Mangum, b 1817 in TN


     For Brian, Cheryl, Joyce and Sarah, it is Samuel Sr., bc 1725 in VA or NC


     For Jane, it is Adam, b 1794 in GA


     For Jessica, it is Reuben, b 1833 in GA  


     For Kevin, David Howard and David Jay it is Samuel Jr., b 1745 NC


     For Dale, Judy, Tom, Linda, Lynette, Kimberly, William Joseph, it's Henry Duke/s b 1775 NC.   


     Steve and Robert H. are stumped by Solomon, b 1795 GA?


     Dr Wm. C. is stumped by Azariah, b 1785


     David Amos Duke is stumped by John Duke b. 1800, probably NC


     Trish is stumped by William James, b. 1847 TN   


     The biggest missing links are the descendants of five of the seven sons of Robert Dukes of Northampton County NC.  Nothing is known of any of them except Joseph and Samuel. The others were John, Benjamin, William, Robert and James.


     There are also gaps from the Georgia Dukes.  As I've said before, I think much information is out there among people who know  but don't care, or don't think that anyone else cares.   While there might be some answers found in actually going to the locations and examining the records,  I think that most of that has been done. 




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