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Third Generation

Family of Joseph MILLER (2) & Martha GOUCHENAUR

3. Harry MILLER. Born on 6 Feb 1867 in Lanc Co, PA.[16],[17] Harry died in Lanc Co, PA on 21 Oct 1946; he was 79.[18] Buried on 25 Oct 1946 in Longenecker's Reformed Mennonite Cemetery, West Lampeter Twp, Lanc Co, PA.[19] Occupation: Feed Salesman for B. F. Sheafly Co, Harrisburg, PA; Livestock Salesman for Henry Weill, Horse and Cattle Dealer.

Social Security #: 167-14-7496[20]

OBIT - Daily Intelligencer Journal, Tuesday, 22 Oct 1946: HARRY MILLER - Harry Miller, seventy-nine, 529 Church St., died at 7:45 p.m. Monday, of a heart condition after being in ill health for several years. His parents were the late Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Miller, Strasburg Township. Twice married, his first wife was the former Naomi Wissler, and the second, Mable Troop, both deceased. He was a retired feed salesman for the B. F. Sheafly Co., Harrisburg, and in years past had been a salesman for the late Henry Weill, horse and cattle dealer. Surviving are these children: Mary, wife of Amos Brooks, Lancaster R5; Mable, wife of John Jerrell, Lancaster; George Miller, Linglestown; Annabelle, wife of Elvin Herr; Essie, wife of George Jacobs, a step-daughter, Pearl, wife of Harry Shoff, all of this city; also, sixteen grandchildren, four great-grandchildren, and the following brothers and sisters: Mrs. Mary Hagen, Lancaster; Mrs. Ernest Nonnenmacher, Paradise; Joseph, Strasburg; Elam, Sterling, Ill.; and Albert, Erie, Ill.

Harry Miller's Family in the 1900 Census, East Lampeter Twp, Lanc Co, PA:
Harry, age 33 (Feb 1869), Occ: Day Laborer
Mabel S., age 27 (May 1873), wife, mother of 3 children, all living
Mary M., age 10 (May 1890), daughter
Florence M., age 7 (Aug 1892), daughter
Dora M., age 2 (Feb 1898), daughter
Belle M., age 9 months (Aug 1899), daughter
Rachael P. Brubaker, age 6 (Sep 1893), step-daughter

Note: Harry's first wife, Naomi E. Wissler, died 5 Feb 1896; therefore, Mabel's above 3 living children would seem to be Dora M. Miller, Belle M. Miller, and Rachael P. Brubaker (father unknown). 22 Oct 1946, Rachael P. is mentioned in step-father Harry's obit as step-daughter, Pearl, wife of Harry Shoff, living in Lancaster. Pearl and Harry Shoff had a daughter, Frieda. My grandmother, Bessie Troop Miller, was not born until 21 Nov 1900. Bessie talked about Frieda quite alot. Pearl would have been a half sister to my grandmother.

Medical: Cause of death was coronary occlusion (30 min.) and Myocarthosis (10 years).

Harry first married Naomi E. WISSLER. Born on 16 Nov 1865.[21] Naomi E. died in Lanc Co, PA on 5 Feb 1896; she was 30.[21] age at death was 30 yrs-02 mos-20 days. Buried in Longenecker's Reformed Mennonite Cemetery, West Lampeter Twp, Lanc Co, PA.[21]

Longenecker's Mennonite Church Records, West Lampeter Twp, Lanc Co, PA:
Miller, Naomi E., wife of Harry, age: 30-2-20, date of death: 2/5/1896
Miller, Mabel S., wife of Harry, age: 28 - 19, date of death: 6/30/1901
Miller, Dora M., daughter of Harry & Mabel, date of birth: 2/28/1898, date of death: 10/1/1907
All three Miller names were recorded together in line.[21]

They had the following children:
i. George.

Mentioned in father's obit, 22 Oct 1946, as living in Linglestown.
ii. Mabel.

Mentioned in father's obit, 22 Oct 1946, as wife of John Jerrell, living in Lancaster.

Mabel married John JERRELL.
4 iii. Mary M. (1890-?)
iv. Florence M.. Born in Aug 1892 in Lanc Co, PA.[22] Florence M. died ? .

Harry second married Mabel S. TROOP, daughter of Jacob C. TROOP (1846-1942) & Mary UNKNOWN (~1853-1894), in Lanc Co, PA.[23] Born in May 1873 in Lanc Co, PA.[24] Mabel S. died in Bird-in-Hand, East Lampeter Twp, Lanc Co, PA on 30 Jun 1901; she was 28.[21] Buried in Longenecker's Reformed Mennonite Cemetery, West Lampeter Twp, Lanc Co, PA.[21]

Mabel died about six months after giving birth to my grandmother, Bessie Troop Miller. Bessie was then raised by foster parents, John Adams Umble (1853-1923), and his wife, Mary C. Esh Umble (1855-1915), in Bird-in-Hand, Lanc Co, PA. There was no known relationship between the two families of Harry and Mabel Miller and John and Mary Umble except that Bessie's parents lived on the same street, perhaps only a house or two away from the Umble home. I do know that my grandmother, Bessie Troop Miller Jacobs, loved her "Daddy" and "Mother" Umble. She spoke of them often and of the loving childhood days she remembered. John and Mary Umble were very kind to Bessie; and though considered foster parents, to my grandmother. they were her family. [To know more about John Adams Umble and Mary C. Esh Umble, return to the Ancestral Lines Page and click on the Umble surname under the Miller Family Tree. The Umble data is courtesy of Maurice L. Umble, Mason, Ohio, email<>. Permission has been graciously given by Mr. Umble to include this information. He is the author of published genealogies on the Umble surname.]

They had the following children:
i. Dora M. (Died as Child). Born on 28 Feb 1898 in Lanc Co, PA.[25] Dora M. died in Lanc Co, PA on 1 Oct 1907; she was 9.[21] Buried in Longenecker's Reformed Mennonite Cemetery, West Lampeter Twp, Lanc Co, PA.[21]
ii. Annabelle M. (Belle). Born in Aug 1899 in Lanc Co, PA.[26] Annabelle M. (Belle) died in Lanc Co, PA abt 1973; she was 73.[27] Buried in Mellinger's Cemetery, Lanc Co, PA.[27]

I remember Aunt Belle, when I was just a girl, for her gold-capped teeth and her beautiful African Violets on the windowsills. I remember Uncle Emlin's being in a Veteran's Hospital and my parent's taking Aunt Belle to see him. My parents looked in on her often.

Mentioned in father's obit, 22 Oct 1946, as wife of Elvin Herr, living in Lancaster.

Annabelle M. (Belle) married Emlin H. HERR.
5 iii. Bessie Troop (1900-1994)

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