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First Generation

1. William G. GABLE. Born on 27 Aug 1810 in Lanc Co, PA.[1] William G. died in Millport, Warwick Twp, Lanc Co, PA on 11 Jul 1891; he was 80.[2] Buried in Millport Union Cem, Warwick Twp, Lanc Co, PA.[3] Aged 80 years, 10 months and 17 days. Occupation: Stone Mason.

OBIT - July 17, 1891, Lancaster Intelligencer: DEATH OF OLD MAN - The funeral of William Gable, an aged resident of Millport, took place on Tuesday. He died on Saturday at the age of 80 years. He was a hard working man and always enjoyed robust health except in the last year or two, when his health declined considerably. He was the father of eleven children, six of whom with his aged widow survive. They had thirty-seven grandchildren.

1850 Census, Warwick Twp, Lanc Co, PA:
William Gable, age 40, stone mason
Susana Gable, age 36
Catharine Gable, age 20
Mary A. Gable, age 12
Susana Gable, age 8
Anne Gable, age 5
Ester Gable, age 3
Michael Frankford, age 13, mason
Catharine Gable, age 67
Daniel Frankford, age 18, mason
John Lipus (sp?), age 27, mason, Europe

1860 Census, Warwick Twp, Lanc Co, PA:
William Gable, age 49, mason
Susanna Gable, age 47
Hetta Gable, age 12
Henry Gable, age 10
Mary Ann Chamberlain, age 6
John Gable, age 4

1870 Census, Warwick Twp, Lanc Co, PA:
William Gable, age 59, stone mason
Susan Gable, age 56
Henry Gable, age 18
John Gable, age 14
Eliza Pickle (?), age 61

William G. married Susanna FRANKFORD. Born on 25 Jan 1813 in Lanc Co, PA.[4] Susanna died in Millport, Warwick Twp, Lanc Co, PA on 12 May 1893; she was 80.[5] Buried in Millport Union Cem, Warwick Twp, Lanc Co, PA.[3] Aged 80 years, 3 months and 17 days.

OBIT - Saturday, May 20, 1893, The Lancaster Examiner: GABLE - At Millport, Mrs. William Gable, aged eighty years.

WILL - Lancaster County Will Book K, Volume 2, Page 223-224: SUSAN GABLE } Susan Gable died May 12, 1893 at 11:45 oclock in the forenoon as her affidavit filed. Signed J. Carpenter Dp. Rg.

In the name of God, Amen, I Susan Gable (wife of William Gable) of Warwick township, Lanc Co, Pa being old and infirm in body, but of sound mind, memory & understanding (Praised be God for the same) considering the certainty of death and the uncertainty of time thereof, and to the end I may be the better prepared to leave this world whenever it shall please God to call me hence, do therefore make and declare this my last will and testament in manner following (that is to say)
First and principally I commend my soul into the hands of Almighty God my Creator, And as to the worldly goods, God has intrusted in my care I devise and bequeath as follows to wit:
Item 1: I desire that my Executors hereinafter mentioned to pay all my funeral expenses and to pay all unsecured debts.
Item 2: I desire that my Executors shall provide for my husband during life and pay his funeral expenses. My Personal & real estate shall not be sold before my husbands death unless it becomes necessary to get money for his support & maintenance.
Item 3: After my husbands death my estate shall be fully settled up and after all is paid as above stated if there is any thing left it shall be divided in the following manner.
Item 4: Mary Chamberlain my grand daughter shall have one hundred dollars and the residue or what is left shall be divided equally among my six children, Henry F. Gable, Jno. M. Gable, Eliza Woodcraft, Mary Studenroth, Hetty Frey, Susanna Eichelberger.
I also appoint John F. Gable & Henry M. Gable as my Executors.
In witness whereof I the above testatrix have hereto set my hand and seal the 1st day of March A.D. 1890
Susan X Gable (her mark).
Then and there signed and sealed and published by Susan Gable the testatrix as and for her last will & testament in presence of us who at her request in her presence and in presence of each other here to set our names as witnesses. J. F. Leib Eva D. Leib.
Lancaster County S.S. Registers Office June 3, 1893. Then Personally appeared William L. Mumma who being duly affd. according to law, says that he was well acquainted with J. F. Leib one of the subscribing witnesses to the foregoing Will of Susan Gable deceased and who is now deceased is familiar with his signature having frequently seen him write his name as well as other matters: that he carefully examined the foregoing signature J. F. Leib and verily believes it to be in his own proper hand writing.
William L. Mumma. Affa. and subscribed same day, ______ J. Carpenter Dp. Rg.
On the 3rd day of June 1893 before me the subscriber, personally appeared Eva D. Leib one of the subscribing witnesses to the preceding Will and on her solemn affirmation did declare and say that she was present and saw and heard Susan Gable the testatrix therein named, sign, seal, publish, pronounce and declare the same to be her last will and testament and that at the time of the doing, thereof she was of sound and well disprosing mind, memory and understanding to the best of her knowledge, observation and belief. J. Carpenter Dp. Rg.
June 3, 1893. Letters Testamentary granted to John M. and Henry F. Gable the Executors named in the annexed Will, they being duly affirmed well and truly to administer the goods and chattels, rights and credits which were of the testatrix according to law, and also that they will diligently and faithfully regard, and well and truly comply with the provisions of the laws relative to Collateral Inheritance. J. Carpenter Dp. Rg.

Lancaster County Death Affidavit Book D, Volume 1, Page 294: LANCASTER COUNTY, SS.
John M. Gable and Henry F. Gable of Warwick Twp. Exors. of Susan Gable late of Warwick Twp. in said County, deceased, being duly affd. according to law, depose and say that the said Susan Gable died on Friday the 12 day of May A.D. 1893 at 11:45 o'clock in the forenoon, as they verily believe, and as near as can be ascertained.
Affd. and Subscribed the 3 day of June A.D. 1893 before J. Carpenter Dp. Register. A. F. Hostetler Attorney.
John M. Gable
Henry F. Gable (signatures)

[Note: In Susanna's above will dated 01 March 1890, Item 4, she mentions her granddaughter, Mary Chamberlain. On the 1860 Census, Warwick Twp, Lancaster Co, PA, Mary Ann Chamberlain, age 6, is living with her grandparents, William and Susanna Gable. There is a Mary Chamberlin buried at Millport Union Cemetery, Warwick Twp, Lancaster Co, PA. Her tombstone inscription gives the following: born 29 August 1853; died 22 April 1920; age 66 years, 07 months and 23 days. William and Susanna Gable are also buried at Millport Union Cemetery. At this point in my research, I do not know who the parents of Mary Ann Chamberlain were. It would seem to be one of the daughters of William and Susanna Gable who may or may not have been married to a Mr. Chamberlain.] ,

They had the following children:
i. Catharine (Kate). Born on 13 Oct 1830 in Lanc Co, PA.[6] Catharine (Kate) died in Lanc Co, PA on 2 May 1876; she was 45.[7] Buried in Millport Union Cem, Warwick Twp, Lanc Co, PA.[3] Aged 45 years, 6 months and 19 days.

Catharine (Kate) married Unknown WEASEL.
2 ii. Elizabeth (Eliza) (1832-1915)
iii. Caroline. Born on 17 Jun 1836 in Lanc Co, PA.[3] Caroline died on 15 Jul 1836 in Lanc Co, PA.[3] Buried in Millport Union Cem, Warwick Twp, Lanc Co, PA.[3] Aged 1 month.
3 iv. Mary A. (~1838-?)
v. Barbara. Born on 10 Apr 1840 in Lanc Co, PA.[3] Barbara died in Lanc Co, PA on 10 Sep 1842; she was 2.[3] Buried in Millport Union Cem, Warwick Twp, Lanc Co, PA.[3] Aged 2 years and 7 months.
4 vi. Susanna F. (1843-1924)
vii. Anne. Born abt 1845 in Lanc Co, PA.[8] Anne died ? .

1860 Census, Manheim Twp (P. O. Oregon), Lanc Co, PA:
Annie Gable, age 15, enumerated with Isaac L. Landis household
5 viii. Ester (Hettie\Hetty) (1847-1911)
ix. Henry F.. Born abt 1850 in Lanc Co, PA.[9] Henry F. died ? .

1 Mar 1890: Mentioned in mother's will.
x. John M.. Born on 14 Nov 1855 in Lanc Co, PA.[10] John M. died ? .

F A M I L Y R E U N I O N - CELEBRATED THE THIRTY-EIGHTH WEDDING ANNIVERSARY - Mr. and Mrs. John Gable, of Near Brownstown, Celebrate With Many Guests in Attendance - Mr. Gable Also Celebrates Birthday Anniversary: Last Sunday Mr. and Mrs. John Gable, residing south of the old Brownstown campmeeting woods, along the state road, celebrated the thirty-eighth anniversary of their marriage, and at the same time the sixtieth anniversary of the birth of Mr. Gable. The couple made it a joyful event by inviting a number of their friends to help them celebrate the double event, and 103 were in attendance. A fine dinner was served at 12:30 p.m. Prayer was offered by Augustus Wessel and a number of hymns and songs were rendered and a most delightful time was had by all in attendance. Mr. and Mrs. Gable received a number of beautiful presents. The following were present: Jacob Eichelberger and family, Mrs. Susanna Eichelberger, Isaac Weinhold and family, Jacob M. Fry, M. G. Fry and family, Harry Studenroth and family, Thomas Brown and family, Harry Gable, Mrs. Ida Kile, George Weinhold and family, George Eichelberger and family, John Eichelberger and family, Christian Zug and family, Walter Eichelberger and family, Isaac Eichelberger, Catharine Stoner, Thomas Christ and family, Henry Pfautz and family, Clayton Fry and family, Oeno Fry and family, Samuel Fous and family, Jacob Dirrnes and family, Mrs. Heish, Clayton Stormfeltz and family, George Studenroth and wife, John Pfautz and son, Miss Annie Haldeman, Mrs. Monroe Miley, Arthur Studenroth, Barton Myers, John Myers, Kattie Mumma, Noe Myers and family, Catherine Studenroth, Clarence Eichelberger, Miss May Eichelberger, Misses Mary and May Hollinger, Mrs. Lydia Myers and daughters, Cora and Iva, Augustus Wessel and family.

1 Mar 1890: Mentioned in mother's will.

abt 1877 when John M. was 21, he married UNKNOWN.[11]


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