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Moses Hampton
25-Nov-1762, NJ

MOSES HAMPTON, born 25-Nov-1762 in Mendham, Morris County, NJ;
son of _____ HAMPTON born ____ & __?__;
died 26-Nov-1825 in Bazetta, Trumbull County, Ohio;
buried in Casterline cemetery, Bazetta, Trumbull County, Ohio. (*25)

Moses Hampton served in the Morris County, NJ, militia from 1775-1779 as a Private, entering at age 13 and leaving at age 17. From the War Records Office, New Jersey Department of Defense: Moses Hampton received certificates signed by Silas Condict for the depreciation of his Continental pay in the Morris County Militia, as follows: No. 537, dated 3-May-1784, for 0, 12s, 9p; and No. 1269, dated 3-May-1784 for 5, 9s, 8p. (DAR record # 549327)

The Hamptons lived in Beaver County, PA, for a time before moving to Trumbull County, OH, in 1812. The family built a log cabin and cleared an area of forest for farming purposes; Moses also carried on his trade as a blacksmith. Moses Hampton's will was proved on 10-Apr-1826. He left the lot of land where he was living to his youngest son, Moses Hampton.

Married 25-Jan-1787 in Beaver County, PA, to Hanna VAN NATTA;
born 19-Dec-1769 in _____;
daughter of _____ VAN NATTA born ____ & __?__;
died 7-Sep-1856 in Bazetta, Trumbull County, OH.

Hannah Hampton, in 1850, lived in Fowler District, Trumbull County, OH, in the household of John and Elizabeth Hathaway.

Children of Moses & Hanna:

  1. Lydia Hampton, born 17-Aug-1788; married ____ FURGUSON;
  2. Margaret Hampton, born 4-Jul-1790; married Willam DAWSON;
  3. John Hampton, born 25-Aug-1792; died 7-Apr-1813.
  4. James Hampton, born 7-Nov-1794; married Eleanor __?__, 7 children;
  5. Thomas Hampton, born 8-Nov-1796; married Mary BRADFIELD, 11 children; died 17-Jan-1849.
  6. Mary Hampton, born 24-Mar-1799; married Joshua COBURN, 1 child; died Aug-1880.
  7. Hannah Hampton, born 11-Jul-1801; married Franklin PALMER, 4 children; died 30-Oct-1869.
  8. Moses Hampton, born 28-Oct-1803 in Beaver, Beaver County, PA; married Margarite LAIN, 4 children; died 27-Jun-1878 in Wilkinsburg, Allegheny Co, PA.
  9. Jemima Hampton, born 8-Dec-1805; married John BRUNER, 7 children; died 31-Jul-1875.
  10. Elizabeth Hampton, born 12-Sep-1808; married John HATHAWAY, 7 children; died 25-May-1884.
  11. Rachel Hampton, born 23-Oct-1810; married Artemas D. HATHAWAY, 2 children; died 23-Feb-1894.
  12. Evalina Hampton, born 14-Jun-1813 in Bazetta, OH; died 10-Apr-1823.


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