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Ballou - Batcheller - Chase
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Anna Ballou, 1751-unkn
Daniel Ballou, 1722-1801
Eddy B. Ballou, 1811-1881
James Ballou, c1652-c1741
James Ballou, 1684-unkn
Joseph Ballou, 1748-1801
Joseph Ballou, 1783-18xx
Mary C. Ballou, 1847-1914
Maturin Ballou, c1621-1662
Obadiah Ballou, 1689-1768

Origins of the Ballou Family
Elaborated History of the Ballous in Rhode Island
Disposition of the Ballou Family Property, 1686
Transfer of Ballou & Pike House Lots, 1707
Joseph Jencks Deposition, 2-Oct-1718
Arbiters Statement, 26-Mar-1719

Batcheller - Batchellor

Abner Batcheller, 1755-1827
Abraham Batcheller, 1722-1813
Alexander F. Batcheller, 1811-1878
Alexander F. Batcheller, 1847-unkn

David Batchellor, 1673-1766
Last Will & Testament - David Bachellor, 1759

John Batcheller, 1638-1698
Joseph Batcheller, 1604-1647

Mark Batcheller, 1573-unkn
Mary K. Batcheller, 1880-1966
Moses Batcheller, 1784-1864

Stephen E. Batcheller, 1855-unkn

William E. Batcheller, 1884-1945


Aquila Chase, 1618-1670
Daniel Chase, 1661-1707
Daniel Chase, 1685-1769
Daniel Chase, 1709-1799
Judith Chase, 1697-unkn
Moses Chase, 1663-1743
Paul Chase, 1735-1789
Polly Chase, 1791-1871
Thaddeus Chase, 1763-unkn




This page updated on 30-Mar-2003