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Nichols-Vercher Family

Mary Louise Paul was born May 17, 1878, in central Louisiana, the daughter of Matthew Tolbert Paul and Madeleine Bettevy.  At the age of 21, she married a fellow Louisianan, John F. Vercher, and they became the parents of five children.  It was a stormy marriage, ending in a bitter divorce (the first on either side of the family) in 1905.  Mary soon met Lewis Franklin (Frank) Nichols, who had grown up in the area.  Frank returned home to visit relatives and met the young divorcee.  After their marriage, they had an additional eight children, seven of whom grew to adulthood.  This combined family of Verchers and Nichols have formed a large extended family that is still close today.

Link to Current Activites of this family.

The following picture of the extended family of Mary Louise Paul was taken in 1927 in Kemp, Texas, at the community called "Water Hill" and is a terrific snapshot of history.


1927 - Water Hill, Kemp, Texas

Starting at Bottom Row - Left to Right

1927 - Water Hill, Kemp, Texas
1.  Louis Adams 18.  Ellen Belcher
2.  J. W. Nelson 19.  Chester Belcher
3. Unknown 20.  Margie Vercher
4.  Ralph Adams 21.  Johnny (Otto) Vercher
5.  Ada Nelson 22.  Roy Mooneyham
6.  Inez Nichols 23.  Elmer Nelson
7.  Cecil Adams 24.  Jack Adams
8.  Helen Nelson 25.  Lewis Nichols (far right side)
9.  Lillian Adams 26.  Frank Nichols (Poppy)
10.  Pete Mooneyham 27.  Mary Louise Paul Vercher Nichols
11.  Paul Nichols 28.  unidentified (between and in rear of Granny & Poppy)
12.  Katherine Vercher 29.  Azerine Vercher Nelson
13.  Faye Belcher - right side 30.  Lillie Nichols Mooneyham
14.  Bee Belcher 31.  George Nichols
15.  Louise Vercher 32.  unidentified
16.  Ollie Nichols 33.  Hattie Vercher Adams
17.  Willard Nichols 34.  unidentified
Let me know if you know any of the unidentified people!

Water Hill

Current Family Activities

The twelve children of Mary Louise Paul are now all dead, including my beloved mother, Inez Nichols Singleton, who died on November 9, 2011.  On May 23, 2009, we gathered to celebrate my mother's 90th birthday. The following is a picture of most of my mother's descendants, with the exception of two great-grandchildren who were unable to attend.

wpe81206.gif (240357 bytes)


Christmas gathering on December 24, 2010 including Nanny (Inez) who was 90 1/2 at this time, all of her living grandchildren, and two great-grandsons.  We did not know at the time that this would be her last Christmas with us!  Also see a current picture of Inez and her three daughters - Nancy, Debbie and Betty.







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