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RHA James

Ettershank, James Maxwell

Birth Name James Maxwell Ettershank 1a 2a
Gender male
Age at Death 48 years, 11 months, 25 days


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth 7 September 1870 Battersea, London, England  
1a 3a 4a 5a
Education 8 January 1878 Wandsworth, London, England Holden Street School, Grayshott Road

Previous school, "Private"

Holden Street School (0376) opened in 1877.
Remodelled in 1901.
Became Shaftesbury Park Primary School in 1951

Education 1881   Scholar
Marriage about 1913 Whitechapel, London, England Common Law

See note below

Death September 1919 Wandsworth, London, England aged 48
Cause Of Death 1919   Broken heart

Grandfather James died not long after Daughter Alice. Gran said he died of a broken heart over losing his favourite daughter.. - (from-Christine Schilling March 2009)
Alice died in 1921 !

Medical Information 1892   Army

On joining they noted his Height as 5' 3", his
Complexion as Fresh,
Eyes brown and
Hair brown (I had thought it was red but they may have been Henry his dad.  His
Chest was 34.5 expanding to 36.5 and he weighd 130 lbs.  They
didn't give weight on discharge but his chest was now 40" expanded.  I dare say he had put on a few lbs too.
(from army record via Christine Schilling March 2009)

3d 6a
Occupation 1891   Barman at Grove Tavern
Military Service from 1892 to 1913   Military Driver - V Battery - Royal Horse Artillery

Royal Horse Artillery V Battery - served in India

23.03.1892 - Joined the Royal Artillery - served 21 years 15 days

c1893 - Rawalpindi in India
1904 - Signed up for a second term
1911 - Rawalpindi in India - Driver - Trade - Telegraphist - Royal Horse Artillery V Battery

21.08.1913 - Discharged at own request with good conduct

3d 6a
Occupation 1914   Temporary Prison Warden
3d 3e
Occupation 1916   Army pensioner
Residence 1870 Wandsworth, London, England Born
Residence 1871   Census not found
Residence 1878 Battersea, London, England 22 Calvert Road
Residence 1881 Battersea, London, England 14 Warsill Street

Henry Ettershank Head Married 51 1830 General Laborer Scotland
Elizabeth Ettershank Wife Married 47 1834 - Kent
Edward Ettershank Son Single 19 1862 Greengrocers Assistant City of London, Middlesex
George Ettershank Son Single 15 1866 Greengrocers Errand Boy City of London, Middlesex
Marina Ettershank Daughter Single 14 1867 General Servant Domestic
James Ettershank Son Single 10 1871 Scholar Battersea, Surrey
Margaret Ettershank Daughter Single 7 1874 Scholar Battersea, Surrey
William Ettershank Son Single 4 1877 - Battersea, Surrey

Residence 1891 Battersea, London, England Grove Tarvern, 275 Battersea Park Road

James Ettershank - Single 20 1871 Barman Battersea, Surrey

Residence 1901   Census not found
Residence 1911 Rawalpindi, India Taxile Barracks

James Maxwell Ettershank 1872 Battersea Surrey — — Overseas Military

Residence 1916 Battersea, London, England 149 Usk Road

In a house just across the road from the one mentioned on Alice birth certificate and we also lived with my nan Amy until she died aged a few days short of 91 in 1966.

8a 3b
Residence 1919 Wandsworth, London, England Died


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Ettershank, Henry William
Mother Owden, Elizabeth Sarah
    Brother     Ettershank, Henry William
    Brother     Ettershank, Edward James
    Brother     Ettershank, George Frederick
    Brother     Ettershank, Charles Albert
    Sister     Ettershank, Marina Elizabeth Sarah
         Ettershank, James Maxwell
    Sister     Ettershank, Margaret
    Brother     Ettershank, William Peter


    Family of Ettershank, James Maxwell and Whitbread, Amy Louise
Civil Union Partner Whitbread, Amy Louise
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage (Primary) about 1913 Whitechapel, London, England Common Law

See note below

  1. Ettershank, Florence Letty Violet
  2. Ettershank, Alice Margaret
  3. Ettershank, James Bloyce


RHA James

RHA James


Birth records for 1860 Jan/Feb/Mar vol.1b page 595 (could be uncle) Death date is pure supposition based on family stories In 1914 he was noted on Florence's Birth Certificate as a Temporary Prison Warden, Army Pensioner. Noted as scholar aged 10 in 1871 census in Shoreditch, Holywell, Middx Served in the Royal Horse Artillary V Battalion as a Driver and served in India - no idea of year of death. Re (from-Christine Schilling March 2009)


Anyway.. Grandfather James Maxwell Ettershank 1871 – 1919 had three children with my Grandmother Amy Louise Whitbread although they never married.

The story goes that they fell in love when they were younger but there was some bar to marriage (supposedly a family link but I can’t find it if there was). So James went off to India with the Army for many years.

Meanwhile my Gran marries the ex husband of her best friend who died and asked her to look after her children… he turned out to be a bit of a bounder and having fathered more children with her left her with his three others as well.

So when James returned to England Amy was legally married but living on her own and raising her three kids plus her friends three.

Apparently James went to her house whilst she was out at work and waited with the kids for her to come home, eventually going out for food to feed them as there was nothing until she had earned some money… she came home to find him getting on famously with them all and he never left. They had three more children whom he gave his name to…(from-Christine Schilling March 2009) - Book 3 / E-mail / 6 / page 4

At least it must have been true love, when you think they were parted for 21 years and with in 2 or 3 weeks were back together as if nothing had happened. It such a pity that they only had 6 years together. Les T


I came away with photocopies of James Ettershank (1871-1919) military record and that of his brother William. Not sure if I can get them on my scanner as it might be too big but will see what I can do. If so will email copies to you. He joined the Royal Artillery in 1892 and served 21 years and 15 days joining on March 23rd that year and went to Rawalpindi in India after about a year. After his first 12 years stint he signed up for a second term and finally was discharged on 21st August 1913 at his own request and with good conduct.

On joining they noted his height as 5' 3", his complexion as Fresh, eyes brown and hair brown (I had thought it was red but they may have been Henry his dad. His chest was 34.5 expanding to 36.5 and he weighd 130 lbs. They didn't give weight on discharge but his chest was notw 40" expanded. I dare say he had put on a few lbs too.

His younger brother William was 22 and 6 months when he joined the same regiment in 11th May 1898. a bit taller than James at 5'4.5" and weighing 140lbs; his complexion was fair with hazel eyes and black hair.

He was discharged 13th October 1900 as medically unfit for further service and with very good conduct. I will have to follow-up and see what he did. From Chris Schilling - 01.08.2009

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