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Where They Were, and When

New Hampshire

Drock - 1788 through 1820
               Goshen, Cheshire/Sullivan County (county line re-drawn)
Little -   1766 - 1817
               Deering, Merrimac County, and Sutton, Hillsborough County


1817 - 1823     Orange Township, Cuyahoga County, OH
                         The Drock's and Little's emigrated together from NH. There were 3 households in OH in 1820, living side by side.

New York

1813 - 1854      Walton, Delaware, NY

James Peter Drock, son of Simon, brought his family out of NH first, to Walton, Delaware County.

1824 - 1836      Castile, Genesee County

It seems that OH was unfavorable, so the Drock/Little group came back into New York, as far as Castile.

1836 - Present      Caneadea area, Allegany County

Around 1836 (according to "Allegany County and Its People" by J. S. Minard), the Drock's came downriver a bit from Castile, to Caneadea. In 1854, the Drock's from Walton came over to join them. Everybody was in Allegany County together for some time.

From around 1880 on, the family began moving away in baby steps... first to neighboring townships, then into Potter County PA and back to Delaware County, NY. Around 1880, they begin showing up in the censuses outside of Allegany County as DeRock... and white.

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