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Edwin Porter Drew

August 30, 1923 - January 30, 1992

Edwin Porter Drew, Fallbrook California, 1989


Ed, 1943 Ed, US Merchant Marine, WWII


Born in Los Angeles, California, Ed Drew's interest in family history was the inspiration for this research. He actually had a wide range of interests. A gentleman with a keen mind and a ready perception, he was variously captivated over the years by a plethora of interests:

Sports cars, British two-seat-drop-top-elbow-scrapers. He owned an MGTD (~1950), an Austin Healey MK3000 (~59), an Austin "Bug Eye" Sprite, an Alpine Tiger (V8 engine in a 1000 pound sports car, and therefore a rocket), a Borg Worg, VW Thing, and a Corvair convertible (not really unsafe at any speed).

Gemstones, especially opals. Wrist watches, old cameras, movie cameras. Military history, particularly anything with maps or equipment. Firearms, especially black powder, and the zen-like discipline required to be good with them.

Science fiction: read the pulp magazine Analog all his life. Music: was an accomplished pianist and learned to play the recorder in one marathon session, locked in his room one afternoon. Strange sounds were coming down the hallway and his wife told the children he was "learning to play the recorder." They pictured a new tape deck....

Cooking, especially stick-to-your-ribs stews, breads, bean dishes. Wrote a book on backpacking foods, testing every available lightweight stove on the market (he loved toys). His book was called "The Complete Lightpack Camping and Trailfood Cookbook," and was published in 1974 by McGraw-Hill.

He did love toys: was the first to have a butane lighter, new audio equipment, fountain pens, lenses, binoculars, fishing gear, knives, tools. Loved to set up obstacle courses for his kids to bike or skateboard through.

Had a way with dogs, cats, and children.

Painting: had a renaissance creative period in 1965-66-67, painting oils in several styles. Landscaping: designed an amazing front yard in Claremont CA, an arid desert. Instead of a water-hungry lawn, laid out 3X3 foot wooden deck squares and planted a tufty chinese grass between that never needed cutting or watering.

Home renovation: his and Diane's house in Santa Rosa CA was continually undergoing a project. Built a beautiful sunroom/office with buldging windows and had a miserable time getting the flat roof leakproofed. But he wanted that flat roof to create a huge deck off his second-floor bedroom. Once, instead of digging post holes the old fashioned way for a fence he was building, he bought a high pressure nozzle for his hose and jet-spray-dug the holes the easy way.

Drank Jim Beam and Tab.

Built his own kites from wood, twine, newspaper. Flew them, and warned his children not to fly their treasured ones in Santa Ana winds (a local southern California desert hurricane). He was right...the kites ripped to shreds but he never made people feel guilty by saying "I told you so." In fact, he was rarely known to be wrong about things or consequences that he foresaw.

Coin collecting, stamp collecting, insects (especially Praying Mantises). First editions of 20th Century American writers. Books, shelves and shelves of them. Being "organized," or "getting" organized. Wine, especially Sonomas and French wines, which he could discuss at length but not afford to induldge in. Jazz music: managed the "Beat" nightclub "The Hungry I" in San Francisco's North Beach in the 1950s.


EDWIN PORTER DREW was born August 30, 1923 in Los Angeles California, and died January 30, 1992 in Santa Rosa California. He married (1) ANTONIA CERLIAN 1954. She was born 1933 in New York, New York. He married (2) PHYLLIS ANN MAURER 1959, daughter of JOHN MAURER and FELICIA SPILLARD. She was born June 17, 1934 in Upland, California. He married (3) DIANE PATRICIA SINCLAIR April 05, 1968 in San Diego, California, daughter of JAMES SINCLAIR and ETHEL KELLS. She was born December 01, 1934 in San Diego California.


His family continued their association with Tucson Arizona in his childhood: he remembered visiting the adobe house where his father had lived.

Social Security Number: 553-20-8636


i.B. J. DREW V, b. September 05, 1955; m. MARGARET MARY FERNANDES; b. July 25, 1953, Holyoke, MA.

Children of EDWIN DREW and PHYLLIS MAURER are:

ii.MARIANNA CAROLINE DREW, b. June 14, 1960, Burlingame, California.

iii.DANIEL JOHN EDWARD DREW, b. June 06, 1961.

iv.SARAH FELICITY DREW, b. September 19, 1962.



v. THERESA MARIE KATHLEEN DREW, b. September 13, 1964.


Children of PAUL JAMES OTIS and DIANE SINCLAIR that EDWIN DREW considered sons and daughters are:

vi. Mary Lynn (Mer) Otis, b. November 12, 1956, San Diego, California.

vii. Christie Ann Otis, b. December 13, 1957, San Diego, California.

viii. Stephen Sinclair Otis b. March 16, 1959, San Diego, California.

ix. James Albert Otis b. June 20, 1960, San Diego, California.

x. Mark Justin Otis b. July 17, 1961, San Diego, California.

xi. Paul Niles Otis b. September 10, 1963, San Diego, California.


Oral History Audiotape Transcript

Letters to his son BJ Drew V

Application for Social Security Account