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Edwin Porter Drew II
is really John Whitehouse Drew

Still a focus of research.....but it seems increasingly clear that this Edwin was not an Edwin....

This gent was most likely John Whitehouse Drew, born March 23, 1800 in Middleton NH. He emigrated to Bolton, Quebec and married (1) Rebecca Ross on July 21, 1923 in Schefford, Quebec and (2) Lucy Wingate, also in Quebec. He died March 3, 1864 in Orion MN.

We are working on documenting this ancestor. Here is what we know so far:

-John Whitehouse Drew's father was "Ensign" Aaron Drew b 12/20/1773 Middleton NH, d 10/17/1849, and buried at Duboyce Cemetery in Knowlton Quebec. We think that Aaron served as an Ensign with the Massachusetts Volunteer Militia in an artillery unit during the War of 1812. Aaron's father (also "Aaron Drew") was killed after falling in a hole and breaking his back while cutting down a tree in December 1774. Before this Aaron there are several Benjamins, giving us some hope. In fact, there are enough that they add up to V (five).

-John Whitehouse Drew's Mother was Abigail Whitehouse. Her father was John Whitehouse, so our JWD was named after his maternal grandfather and then named his own 4th child JWD, just to confuse us. Abigail Whitehouse's mother was Abigail Heard. Abigail Whitehouse Drew was b 5/14/1776 in Middleton NH and d 12/17/1851, also buried at Duboyce Cemetery in Knowlton Quebec.

-Aaron and Abigail were married in about 1795 in Middleton NH.
Children of Aaron Drew and Abigail Whitehouse:
1-Lois Drew b Feb 2 1797, d Mar 27 1888, m Nat-haniel Davis on April 14 1815 in Alton NH.
2-***John Whitehouse Drew*** b Mar 23, 1800, d Feb 2 1864 in Orion MN, m Rebecca Ross July 21 1823 in Shefford Quebec
3-George Foss Drew b Aug 16 1802, d May 12 1884, m Mary Comstock Oct 10 1829 in West Bolton Quebec
4-(Rev?) Jonathan Buzzell Drew b May 21 1805, d July 15 1890, married three times. m Sara Siers Jan 8 1834 Waterloo Quebec, m Maria Dordelia Adams May 15 1865 in Bolton Quebec, m Anna Libby Feb 15 1852 in Bolton Quebec
5-Mary "Polly" Drew b Mar 9 1808, m Reuben Martin
6-Lucinda Drew b Dec 24 1811, m Henry Perkins
7-Greenlief H Drew b May 14 1814, m Elizabeth Ann Davis Mar 16 1841 in Alton NH
8-Abigail Drew b April 2 1817, d after 1861, m David Edgar Brill (b April 23 1817 Quebec and d April 27 1857 in Bolton Quebec).
Children of John Whitehouse Drew and Rebecca Ross (married 7/21/1823 in Shefford Quebec)
1-Benjamin Joseph (Joy?) Drew b Feb 2 1827 Quebec
2-Charles Stewart Drew b April 2 1825, m Agnes Rebecca Blunt and m Phebe
3-Rebecca Charlotte Drew b Feb 3 1829, m Charles S. Martin 184?
Children of John Whitehouse Drew and Lucy Wingate (married Oct 1 1829 in Boldton Brome Co Quebec, witness Aaron Drew and Reuben Martin)
4-John Whitehouse Drew b June 21 1832 in Bolton, d Oct 1 1883 in Stanstead, m Elizabeth Heretta Wheeler Jan 17 1869 in South Stukely Quebec
5-Daniel Whitehouse Drew b Oct 8 1830 in Bolton
6-George Riley Drew b Feb 24 1835 in Bolton, m Edith
7-Oscar J Drew b Mar 18 1840 in Bolton, m Elvira Gould, d April 13 1911
8-Lovinous Nathan Drew b July 27 1842 in Bolton
9-William Walker Drew b Dec 12 1847
What a wonderful legacy we have! We'll bet you that by now there are 1000 cousins descending from that group.