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B.J. & Margaret, 1988

Researched by B.J. Drew V, with a special interest in tracing that interesting roman numeral "V". Family tradition holds that first sons have been named after grandfathers: therefore B. J. is named after his grandfather Benjamin Joseph Drew. B.J.'s son, Edwin Porter Drew V, is named after his grandfather, Edwin Porter Drew. None of the Drew men before BJD5 and EPD5 officially carried the roman numerals in their names: the numbering began when B.J.'s father, Edwin Porter (4) gave the suffix V to his son B.J. in 1955. He also omitted the full "Benjamin Joseph" treatment, opting only for the initials on the official birth certificate. So far in our research, we know both from family legend and from genealogical sources that this alternating of the names Edwin Porter and Benjamin Joseph carried on from the the first Benjamin Joseph we can document, born in  1827. We haven't obtained primary source documentation beyond this date yet, but we believe that perhaps this alternating of names can goes back at least through six generations, to Benjamin Joseph Drew (3) of Middleton, New Hampshire. Come on in!



Birthdate and Place

Death and Place

Edwin Porter Drew V

Sep 18, 1991 - Westerly, RI

Living in East Lyme, CT

B. J. Drew V

Sep 5, 1955 - Los Angeles, CA

Living in East Lyme, CT

Edwin Porter Drew (4)

Aug 30, 1923 - Los Angeles, CA

 Jan 30, 1992 - Santa Rosa, CA

Benjamin Joseph Drew (4)

Oct 6, 1897 - Tucson, AZ

Oct , 1972 - Los Angeles, CA

Edwin Porter Drew (3)

February 1861 - The Dalles, OR

Sep 13, 1921- Los Angeles, CA

Benjamin Joseph Drew (3)

February 2, 1827 - Bolton, Quebec

Mar 1, 1885 - Tucson, AZ

John Whitehouse Drew*

March 23, 1800 - Middleton, NH

March 3, 1864 - Orion, MN

Ensign Aaron Drew*

December 10, 1773 - Middleton, NH


Aaron Drew*

About 1750


John Drew*

About 1725



*Original source documentation pending...

Thanks to the gentlemen that came before us, and with special appreciation to the women who bore, loved, raised, and married them. May we never forget.

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