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African American Histories

Harriet & Children


   On the 5th day of October, 1836, Abraham Drake gave to George Lacey and Eliza Lacey, the only lawful heirs of Abraham's daughter, Priscilla and her husband Samuel Lacey, " . . . a certain Negro woman by the name of Harriet and her boy by the name of David . . ."

    On the 4th day of January, 1848, George Lacey bequeathed, by will,  his half interest in Harriet and her children to his sister Eliza Lacey. By the time this will was published, Harriet had given birth to two more children, daughters Isabella and Anne.

   On the 9th day of April 1852, (Page 1, Page 2, Page 3) W.R. Fitzsimmons, husband of Eliza Lacey, relinquished his half interest in Harriet and her family to his wife, Eliza. By this time Harriet had given birth to two more daughters, Lucy and Fanny.

   On the 1870 Carter County, Tennessee Census, page 4, Harriett Fitzsimmons, aged 47 years is living with William and Eliza Fitzsimmons and working as a domestic servant.  Two additional children are living with her, their names are Sarah, age 14 and Isaac, age 10.  On the page is a Robert Fitzsimmons, age 16, living next door with the George Ryan family.  Mr. Ryan is a blacksmith and Robert is his apprentice.    

    On page 12 of that same census, there is a Fannie Fitzsimmons living in the household of George and Ellen Stover.  I don't know if this is the same person or not.


Descendants of Harriet born about 1823 (age 47 on the 1870 Census)


David Fitzsimmons (b: before 5 October 1836 in Carter County, Tennessee)

Isabella Fitzsimmons (b: about 1838 in Carter County, Tennessee)

Anne Fitzsimmons (b: about 1840 in Carter County, Tennessee)

Lucy Fitzsimmons (b: about 1850 in Carter County, Tennessee)

Fanny Fitzsimmons (b: about 1852 in Carter County, Tennessee)

Robert Fitzsimmons (b: about 1854 in Carter County, Tennessee)  who married in 1874, Sarah (b: about 1856 in Virginia)
       William Fitzsimmons (b: Jan 1875 in Virginia)
       Charles Fitzsimmons (b: 18 Aug 1877 in Virginia)
       Mary H. Fitzsimmons (b: Jun 1880 in Virginia)
       George Fitzsimmons (b: 28 Feb 1883 in Smyth County, Virginiia)
       Helen M. Fitzsimmon (b: Nov 1885 in Smyth County, Virginia)
       Bueh R. Fitzsimmons (b: Nov 1887 in Virginia)
       Robert Fitzsimmons (b: about 1888 in Virginia)
       Pearl Fitzsimmons (b: about 1890 in Virginia) who married about 1916, William J. Davis (b: about 1885 in Virginia)
                 William F. Davis (b: about 1918 in Virginia)
                 Vilda A. Davis (b: 10 Dec 1921 in Washington County, Virginia d: 01 May 1942 in Mount Airy, Surry, North Carolina)
                 Toy Davis (b: about 1921 in Virginia)
                 Sarah C. Davis (b: about 1925 in Virginia)
                 Lucille Davis (b: about 1926 in Virginia)
                 Wiley Davis (b: about 1928 in Virginia)
       Fred Saunders Fitzsimmons (b: 13 Dec 1891 in Saltville, Wash., VA d: 30 Jan 1944 in Johnson City, Wash., TN) who married Mary Lee Carter (b: about 1902 in Virginia)
       Abe Fitzsimmons (b: Dec 1892 in Smyth County, Virginia)
       Victor Fitzsimmons (b: 29 Dec 1894 in Virginia)
       Gertrude Fitzsimmons (b: Jan 1898 in Virginia)
Sarah Fitzsimmons (b: about 1856 in Carter County, Tennessee)
Sally Fitzsimmons (b: about 1858 in Carter County, Tennessee)
Isaac Fitzsimmons (b: about 1860 in Carter County, Tennessee) who married Malicia (b: about 1866 d: before 1910)
       Elmar Fitzsimmons (b: about 1892)

Other Documents Regarding the Descendants of Harriet born about 1823

Fred Fitzsimmons WW1 Draft Card
Fred Fitzsimmons WW2 Draft Card
Fred Fitzsimmons Admission to Home for Disabled Veterans
1930 Washington County, Virginia Census
1910 Washington County, Virginia Census
1900 Washington County, Virginia Census
1880 Smyth County, Virginia Census
1860 Carter County, Tennessee Slave Schedule
1850 Carter County, Tennessee Slave Schedule
1930 Meadow View VA Census
1920 Meadow View VA Census
1910 Glade Spring VA Census
1900 Saltville VA Census
Vilda Davis Death Certificate