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All Surnames in the 1850 Scott County Virginia Census

These are all of the Surnames in the 1850 Scott County Federal Census. The link above each group of names will take you to a page that has links to the email addresses of other folks researching those surnames.

If you would like a link to your email address connected to any of the surnames below, send an email to pat drake, type "Census Surname Links" in the subject line, list the surnames you are researching and please be sure to include your name. Thanks!

Adams   Addington   Agee   Agness   Aikin   Akard   Aldridge   Allen   Alley   Amos   Anderson   Andres   Apperson   Arnold   Ash

Babb   Bagley   Bailie   Baker   Baldwin   Bamser   Banner   Barker   Barnett   Barney   Barr   Barrett   Barry   Bartee   Bass   Baxter   Bays   Beard   Belomy   Benham   Benton   Berry   Bevins   Bickley   Binham   Bishop   Bittle   Blair   Blankenbecker   Bledsoe   Blessing   Blevins   Bloomer   Boatright   Bolin   Bolton   Bond   Booher   Boothe   Bostick   Bounds   Bowen   Bowens   Bowman   Braden   Brady   Brickey   Bright   Broadwater   Brown   Browning   Brumit   Bryant   Burton   Bush   Byington   Byrd   Byrns

Caldwell   Calton   Campbell   Carnes   Carroll   Carter   Case   Caseboult   Casteel   Castle   Catron   Cawthon   Childers   Childress   Church   Clayman   Clayton   Cleek   Clendenan/Clendenon   Cloud   Cocke   Codey   Coger   Collier   Collins   Compton   Conn   Coop   Cooper   Corder   Cormany   Counts   Courtney   Cowden   Cox   Craft   Craiger   Crain   Crawford   Cross   Culbertson

Darnell   Darter   Davis   Davison   Dean   Denison   Dezarne   Dickens   Dickenson   Dillon   Dingus   Dishner   Dixon   Dockery   Dolison   Dollarhide   Dooley   Dorton   Dougherty   Draper   Dulaney   Duncan   Dunn   Durham   Dutton   Dykes

Easterling   Edens   Edons   Edwards   Egan   Elam   Elliott   Ellis   Emmert   England   Enix   Epperson   Ervin   Esling?   Estep   Evans   Ewing

Fairfax   Falin   Fancellor   Fannon   Farringsworth   Felty   Ferguson   Fields   Fisher   Flannery   Fleenor   Fletcher   Folkner   Ford   Forgy   Forkner   Foster   Fraley   France   Francisco   Franklin   Frazier   Freeman   Fry   Fugate   Fulkerson   Fuller

Gardner   Garlick   Garrett   Gearhart   Gentry   Gharst   Gibson   Gillam/Gillum   Gillenwaters   Gillum/Gillam   Gilreath   Gobble   Godsey   Goins   Gonce   Goode   Goodman   Goodwin   Gordon   Grace   Graham   Grant   Gray   Greear   Green   Griffin   Grigsby   Grills   Grim   Grooves   Groves   Grubb   Gully   Gum   Guthrie   Guyer

Hagan   Hale   Hall   Hamilton   Hammonds/Hamonds   Hampton   Haney   Harkleroad   Harless   Harris   Harrison   Hart   Hartsock   Hashburger   Haynes   Head   Henry   Hensley   Herity?   Herren   Hickam   Hickman   Hicks   Higginbotham   Hill   Hillman   Hilton   Hobb   Hobbs   Holdaway   Hommel   Honaker   Honeycut   Hood   Hooper   Hopson   Horn   Horton   Houpt   Houser   Howell   Hubbard   Huff   Hughes   Huntsucker   Hutchison


James   Jayne   Jaynes   Jeffries   Jelkins   Jenkins   Jennings   Jessee   Jett   Johnson   Johnston   Joiner   Jones

Kane   Kennady/Kennedy   Kern   Kidd   Kilgore   Killion   Kimbler   Kincade   Kindrick   Knowles

Lambert   Lane   Laney   Lankford   Lard   Lark   Larkey   Larkin   Larkins   Lawson   Leonard   Letture   Levacy   Lewis   Light   Linton   Lithcoe   Livingston   Logan   Long   Love   Lovell   Lozier   Lumpkins   Lyon   Lyons

Maddox   Maggart   Maguffy   Maness   Mann   Marion   Mariott   Marshall   Martin   Masters   Matney   Maupin   May   McCarty   McClelland   McClure   McCommet   McConnel   McCraw   McCulluh   McHenry   McIver   McKinney   McKinsey   McLane   McMullen/McMullin   McMurry   McNew   McPeak   McReynolds   McSorley   Mead   Merchant   Meredith   Meton   Miller   Minick   Mitchell   Monk   Moore   Morell   Morgan   Morison   Morton   Moser   Mosier   Moss   Mullins   Murphy   Myers

Neal/Neil   Neely   Neff   Neil/Neal   Nelms   Nelson   Newberry   Newman   Niceley   Nickel   Nickels   Norton   Norvill

Olinger   Olsiger?   Osborn   Owens

Page   Palmer   Palmore   Parks   Parson   Paxson   Payne   Pectol?   Pendegrass   Pendleton   Pendley   Perry   Peters   Philips   Phipps   Piercy   Pierson   Pike   Pitman   Poe   Porter   Powers   Price   Pridemore   Pruitt   Pruner   Pucket   Puliam   Pullion   Purcill

Qualls   Quillen

Ramey   Ramsey   Ratliff   Rawlings   Redmond   Redwine   Renfro   Reynolds   Rhodes   Rhoton   Rice   Richmond   Riddle   Riggs   Riley   Ritchie   Roach   Roberts   Robinett   Robins   Robinson   Rogers   Roller   Rose   Runsford   Russell   Ruth

Salling   Sally   Salyers   Sanders   Sandidge/Sandridge   Sands   Schoonover   Scott   Seavers   See   Sells   Semore   Sergeant   Sexton   Seymore   Shaw   Shelly   Shelton   Shepherd   Shepherd   Shipley   Sims   Sivert   Slagle   Sloane   Sloas   Smallwood   Smith   Smyth   Snapp   Snead   Snider   Snodgrass   Sons   Spangler   Speer   Spencer   Sproles   Spurrier   Stair   Stallard   Stamper   Standley   Stapleton   Starkey   Starnes   Statser   Steadham/Stedham   Stean   Stedham/Steadham   Steel   Stephins   Stewart   Stone   Strong   Sturgeon   Sufferage   Sulcer   Summy   Surginer   Suthers   Swinney

Talby   Tallent   Tarter   Taylor   Templeton   Terrell   Thacker   Thomas   Thompson   Thornsberry   Tickle   Tipton   Townsend   Travis   Treadaway   Trusley   Trussley   Turner   Tyler   Tyree


Vanderpool   Vaughan   Venable   Vermillion   Vickars   Vineyard

Wade   Wallace   Walling   Waltman or Waitman   Wampler   Warf   Watts   Webb   Welch   Wells   Weston   Wetzell   Wheatley   Whitaker   White   Whitely   Whitlow   Wigfield   Wilborn   Wilcox   Willhelm   Willhite   Williams   Willis   Wilson   Wininger   Winstard   Wolfe   Wood   Woodlock   Wright   Wyatte

Yancey   Yonas   Young



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