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Ancestral Surnames

Abelard, Adams, Addie, Aintree, De Alcancotes, Allerton, Alton, Anchoret, Anderson(2), Andrews, Angell, Aston, Atherton, Avenell, Baalun, Bacon, Bayly/Bayley/Bailey(7), Baldwin, Balidoon, Balliot, Bannister(2), Barber, Barley, Baron, Barry, Baspoole, Bassett, Batedon, Baxter, Beal/Beale, Beauchamp, Beaumont/Belmont(4), Bechton, Beck, Beckwith, Beeston(2), Bellew(2), Bere, Berkeley, Bertram, Bickerstaff, Bigg/Biggs, Briggs, Birchard, Birdseye/Birdsey, Bishop/Bisshop/Bysshop(3), Blackman, Blancminster, Blount, Bohun(2), Boger, Bold(2), Bonbury, Bonville/Bonvile, Bothe/Booth(3), Bostock, Bouton, Bowes, Boyce, Bradford, Bradshaw(2), Braiose, Brampton, Branch(2), Brazee, Brereton, Brewster, Bridges, Brinley, Bristowe, Brocton, Brooke, Brostock, Brouncker(2), Buckler, Buller, Bulmer, Burguillon, Burlingham, Burt, Bussell, Butler, Byrd, Byron, Cage, Calthorpe, Calveley(2), Cancefield, Cansfield/Canfield, Cantilupe(2), di Capocorso, Carminow(2), Caufield, Caunton(2), Cecil, Chadderton(2), Challons, Charles, Cheddar, Chevreuse, Chiche, Chicheley(2), Chudleigh, Claiborne, Clanthorn/Clanton, Clerke/Clarke/Clark(3), Clayton, Clement/Clements/Clemets/Clements, Clifford, Cockworthie, Connie/Coney, Coke, Cook/Cooke(3), Cookfield, Cooper(2), Couch, Coplestone, Corbee(2), Corbet(2), Cornue, Costello, Cotton, Courtenay(5), Crane, Crewes/Crues(2), Croffe, Croft, Cromwell, Croxton, Curtis, Dacre(2), Daniell, Dauney, Dauntesey, Davenport, Davis, Dawe, Davenport, Dean, Deeley, Dieter, Doddiscombe, Done/Donne(3), Doterinde, Downey, Driver, Drury, Duke, Duncan, Dunning, Durham, Eberman, Ellet, Ellis, English, Ernley, Estoteville, Eurgen, Euxton, Farrow, Felkins, Fieschi, Fiennes, Fitzalan, Fitz Baldric, FitzDolphin, Fitzeustace, Fitzgeoffrey de Mandeville, Fitzgerald, Fitzhenry, FitzMaldred, Fitzpiers, Fitzrichard, Fitzroger, Fitzscrob, FitzUchtred, Fitzwilliam, Fleming, Folliot, Ford, Forth, Fossard, French, Frey, Fuller, Gale, Garcia, Garnett, Giffard, Glauner, Glover, Glynn, Goldwell, Goode, Goodman, Goodyear/Goodyeare, Gouch(Gooch), Gould, Goulston, Gournai/Gournay, Gray, Green, Gregory(2), Grenville, Grosvenor(3), Gruffud, Grumman, Grutner, Gunnarsson, Hall(2), Handford/Hanford/Hansford(4), Harley, Harrington(2), Harwar, Harvey, Hastings, Hatherly/Hatherleigh, Hatton, Haughton, Haverington, Hawker, Hawley, Hayward(2), Hedersett, Hell, Hellesby, Hereford, Hesdin, Holand(2), Holland(2), Holliday, Holt/Holte(2), Howard/Hayward(2), Hrebenyar, Hughes, Hugleville, Hulme, Hulse, Hulton, Hume, Huntley, Hurlbut, Hussey(2), Hyde, James, Jarvis/Jervice, Jay, Jones(2), Jude/Judde/Judd, Katznellenbogen, Kavanagh, Kellog, Kelly, Kempe, Kennedy(2), Kenyon, Ketcham/Ketchum, Kober, Kober/Kobel, Kvasnicka, Laman, Le Botiller (Boteler)(3), Le de Garnett/Le Garnett, le DeSpencer, Le Parker, Laughton, Lawtie, Lee, Leigh(4), de Levis, Lewis(2), Lincoln, Linsey/Lindsey, Lombard, Lord, Love, Di Lucca, Lucie/Luce, Ludlow, Lungvillers, d'Eu de Lusignan, Lyncoln, MacAidan, MacAlpin, MacDomnaill, MacEchdach, Maine, MacGabran, MacDomangairt, MacFergusson, MacMorough, MacMurrough, Mahieu, Mainwarring/Maynwarynge, Mallory/Malory(2), Malpas, Manning, Marshall(2), Martin, Marvin, Mason(2), Massey, Mathews(2), Mawr, McClellan, McElroy, McPheeters, Meriwether, Mervyn-Marvin(4), Middleton, Di Milano, Miller, Molyneux, Montagu, Moore, Morgan(2), Morton, Moseley, Moss, Mucil, Myrick, Nashe, Neufmarche, Neville, Newman, Newnham, Newton, Nicholson(3), Nonant, Norte/Northa/Norta, Northrup, Norwich, O'Brian, O'Carrol, Osborn, O'Toole(2), Ormeston, Overton, Oxford, Panchard, Parker, Parree, Parsons, Paulet, Pearis, Peck, Percy, Pierrepont, Pidekeswell,Pitre/Pitres, Plantagenet(5), de la Pole(2), Pollard, Pomeray, Ponthieu, Pope, Potte, Pratt, Preston, Prouz, Putnam, Pyncheon, Quarles, Radcliffe(2), Raleigh, Di Ramagnano, Rathbone, Read/Reed(3), Redmayne, Rednap, Rein(2), Remeville, Rhodes, Rigby, Robards, Roche, Rogers, Ross(2), Rosser, Rotenhering, Sabin, Saint John, Salemon, Salisbury, Salmon, Di Saluzzo, Sancto-Albino, Sandbach(2), Saresbury, Saunders(2), Scaresbrick, Schmidt/Schmid, Seward/Seaward, Seymour, Simonson, Simpson, Slawson, Smith/Smythe(7), Solomon/Salmon, Spencer(3), Spileman, St. Aubyn, St. John, St Pierre(3), St. Valery, Stainford, Stainton, Stambro, Standish, Steward, Stuteville, Sutherland, Sutton, Sywarde, Tabor, Talbot, Tate/Tattershall/Tattersall, Taverner, Taylor(2), Dieter/Teater/Teeter/Teter, Tempest, Thompson, Thornton(2), Toddy, Toft, Toret, Tothill, Trafford, Travers/Travis, Treat, Trenowith, Trethurffe/Trethford, Trevisa, Troutbeck, Tullos, Turin, Turpin, Tursell, Tuttle(2), Tyndale, Valletort, Venables(3), Verdun, de Vere, Vernon(2), Villiers(2), Volz, Washington, Ward(5), Von Wassenberg, Waterbury, Waters, Webster, Weekes/Wikes, Welle, Wells, Wessex, West, Wever, Wheeler(2), Whitbrooke, White(2), Whitechurch, Wilcocks, Willey, Williams(3), Willoughby(2), Wilson, Windsor, Woodhouse, Wooten(2), Worseley, Wright, Zimmerman

Choctaw Indian, Cherokee Indian

Needs more research: Fiske, Pepper, Scudder, Johnson, Chickering, Leake, Lauter

Interesting find: One of my ancestors, Reverend John Anderson was involved in a very serious case. What makes this of interest is the fact that it involved the abuse of one of his hunting dogs which he had given to a neighbor. After being starved and abused by the neighbor the dog struggled back to Reverend John Anderson. When John saw the dog he went into a rage and went over to the owner's home with his rifle and shot at the man wounding him. John fired his rifle again and finally stopped. John was an original member of the Society of the Cincinnati.

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My Great Great Grandfather Stephen Tullos caught and raised Mustangs in Texas. He loved and respected these creatures and never used any violent or harmful methods in his care of them. He crossed the Mustangs with Quarter Horses to develop a stronger and larger horse suitable for the times in Texas. Be kind to horses! My Great Grandmother Ceola Tullos had many memories of her childhood in early Texas. She told the family that one night the family was attacked by the Comanche. They had relatives visiting and one of them had red hair. They hid him in the hayloft with them when the Comanche attacked. At that time red scalps were taken by the Indians. The Comanche did not go after them but their horses were stolen. Great Grandmother Ceola Tullos also said that they would visit relatives in Arkansas and Missouri by covered wagon. She remembered how beautiful it was sleeping under the stars at night.

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