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Pearis Family Branch

My ancestor, Richard Pearis, was a very ambitious Virginian. He established a trading post in South Carolina, was an Indian interpreter, and served in two wars. He chose to exile himself and his wife, Rhoda, to Abaco following the defeat of the British in the Revolutionary War.

Richard, as a Captain from Maryland, led a company of Cherokees, Chickasaws, and several other colonists during the French and Indian War. He was the first man to enter Fort Duquesne. Following the conflict he was appointed Agent for Southern Indians with headquarters at Fort Pitt, formerly Fort Duquesne.

Richard became a Loyalist in the Revolutionary War and served first as a Captain and then was promoted to the rank of Colonel following British campaigns in Georgia.

My direct ancestor, Sarah Pearis, was Richard's daughter. She married John George Teater (Dieter) who chose to ally himself with the plight of the Colonists and fight England. John was a member of the German Brethren Church which did not believe in the active participation in war, such as killing, but he served as an Ensign or Sgt. with the position of Flag-bearer. Richard and his daughter, Sarah, died the same year, 1794, Richard in exile, and Sarah in Kentucky.

During his well documented lifetime he tried to create a lifestyle that was profitable for himself and his family, as well as the Indians. We will never know the outcome of his plan as his property was destroyed and confiscated by the Patriots during the Revolutionary War. I believe he was dedicated to an idea. It was never fully realized.

Richard's descendant Ceola Tullos seemed to have inherited some of her ancestor Richard's genes. She marched in New York City for the Women's Right To Vote and travelled extensively during her early life. Great Grandma saw Buffalo Bill Cody's Wild West Show when she was in New York. She said he was quite striking with his white hair. She owned her own business in Galveston, Texas and lived there for a total of twenty years. Every morning she would swim several miles out into the Gulf of Mexico and back to shore. She survived the hurricane in Galveston. During the hurricane flooding everyone was trying to swim to the Post Office which was on high ground. While my Great Grandma was trying to swim to the Post Office she was hit by something and was knocked out. When she regained conscientiousness she realized she was floating on a pole. Someone had put her on the pole when she was knocked out and had saved her life. Great Grandma also participated as one of the test subjects during the early experiments using Radium treatment for cancer. Out of the ten people who underwent the treatment only three survived. The Radium was left in too long and caused their deaths. My Great Grandmother was one of the three survivors. She was a very independant and kind woman and everyone in our family loved her. Before she died she said that she had lived a full life and had seen the history of America from the covered wagons to man going into outer space.

God Bless you Grandfather !

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