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Martha's Family History

Welcome! These pages present the results of my research in the history of my children's families. I have tried wholeheartedly to provide accurate references for each individual fact. In some cases, I have used secondary sources, although I am in the process of tracking down the primary sources for greatest accuracy. This page will be updated periodically when information or source material is available. If you have additional information or can clarify any of the fuzzy areas in this history, please email me at I am always interested in corresponding with potential cousins!

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Nathaniel Hickerson and Keziah (1732-1813) Fauquier County, VA Contemporaries (brothers?) of Nathaniel Hickerson

Charles Hickerson (1769-aft. 1830) Fauquier County, VA and Fleming County, KY

Ransom Hickerson and Mary Mason Kendall (1794-1844) Fauquier County and Stafford County, VA

Charles Kendall Hickerson and Martha Frances Burroughs (1820-1892) Fauquier County, VA

John Burroughs Hickerson and Frances Belle Brown (1856-1940) Fauquier County, VA

Clyde Vernon Hickerson and Amy Josephine Compere, Fauquier County and Richmond, VA

Burroughs Brown Johnson Starke

Ellyson Johnson Barnes Huot Elam Moody

Compere Lile Warren Joyner

Wiley Vorous

Thies Stuart Stoker Ludwig Armbrecht

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