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                          MEYER FAMILIES
CHRISTOPH MEYER b.1724 Palatinate, Germany; arrived Nova Scotia in
                1752 on the "Gale"
SP: Anna Justina Margaret d.1786-10-10 Rose Bay
1.Gottfried Conrad b.ca1756, d.1791-12-22(ZLL)
2.Gerhard Nicholas c.1757-05-03(SJAL)
3.Justina Barbara c.1757-09-17(SJAL), d.1757-12-24(SJAL)
4.Justina Barbara c.1758-12-30(SJAL), m.1781-01-25(SJAL)
  SP: Peter Thiel
5.Christina Esther c.1760-04-07(SJAL)
6.Catharina c.1761-10-04(SJAL)
GEORGE CONRAD MEYER b.1723 Palatinate, Germany; arrived Nova Scotia
                    In 1752 on the "Gale"
SP1: Unknown
1.Johann Conrad, m.1784-05-03(SJAL)
  SP: Maria Christina Bailly
  (1)George Peter, b.1798-04-01, c.1798-12-16(ZLL)
SP2: Christina Barbara Heft
2.Catherine Elizabeth c.1755-10-12(SJAL)
3.George Samuel c.1757-11-11(SJAL)
4.Christopher Henry c.1760-04-25(SJAL); m.1787-12-16(ZLL)
  SP: Anna Barbara Meisner
HANS GEORGE MEYER b.1714 Baden-Durlach, Germany; arrived Nova     
                  Scotia in 1751 on the "Pearl"
SP: Susanna Jacobina Melvin widow, (She m.2 Johann Andreas Stahl)
1.Elizabeth, m.1760-05-15
  SP: Heinrich Hoffman
2.George, d.1778-04-11(ZLL)
3.Jacobina Apollonia, m.1760-07-22
  SP:John Pomperly
JOHANN JACOB MEYER (A Hessian Soldier) b.1750 Oberurff, Hesse. A
                   Private in the Regiment von Donop. Left military
                   Service in 1783-11 in New York. d.1824-06-24 at
                   Lawrencetown, Halifax, NS; m.1784-02-17(ZLL)
SP: Anna Barbara Menegaux (Mingo) widow
1.Anna Barbara Mary, b.1785-01-21, c.1785-01-30
2.Hanna, b.1787-01-02, c.1787-01-07
3.Mary Elizabeth, b.1788-12-15, c.1788-12-17
4.Johann George, b.1791-04-17, c.1791-04-25
  SP: Catherine  Leary
  (1)Jacob, b.1826-06-08, c.1826-07-09(ZLL)
     SP: Sarah Morasch
     1a.Helen Sophia, b.1853-10-28, c.1853-11-20(ZLL)
     2a.Mary Ann Charlotte, b.1855-05-20, c.1855-06-03(ZLL)
     3a.George, b.1857-02-23, c.1857-03-22(ZLL)
     4a.Nathaniel, c.1861-12-22(LL)  
  (2)Maria Gertraudt, b.1829-06-30, c.1829-07-03
5.Catherine Elizabeth, c.1793-06-28, d.1874-10-16; m.1818-12-12
  SP: George Caspar Zinck, b.1785-02-06, c.1785-02-23(ZLL),
                     d.1863-11-26 (s/Geo Caspar & Soph Eliz Conrad) 
6.Johann Jacob, c.1795-01-16
7.Anna Catharine, c.1799-08-31 
8.Andrew Alexander, b.1804-06-16, c.1804-07-01(ZLL),
  SP1: Elizabeth Bailly, b.1803, d.1850-02-10(SJAL)
  (1)Catherine Elizabeth b.1827-11-29, c.1827-12-02(SJAL)
     SP: Louis  Morasch
  (2)Enos George, b.1830-05-29, c.1830-05-31(SJAL)
  (3)Georgina Mary, b.1834-01-30, c.1834-02-09(SJAL)
  (4)Augusta Jane, b.1836-01-17, c.1836-01-19(SJAL), 
     SP: Christopher Theophilus Hirtle
  (5)Rufus Joseph, b.1838-07-10, c.1838-07-15(SJAL)
  (6)Esther Annie, b.1841-07-06, c.1841-07-11(SJAL), d.1842-10-16
  (7)Ephraim Charles, b.1843-10-06, c.1843-11-15(SJAL) d.1918-04-03
     SP: Elizabeth Eisenhauer, b.1852, d.1906-12-14
  (8)James Henry, b.1846-07-03, c.1846-07-12(SJAL)
  (9)Andrew, b.1850-07-08, c.1850-07-12(SJAL)
  SP2: Hannah Hall, m.1853-11-17(SJAL)
  SP3: Catherine Tanner, widow; m.1869-10-24(SJAL)
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