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JACOB GUBLER (10640) b.ca1545
SP: Unknown ( )
1.Jacob (10641) b.ca1579 at Russikon
2.Uli (10642) b.ca1585 at Russikon; m.ca1612
SP: Regula Bodmer (10648) b.ca1593
(1)Jacob (10649) b.1613
(2)Hans Jagli (10650) b.1620
(3)Hans Jacob (10651) c.1633-04-22 at Russikon
3.Dias (10643) b.1592 at Russikon
4.Hans Jacob (10634) b.ca1594, of whom presaently
5.Joerg (10644) b.1601 at Russikon; m.ca1620
SP: Regula Ott b.ca1600
(1)Heinrich b.1621
(2)Hansel b.1626
(3)Jagli, b.1629
6.Hans (10645) b.ca1603 at Russikon; m.ca1627
SP: Anna Meier (10652) b.ca1608
(1)Margaretha (10653) b.1628
(2)Jacob (10654) c.1632-05-06 at Russikon
(3)Hans Jacob (10655) b.1634
(4)Hans Jacob (10671) c.1645-07-20 at Russikon
7.Heinrich (10646) b.ca1605 at Russikon; m.ca1629
SP: Rebecca Spoerri (10656) b.ca1610
(1)Jagli (10657) b.1630
(2)Hans Heinrich (10658) b.1633
8.Ulrich (10647) b.ca1606 at Russikon; m.ca1629
SP: Regula Schneider (10659) b.ca1610
(1)Jagli (10660) b.1630
(2)Anna (10661) b.1632

HANS JACOB GUBLER (10634) b.ca1594 at Russikon; m.1619 at Russikon
SP: Margaretha Kaegi (10635) b.ca1600
1.Conrad (10636) c.1620-04-22 at Russikon
2.Anna (10600) c.1622-06-30 at Russikon; m.1639-07-02 at Fehraltorf
SP: Felix Bruengger (10599) b.1614 (s/Hans Jacob)
3.Jagli (10637) b.1627-03-23, c.1629-10-11 at Russikon
4.Ulrich (10638) c.1631-11-20 at Russikon
5.Hans (10639) b.1633-11-10, c.1633-12-10 at Russikon
6.Heinrich (10672) c.1640-12-13 at Russikon

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