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                                WINSOR  FAMILY  OF  NEWFOUNDLAND

  Don Shankle 1999                                                         Updated: 2000-06-21

WILLIAM WINSOR (535) c.1783-11-30, No Moulton, Devon, England,
                                   d.1868-08-25 in Carbonear, Newfoundland; m.1802-04-07
SP1: Joanna Drewe;  widow,
SP2: Sarah Ash (nee Tyer)(536)(1795-1866) widow; m.1819-05-23 at Harbour
                                                 Grace, NF, Canada
1.John Meaney (881) b.1820-11-06 at Carbonear, Newfoundland, d.1886-02-07;
  SP: Jane Rixon (886) of Adam's Corner, d.1891-06-11
  (1)Mary Ann (887) b.1846-10-10, d.1875-09-16; m.1872-02-01
     SP: James Taylor (894)(1838-1930)(s/Joseph & Eliz)
  (2)Frances (Fanny)(888) b.1848-04-08; m.1879-05-22
     SP: James Taylor (894)(also marriedto sister, above)
  (3)Elizabeth (889) b.1850-03-16, m.1883-03-01
     SP: Robert L Parsons (895)
  (4)Louisa (890) b.1852-06-13, d.1860-04-11
  (5)William (891) b.1855-04-04; m.1882-02-22
     SP: Theresa Davis (896)(d/Frederick)
     1a.John Frederick (897) b.1883-02-11, d. 1899-04-11
     2a.James Hayward (898) b.1884-08-12
     3a.Arthur Ainley (899) b.1886-08-06
     4a.Harvey (900) b.1888-09-01
     5a.Albert (901) b.1890-10-15
     6a.Margaret (902) b.1894-12-10
  (6)James (892) b.1857-11-23
  (7)Louisa (893) b.1862-06-15 at Carbonear; m.1884-08-06
     SP: Manoah James Hawker (903)
     1a.Annie Louisa Hawker (14293) b.1885-05-27(VS46)
     2a.Bertrand Harrington Hawker (14294)b.1886-08-16(VS46)
2.Ann (882) b.1823-04-15 at Carbonear; m.1840-12-24 Carbonear, NF
  SP: John Penney (904)
  (1)Henry Penney (14295) b.1841-01-26(VS49)
  (2)Josiah Penney (14296) b.1844-04-03(VS49)
  (3)Richard Penney (14297) b.1856-01-25(VS49)
  (4)Henry Penney (14298) b.1862-05-20 (Adopted)
3.George William (499) b.1828, of whom presently
4.William (883) b.1830-07-18, d.1841-10-21 at Carbonear
5.James (884) b.1833-08-06, d.1907-07-16 Carbonear, NF; m.1852-12-16
   SP: Teresa Ash (905)(1829-1900)
   (1)Ann (906) b.1852-11-19
   (2)Francis Ash (907) b.1856-07-16; m.1891-02-20 at Carbonear
     SP: Elizabeth Jane Penney (911),(b.1865-03)
     1a.Teresa (912) b.1892-01-16, d.1900-10-10
     2a.James Nurse (913) b.1893-07-30
     3a.Agnes Winifred (914) b.1896-11-08
     4a.Laura (915) b.1900-08
   (3)William Thomas (908) b.1860-08-07; m.1882-04-04
     SP: Marion Catherine Mortimer (916)
     1a.William James (917) b.1882-08-14, c.1882-12-06; m.1902, moved to Everett,
                                     MA ca.1900
        SP: Teresa Harris (3374)
     2a.Robert McCrone (918) b.1884-09-09, c.1884-11-19(UCC)
     3a.Marion Theresa (919) b.1886-08-08, c.1886-11-15(UCC)
     4a.Aubrey Mortimer (920) b.1889-09-10
     5a.Gertrude Anne (921) b.1889-09-10
     6a.Amelia Ruth (922) b.1893-11-16
     7a.Victoria Beatrice Thomas (923) b.1895-11-08 lived Boston, MA
     8a.Mary Mae (13296) d.Everett, MA
     9a.Albert Hart (13297)
     10a.Ada Odessa (13298) m.1923
        SP: John Hickman(13299)
   (4)Mary Frances (909) b.1864-11-18; m.1899-09-19 at Carbonear, NF
     SP: John Elsworth Foster (924)
  (5)James Robert (910) b.1870-05-15, moved to USA in 1901, d.1931-11-23 Lynn,
                                 MA; m.1891-05-25
     SP: Marion Frances Hollett (925) b.1878-07-18, d.1944-10-07 at Lynn, MA
     1a.Annie (926) b.1894-03, d.1897-01-19 inNF
     2a.Thomas Clayton (927) b.1896-09-28, d.1989-07-27 Salem, MA; m.1919-10-29
                                          Lynn, MA
        SP: Mary Susan Brown(13300) b.1899-06-25, d.1967-06-04
        1b.Thomas Clayton (14299)b.1926-07-26, d.1991-07-02 at Manchester, NH;
                                             m.1946-07-21 Manchester, NH
           SP: ClaraLouise Henshaw (14313) 
           1c.KarenLouise (14314) 
               SP: George Henri Langlais (14315) 
               1d.Heather Louise Langlais (14316) 
                   SP: Robert Charles DePaolo (14318)
               2d.Alyssa Lynn  Langlais (14317) 
                   SP: Earl Benjamin Dodge III (14319)
        2b.Charles Clayton (14300) b.1928-02-04, d.1996-08-21 Englewood, FL
        3b.John (14301) b.1930-10-28, d.1995-12-10
           SP: Dorothy(14312)
       4b.Joan (14302)I
           SP: Richard Niles (14311)
        5b.Jane Louise (930) 
           SP: William Shea (931)
        6b.Gertrude (14303)
           SP: Richard Martin (14310)
        7b.Dorothy (14304)
           SP: Frank Gove (14309)
        8b.Jim (1114305)
           SP: Kay(14308)
        9b.Ruth (14306) d. in RI
        10b.Andrew (14307) d.inLynn, MA
     3a.Theresa May (928) b.1896-09-28, d.1901-01-16in NF
     4a.Marion (14320) Peabody, MA
     5a.Muriel (14321)
        SP: John Cammett (14324)
     6a.Ralph (14322)
     7a.Robert Frederick (14323)
6.Benjamin (885) b.1837-07-17, d.1906-11-05; m.1860-01-19
  SP: Charlotte Newell Jeffers (932) b.1837, d.1907-01-14(d/Samuel & Charlotte)
  (1)Catherine (933) b.1860-11-07; m.1883-01-02
     SP: Joseph Powell (942)
  (2)Samuel (934) b.1862-02-04, d.1863-02-09
  (3)William (935) b.1862-02-04, lived at Chelsea, MA in 1892
  (4)Sarah Ann (936) b.1865-01-17, d.1877-02-20
  (5)Elizabeth Jane (937) b.1867-02-09, d.1891-02-11; m.1883,
     SP: William H Thompson (3375)
  (6)Joseph Jeffers (938) b.1869-01-25, lived at Chelsea, MA in1897
  (7)Charlotte M Hale (939) b.1872-04
  (8)Benjamin (940) b.1877-07-26, lived at Chelsea, MA
  (9)George (941) b.1880-07-20

GEORGE WILLIAM WINSOR (499) b.1828-05-06 in Carbonear, Nfld; d.1902-04-23
                                                     Carbonear, NF; m.1855-01-04
SP1: Selina Mahaney (500) of Carbonear (1832-1892)(d/Wm &Susanna Horwood)
1.William (788) b.1856-10-13, d.1857-04-12
2.Sarah (789) b.1858-10-13, d.1860-05-29
3.John Charles (790) b.1860), of whom presently
4.Levi (791) b.1863-11-07, lived Chelsea, MA in 1896; m.1890-01-22
  SP: Mary Ann Pike (797)(d/Cecil)
  (1)Harold (798) b.1898-09-05, d.1980-07 at Brockton, MA
  (2)Elsie May (790) b.1902-08-22; d.1979-12 at Everett, MA
     SP: Joshua Matthews (802)
  (3)Ralph (791)
     SP: ___ Holland (803)
  (4)Gertrude (792) b,1890-02-11, d.1971-05 at Clearwater, FL,never married

  SP2: Julia Ann Pike (nee Pike)(796)(1835-1912)(widow of John Ellis Pike)
5.Susannah (791) b.1863-11-07, d.1868-09-26
6.Sarah Susannah (792) b.1868-06-07; m.1889-05-21
  SP: John Charles Foote (804) b.1864-07-26, d.1935-07-17(s/John Ryall & Maria
                                              Ann Spencer)
  (1)John Ainley Foote (10086) b.1889-08-12 at Carbonear, d.1969-09-11 at
                                        Tillsonburg, ON
     SP: Susannah Bartlett (10093)(1893-1963)
     1a.George Winsor Foote (10094) b.1911-10-25 at Bell Is, NF; m.1935-08-10
        SP: Florence Rawson(10098) b.1912
     2a.Ruth Foote (10095) b.1912-12-18
        SP: Edwin Yelf (10117)b.1912
     3a.James Edward Foote (10096) 
        SP: Betty Lethaby (10124) Bristol, ENG
     4a.Thomas Foote (10097) b.1920-08, d.1924-12
  (2)Margaret Cunningham Foote (10087) b.1890-10-09
     SP: Charles McNulty (10132),(1889-1931)
     1a.George Kevin McNulty (10133)
        SP: Inez Ross (10137)b.1918
     2a.Maureen McNulty (10124) b.1920-07-17,died, never married
     3a.Joan McNulty (10135) 
        SP1: Hugh Laidlaw(10141)
        SP2: James Ross (10145) 
     4a.Margaret McNulty (10136) 
        SP: Charles Vergisou(10146)
  (2)Selina Foote (10088) b.1892, d.1910-01
  (3)George Winsor Foote (10089) b.1893-06-11; m.1919-09-17
     SP: Lillian Ward (10150) b.1896
     1a.William Foote (10151) b.1920-07-16, died, never married
     2a.Margaret Esther Foote (10152)
     3a.Lillian G  Foote (10153) 
        SP: David Bowes (10160)
  (4)Harry Foote (10090) b.1896-10, d.1943-08-27; m.1921-05-24
     SP: Maisie Rumson (10170)(1896-1944)
     1a.Lina Foote (10171) 
        SP: Aubrey Hynes(10175) d.1976
     2a.Helen Foote (10172) 
        SP: Ronald Tulk (10187) 
     3a.Mary Foote (10173) 
        SP: Fred Bailey (10195)
     4a.William Foote (10174)
       SP1: Josephine Kelloway(10200)
        SP2: Beatrice Price(10199)
  (5)Robert  Foote (10091) b.1898, died young
  (6)Alice Susannah Foote (10092) b.Carbonear
     SP: Allan Murray Hubley (10164) ofHalifax
7.Sophia (793) b.1870-06-07
  SP: ____ Taylor (805)
8.George William, Master Mariner (794) b.1872-08-11, d.1945-09-07;(Sailed the
                             "Hope" to Labrador for years for William Duff & Sons) m.1896-01-27
  SP: Mary Louisa Horwood (806) b.1873-05, d.1939
  (1)Selina (807) b.1896-11-08
     SP: Arthur Gill (810) of Fogo, Nfld
     1a.Iris Gill (10061)
        SP: George King (10066)
        1b.Arlene King (14325)
        2b.Lorne  King(14326)
        3b.Andre King (14327)
        4b.Stepanie Adreice King (14328)
     2a.Doreen Gill (10062)
        SP: Harry Cuff (10067)
        1b.Son Cuff (14329)
        2b.Son Cuff (14330)
        3b.Son Cuff (14331)
        4b.Son Cuff (14332)
     3a.Georgina Gill (10063)
        SP: John Peterson(10068)
        1b.Jacqueline Peterson(14333)
        2b.John  Peterson(14334)
        3b.Joanne  Peterson  (14335)
     4a.Neil Gill (10064)
        SP: Anne (14336) divorced
        1b.Deborah Gill (14337)
        2b.Thomas Gill (14338)
     5a.Arthur Winsor Gill (10063)
        SP: Ivy (14339)
        1b.Valerie Gill (14340)
        2b.Roma Gill (14341)
        3b.Cynthia Gill (14342)
        4b.Gerald Gill (14343)
  (2)Mabel (808) b.1900-09-04, d.1901-01-26
  (3)Clarissa T (809) b.1901-10-28, d.1986-05-06; m.1921-03-10,
     SP: Leonard Butt (811)
9.Gilbert (795) b.1874-12-06, lived Chelsea, MA 1897; m.1897-02-09
  SP: Susanna Gillespie (812)
  (1)Clarence (814) b.1898-05-01, d.1964-04
  (2)George (813) b.1899-02-02, d.1975-07 at Everett, MA
  (3)Gilbert (3376) b.1903-06-06, d.1983-01 at Everett, MA

JOHN CHARLES WINSOR (481) b.1860-11-01 in Carbonear, Nfld, d.1934
                                                 at Watertown, MA; m.1885-02-24
SP1: Sophia Taylor (482)(1856-1912)(d/Abel & Julianna Pike )
                                            (all born in Carbonear, Nfld):
1.Edward Taylor (816) b.1885-10-22 at Carbonear, NF, d.1936 Everett,MA;
  SP: Mary Louisa Rowe (822) b.1889-05-24 (d/Benjamin &Naomi King)
  (1)Florence Sophia (823) b.1913-05-24 in MA, d.2000-02-20
     SP: Francis Homer (830)
  (2)Katherine Belle (824) b.1914, d.2002-05
     SP: George Peddle (831)
  (3)John Charles (825) b.1916-08-18 in MA, d.2000-04-21
     SP: Hildegarde Wohrgreen (832) d.1992-04-07, no issue
  (4)George Frederick (826)
     SP1: Helen Cardozo (833)
     SP2: Florence McLean (834)(d/JamesA & Ellen Maud Saunders)
  (5)Marjorie Emily (827)
     SP: Robert Hunt (835)
  (6)Edward Taylor (828)
     SP: Rita Perrotta (895) (d/Joseph &Eliz Bolston)
  (7)Frank Rowe (829)
     SP: June Melvin (843) (d/Chas Ames& Ruth Marg Leonard)

2.Clara Belle (472) b.1886-11-22 at Carbonear, Newfoundland;d.1952-11-06 at
                     Watertown, MA;  m.1925-06-16 at Watertown, MA
  SP: James Harris Shankle (6) b.1886-09-15, d.1965-04-05(s/George Isaiah & Mary
                                                          Ann Priscilla Lohnes)
  (1)Donald Winsor Shankle (4) b.1928 Boston, MA, lived at Watertown, MA;
      SP: Mary Patricia Hanavan (424)(d/John Francis & Lillian Rosalie Samson)
    Eight Children
3.Annie (817) b.1888-08-29 at Carbonear, NF; d.1959-01-15 at St John's,NF;
  SP: Walter Mills (848)(1879-1932)(s/Nathaniel & Anne)
  (1)Sophia (Judy) Mills (10069)
     SP: Malcolm K Campbell (10076)
     1a.Bruce Campbell (13670)
     2a.Dau (13671)
  (2)Earle Mills (10070)
  (3)Loyal Mills (10071) killed in WWII
  (4)Shannon Mills (10073)
     SP: Edith ____ (10078) had five children
  (5)Maud Mills (10074)
  (6)Florence Mills (10075)
  (8)Walter Mills Jr (10072)
     SP: Betty Phelan (10077) had sevenchildren

4.George Abel, Master Mariner (818) b.1891-07-13 at Carbonear, NF; d.1946 at Old
                                                      Orchard Beach, Maine; m.1917-08-24
  SP: Maud Burden (849)(1894-1989)(d/Willis & Miriam)
  (1)Hilda (850) b.Newfoundland
    SP1 Robert Lohnes (857)(s/Arthur James& Eliz Oxner)
    SP2: Randolph Rackley (858)
  (2)Helen (851) b.Newfoundland
    SP: Oliver Hoyt McKagen (859)
  (3)Ruth (852) b.Newfoundland
    SP: Keith Hedges (860)
  (4)Florence Mae Jean (853) b.Nfld, never married
  (5)John Calvin (854) b.1926-03-13 in USA, infant, twin
  (6)George Willis (855) b.1926-03-13 in USA, infant, twin
  (7)George Edward (856)
    SP1: Helen Monroe (861
    SP2: Lourdes Graciella Garzone (7967)
5.Julia (819) b.1895-04-27 at Carbonear, d.1902 at Carbonear, NF
6.Katie Taylor (820) b.1893-03-10 at Carbonear, d.1961-07-10 at Gander,Nfld;
  SP: Arthur Edward Pike (3377)(1875-1957)
  (1)John Gordon Pike (3378) b.1920-01-24 at Bell Island,NF; d.1965-11-14
     SP: Winnifred Penney (6538) noissue
  (2)Margaret Claire Pike (3379) b.Bell Island, NF;
     SP: Clifton Whelan (6539) b.1912,d.1995-02-16) at Ottawa, ON, no issue
7.Mark James (821) b.1896 atCarbonear, d.1976-06 at Dallas, TX; m.1922-12-24 at
                          Lynn, MA
  SP: Wilhelmina French (864) b.1899-03-25 (d/William &Mary Bennett)
  (1)Mary Lucretia (865)
    SP:David Battey (866)

SP2: Emily Soper (815)(1865-1930)(wdw of Capt G W Soper) m.1921-12-21

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