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                                   WILKIE  FAMILY  OF  BANFFSHIRE  SCOTLAND

JAMES WILKIE (5812) b.ca1680 Banff Shire, Scotland; m.ca1704
SP: Isabel Peterkin (5832) c.1686-12-06 (d/John)
1.James (5810) b.1705, of whom presently
2.Alexander (5826) c.1706-09-02 at Fordyce, Banff, Scotland
3.William (5834) c.1708-04-11 Fordyce; m.1736-02-01
  SP1: Isobel Gairden (8733)
  SP2: Cecilia Brown (5847) at Fordyce, m.ca1742
  (1)William (5855) c.1743-02-24 at Fordyce
  (2)Margaret (5856) c.1746-04-19 Fordyce; m.1777-07-27
     SP: James Wilkie (5857) c.1750 at Fordyce
  (3)Jean (5848) c.1746-04-19 at Fordyce
  (4)Isobel (5849) c.1748-02-14 at Fordyce
  (5)Elizabeth (5850) c.1750-03-18 at Fordyce
  (6)Alexander (5851) c.1751-05-19 Fordyce; m.1775-01-01
     SP: Isobel Young (5858) b.1752 at Fordyce
     1a.William (5859) c.1777-07-02 at Fordyce
  (7)Anne (5852) c.1753-08-11 at Fordyce; m.1767-07-19
     SP: George Aven (14356)
  (8)Cecilia (5853) c.1755-07-12 Fordyce; m.1777-03-11
     SP: Alexander Forbes (8734)
  (9)Elspeth (5854) c.1758-05-31 at Fordyce
4.Elspeth (5827) c.1710-03-15 at Fordyce; m.1732-10-17
  SP: Alexander Elliss (5860) b.1705 at Cullen, Banff Shire, SCO
5.Janet (5830) c.1710-03-15at Fordyce
6.George (5828) c.1712-02-11 at Fordyce
7.Isabel (5829) c.1713-12-30 at Fordyce
8.Janet (5831) c.1717-07-04; m.1744-08
  SP: James Morison (5861) b.1720 at Fordyce

JAMES WILKIE (5810) c.1705-05-14 Fordyce; m.1730-10-03 at Fordyce
SP: Elizabeth Lorimer (5811) c.1709-06-16 Fordyce (d/Wm & Mary Folla)
1.William (5817) c.1731-12-14 Fordyce; m.1767-07-19
  SP: Anne Fordyce (5835)
  (1)James (5836) c.1768-06-30 at Fordyce
  (2)George (5837) c.1770-01-10 at Fordyce
  (3)William (5838) c.1772-02-17 at Fordyce
  (4)Isabel (5839) c.1774-02-12 at Fordyce
  (5)Ann (5840) c.1782-10-19 at Fordyce
2.James (5818) c.1733-10-21 Fordyce; m.ca1762 at Fordyce
  SP: Jean Edwards (5841) b.1740
  (1)David (5842) c.1763-07-12 at Fordyce
  (2)Elizabeth (5843) c.1765-02-18 at Fordyce
  (3)Sophia (5844) c.1767-07-12 at Fordyce
  (4)Jean (5845) c.1770-01-01 at Fordyce
  (5)Mary (5846) c.1773-03-20 at Fordyce
3.Alexander (5819) c.1735-09-02 at Fordyce
4.Elizabeth (5820) c.1737-09-18 at Fordyce
5.George (5821) c.1738-12-03 at Fordyce
6.John  (601)  c.1743-10-07 Fordyce, Banff Shire, Scotland, d.1820-12-01 La Have,
              Lunenburg Cty, Nova Scotia; migrated to Gloucester Cty, Virginia in 1772;
              Arrived Nova Scotia 1783-07-15 & received a Loyalist Land Grant at
                                   For further info, see:  Wilkie  in Nova Scotia

7.Jean (5822) c.1745-05-12
8.Isobel (5823) c.1746-06-17; m.1767-11-14
   SP: Alexander Steinson (5862)
9.Elspeth (5824) c.1748-02-12
10.Alexander (5833) c.1749-11-19
11.Cecilia (5825) c.1751-11-04; m.1796
   SP: George Steinson (5964)

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