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                                          September 19, 2001


HANS JACOB SCHENKEL (9615) c.1696-03 at Dubendorf, Zurich Canton

                    (ZH), Switzerland; d.1744-04-05 at Fehraltdorf,

                    (ZH)(s/Heinrich & Anna Meier) m.1721-07-15 at

                    Fehraltdorf (ZH) Switzerland

SP: Elizabeth Guettinger (10272) c.1692-10-24, Fehraltdorf, ZH,

                         SWZ (d/Caspar & Verena  Bruengger)


1.Hans Jacob (3546) b.1721-09-09 Fehraltorf, ZH, SWZ, c.1721-11-09;

              d.1750-09 at quarantine in Halifax Harbor, NS, CAN


2.Hans Ulrich (600) b.1723 at Fehraltorf, of whom presently


3.Hans Heinrich (18) c.1735-05-01 at Fehraltorf, ZH, SWZ; emigrated

                to Nova Scotia with his brother, Hans Ulrich (600),

                on the "Ann", arriving Halifax, 1750-09-02;

                naturalized 1758-07-10, Halifax, NS, as Henry

                Shankle; Moved to Quebec, QC in late 1783;

                m.1766-04-10, Granville, Annapolis Cty, NS

  SP: Garey Balsor (Anna Cath Gertraudt Baltzer)(33) b.1743-08-15

                   at Marburg, Hesse, Germany (d/Joh Chris & Anna

                   Eliz Webber)


      **For information on descendants of Heinrich Shankle see:



4.Elizabeth (3547) c.1738-10-26 Fehraltorf (ZH); m.1755-04-24(SJA)

             at Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, Canada

  SP: Nicholas Storch (3548) b.1727 Germany (s/Geo & Eva Eliz





HANS ULRICH SCHENKEL (600) c.1723-03-28 Fehraltorf, ZH, Switzerland;

                     wdwr, arrived at Halifax, Nova Scotia,

                     1750-09-02 on the "Ann", d.1759-10-22(SJAL)

                     La Have, NS

SP1: Margaretha Bosshard (5771) b.ca1729, m.1749-04-21, Fehraltdorf,

                          ZH, SWZ (died 1750 enroute to Rotterdam)

1.Anna (17) c.1750-01-11, Fehraltdorf, d.1750 enroute to Rotterdam


SP2: Elizabeth Würster (21) wdw b.1733 Germany, d.1779-09-24(ZLL)

                        La Have; m.1751-09-24(SPAH) Halifax, NS

                        (she m2.1760-06-03(SJAL), Eberhard Hoffler)


2.Elizabeth (16) c.1754-07-02(SJAL) La Have; m.1783-09-05(DRL)

  SP: Andreas Bader (32)

  (1)Anna Maria Bader (Peter)(8621) b.1784-08-21, c.1785-06-01(ZLL)

3.Anna Barbara (316) c.1756-12-08(SJAL) La Have, d.1842-06-29;


  SP: Christoph Bruhm (31) c.1754-09-08(SJAL)(s/Melchior &

                       Christina Keller)

  (1)Anna Elizabeth Bruhm (4455) b.1779-07-31, c.1779-08-08(ZLL)


     SP: George Heinicke (5908)

  (2)Johanna Christina Bruhm (4563) b.1780-11-29, c.1780-12-05(ZLL)


     SP: Conrad Naas (7715)(s/Chris & Eliz Veronika)   

  (3)Anna Catharina  Bruhm (3424) b.1782-09-01, c.1782-09-08(ZLL)


     SP: Johann Michael Weil (2130) b.1771-09-07, c.1771-11-18(SJAL)

                             (s/Fred & Anna Cath Folcher)

  (4)Johanna Barbara Bruhm (5540) b.1784-09-24, c.1786-10-02(ZLL)

  (5)Melchior Bruhm (5683) b.1786-03-02, c.1786-03-06(ZLL)

     SP: Anna Dorothea Fiener (5656)

  (6)Jacob (5538) b.1788-04-08, c.1788-04-11(ZLL) m.1814-07-19(SJAL)

     SP: Catharina Hatt (5909) b.1796-11-17, c.1797-05-27(DRL)

                        (s/Simon & Mary Esther Susanna Swallow)

  (7)Johannes Bruhm (87) b.1792-10-15, c.1792-10-28(ZLL)

  (8)Anna Regina (Rachel?) Bruhm (2995) b.1795-09-06, c.1795-09-20

                                 (ZLL) m.1821-01-28(SSAC) Chester

     SP: Gideon Hatt (7717) b.1796-11-17, c.1797-05-27(DRL)(s/Simon

                      & Mary Esther Swallow)

  (9)Maria Elizabeth Bruhm (13158) b.1798-05-23, c.1798-06-28(ZLL)


4.Johann Jacob (19) b.1759, of whom presently




JOHANN JACOB SCHENKEL (19) c.1759-09-19(SJAL), d.1815-03-03(ZLL)

                       La Have, NS; m.1782-12-03(ZLL)

SP1: Marie Catherine Dimon (2035) c.1762-02-01(BELL),

                            d.1783-09-04(ZLL)(d/Francois Joseph &

                            Anna Cath Susanna Herman)

SP2: Anna Elizabeth Weil (590) c.1763-03-05(SJAL), d.1842-05-29)

                         (d/Fred & Anna Cath Folcher (Volcker),


1.Anna Catharine (41) b.1785-04-24 Middle La Have, c.1785-04-28

                 (ZLL), d.1801-03-14(ZLL)

2.Anna Barbara (42) b.1786-10-04 Middle La Have, c.1786-10-15(ZLL),


  SP: Chris Reichardt (50) wdwr c.1763-04-04(SJAL)(s/Thomas & Anna

                       Maria Margaret Roth)

3.Anna Maria (43) b.1789-01-08 Middle La Have, c.1789-01-15(ZLL)


4.Elizabeth Margaret Sophia (44) b.1791-05-03, c.1791-05-11(ZLL),

                             d.1815-02-04(ZLL), m.1810-11-06(DRL)

  SP: Christoph Gorkum (51) b.1784-05-22, c.1784-06-06(DRL), d.1874

                       (s/Chris Adam & Anna Cath Barb Mossman)

5.Johann Gerhardt (Garret),(45) b.1793-06-03 Middle La Have,

                   c.1793-06-13(ZLL), d.1873-03-18(ZLL) Port Mouton;

                   lived Chelsea, NS in 1838; m.1815-09-12(ZLL)

  SP: Anna Catharine Falkenheim (52) b.1797-05-28, c.1797-07-16(DRL),

                                 d.1874-12-25 d/Fred Joseph &

                                 Johanna Magda Ley)

  (1)Anna Elizabeth (Betsy)(98) b.1817-05-25 Chelsea, NS

                            d.1894-06-02; m.1834-07-22(BL)

     SP1: James Benjamin Schmidt (109) b.1807-02-07, c.1807-06-07

                                 (DRL) d.bef 1850

     SP2: George Wolf (110) b.1805-09-16, c.1806-04-26(DRL) d.1859)

                      (s/Heinrich & Soph Cath Spindler),


     SP3: Michael MacDonald (111) m.1861-01-03(MLP) Port Joli, NS

  (2)Marianna (200) c.1819-08-06(ZLL), d.1862; m.1839-09-20(BL)

     SP: Jacob Corkum (3004) b.1817-03-30(BL), d.1882 (s/Peter &

                       Sophia Hubley)(He m2.1864, Sarah Fiener)

  (3)Joseph Henry (101) b.1821-08-06, c.1821-09-02(ML), d.1901-03-04

                   Hubbards Cove; m.1841-12-27

     SP1: Lucerna Hunt (115) 1824-11-16 Pleasant River,

                        d.1870-09-24(ZLL) Greenfield(d/Sam &

                        Lucerna Freeman)

     1a.Charles Albert (131) b.1843-02-22 Greenfield, d.1936-02-04


        SP1: Catherine Day (120)

        SP2: Matilda (Christopher) Freeman (121) b.1841-06-22

                      Greenfield,  d.1913-08-13 (d/Gorham & Rebecca

                      Freeman)(1841-1913) m.1871-10-12(BL)

        1b.Bolton Maurice (10862) b.1872-08-28 at Hubbards Cove,

                          d.1950-03-14 at Lawrencetowwn, Annapolis

                          Cty; m.1904-09-21, at Greenfield

           SP: Annie Belle Stoddart (10923) b.1875-06-23 Falkland

                                  Ridge, Annapolis Co, d.1961-02-02

                                  Boston, MA (d/Alfred G & Isabella   


           1c.Eileen Marguerite (10924) b.1906-03-06 at Hubbards

                                  Cove, d.1993-06-10 at Shelburne,

                                  m.1953-08-10 Dedham, MA

              SP: John A MacDonald (10974) b.1900 Dedham, MA;

                                    d.1964-11-11 Dedham, MA

           2c.Marion Louise (10925) b.1908-08-23 at Hubbards Cove;

                     m.1937-07-10 at So Williamston, Annapolis Cty

              SP: George Francis Burke Cushing (10975) b.1907-10-19,

                                                Grafton, Queens Co

                                             d.1956-09-28 Shelburne

                                            (s/Zoeth & Effie Seldon)

              1d.David Edward Cushing (10978) 

              2d.Charles Burke Cushing (10979)

              3d.Robert Maurice Cushing (10980)  

        2b.Ethel Christina (10863) b.1873-09-12 Hubbards Cove,

                            d.1875-09-26 Hubbards Cove

        3b.Una Rebecca (10864) b.1875-07-14 Hubbards Cove,

                        c.1876-08-23, d.1876-09-11

        4b.Harold Albert (122) b.1878-08-29 at Hubbard’s Cove;

                          d.1956 Chester, m.1904-12-27(ZLL)

                          Marriotts Cove

           SP: Carrie May Hawboldt (124) b.1881-12-27, d.1956

                                   Chester (d/David & Mary Henniger)

        5b.Owen Meredith (10865) b.1881-02-14 at Hubbard's Cove,

                          d.1958 at Liverpool; m.1917-09-11

           SP: Katherine Maude Quinn (10926)(d/Thomas W)

           1c.Charles Meredith (10828) 

              SP: Jean McGilvary (10981)

              1d. Peter (10983) 

              2d.Kathy (10982) 

        6b.Charles Henry (123) b.1884-06-06 at Hubbards Cove,


     2a.Sarah Jane (117) b.1845-08-03, d.1890-08-08; m.1865-09-01


        SP: Richard C Freeman (5732) b.1828-12-25, d.1890-10-28

                              (s/Gorham & Rebecca  Freeman)

     3a.Malachi F (10856) b.1847-11-07 at Greenfield, d.1910-06-01;


        SP: Rebecca Pulsifer (10857) b.1845-12-24 Sackville,

                              d.1899-12-04 Hubbards Cove (d/Daniel

                              & Sarah Webber)

        1b.Flora Hunt (10872) b.1878-09-11 at Hubbards Cove

        2b.Arnold Sylvester (10873) b.1879-07-08 at Hubbards Cove

        3b.Henry Lyman (10874) b.1881-11-15 at Hubbards Cove

        4b.Stewart Wilson (10875) b.1884-03-06 Hubbards Cove, d.1972

           SP: Alma P (13549)(1875-1973)

     4a.Lois Hunt (1680) b.1850-05-29 Greenfield, d.1912-01-26;


        SP: Lewis Freeman (3248) b.1846-02-28 Greenfield,

                           d.1920-05-25 (s/Gorham & Rebecca Freeman)

     5a.Mary Ellen (10858) b.1852-12-31 at Greenfield, d.1873-08 at

                   Bridgewater; m.1872-04,

        SP: David C Webber (10881) b.1846-05-24 Sackville

                           (s/Anthony & Eliz Duncan)

     6a.Elizabeth E (119) b.1854-09-04; m.1881-12-15,

        SP: Peter David Dauphinee (3549) b.1843-08-03 (s/Fred &

                                   Sarah Jung)

     7a.Joseph Henry (9018) b.1857-09-12 Greenfield, d.1949;


        SP: Jennie Fox (9021) b.1853-11-16, d.1939 (d/Robert & Ann


        1b.Jean Winifred (10890) b.1886-08-21 at Hubbards Cove;

           SP: Guilford Harnisch (10958)

        2b.Clifford Fobard (9022) b.1888-10-08 at Hubbards Cove,


        3b.Ruth Gwendolyn (10891) b.1889-03-05 at Hubbards Cove

        4b.Daisy Lillian (9023) b.1890-06-04 Hubbards Cove,


        5b.Madge Steadly (10892) b.1893-01-26, d.1901-12-14

        6b.Clyde Reginald (10893) b.1895-01-13 Hubbards Cove

           SP: Rebecca Dare (16076)

           1c.Brenton Leslie (Buzz)(15077), d.2000-05-20

           2c.Lawrence (15078)

           3c.Patricia (15079)

              SP: Unknown Scanlon (15080)

     8a.Anna E (10859) b.1860-09-01 Greenfield; m.1884-11-05 Hfax

        SP: StClair Rafuse (10894) b.1855-09-10 Chester Grant

                           (s/Isaac & Frances Ann Falt)

     9a.Stewart W (10860); b.1863-09-13 Greenfield, m.1893-08-16

                   at Seabright, Halifax Co

        SP: Eva Amelia Hubley (10900) b.1869-11-22 Seabright,

                               Halifax Co (d/Alvin & Amelia Hubley)

        1b.George Edgar (10903) b.1894-06-17 at Hubbards Cove

        2b.Nellie Catharine (10904) b.1892-01-10 at Hubbards Cove

        3b.Cecil Wilfred (10908) b.1898-02-13 at Hubbards Cove

        4b.Rauel Stewart (10906) b.1901-08-17 at Hubbards Cove

        5b.Mildred Hazel (10905) b.1902-12-09 at Hubbards Cove

        6b.Harold (10907)

     10a.Dorinda B (10861) b.1866-01-01 Greenfield, d.1905-09;

                    m.1890-12-03 Hubbard’s Cove

        SP: James Edward Tiner (10909) b.1860-06-02 Saont John,  NB

                               (s/James & Maria Belding)

  SP2: Elizabeth Dimock (10852) b.1837-08-15, d.1921-03-12 (d/Joseph

                         & Rebecca Crandall) m.1872-04-02

     11a.Josephine Viola (9020) b.1873-03-17, d.1875-02-12 Halifax

     12a.Harry Wilbur (9019) b.1874-11-20, d.1876-02-01 Halifax Co

     13a.Frederick Raymond, Dr (10855) b.1881-08-10 Hubbards Cove,

                                d.1957-01-29; m.1908-09-21

        SP1: Georgina Stoddart (10916) b.1880-07-29, d.1950-05-15

                               (d/Alfred G & Isabella Hutchinson)

                                from Springfield Annapolis Cty

        1b.Mary Elizabeth (10920) b.1915-12-01, d.1998-08-09

           SP: Lloyd Neilly, Dr (3596)

        2b.Rosamund Dimock (10921) b.1917-07-06 Hantsport, Hants Co;

                            d.1996-12-16; m.1946-05-25

           SP: Andrew W  MacIntosh (10968) b.Windsor, d.1966-04-10,  

                                    Granville, Annapolis Co, NS

           Adopted Children:

           1c.Sheila Margaret MacIntosh (13344)

              SP: Randy Wesley Moss (13347)

           2c.Alec MacIntosh (13345)

              SP: Gabrielle (13348)

              1d.Laura MacIntosh (13349)

              2d.Andrea MacIntosh (13350)

         3b.John Lionel (10922) b.1918-09-12, d.1957-06-07;

                        m.1942-03-21 at Windsor, NS

           SP: Ainsley Irene Wilding Cole (10969)(d/Hugh & Eva

                                           Harvey of NF)

           1c.David Lionel (10970)

              SP: Unk (13351)

              1d.James Joshua (13352)

           2c.Hugh Raymond (10971) 

           3c.Elizabeth (10972)

           4c.Irene (10973)       

        4b.Ainsley Irene (10855) b.1920, d.1984-03-25


        SP2: Jean Wright Travers Beckwith (10917) b.ca1892,

                       d.1984-12-05 (d/Robert of NF) m.1952-06-09

  (4)Catharine Elizabeth (102) b.1824-04-04, c.1824-04-21(ML)

  (5)Susanna Elizabeth (Luzena)(103) b.1825-03-23, c.1825-04-24(ML),


     SP: ____ Jones (125)

  (6)Sophia (104) b.1828-01-29 Chelsea, c.1828-10-04(ZLL), d.1901;


     SP: John MacKay Hupman (126) b.1825-01-31, d.1908 (s/Joh & Eliz


  (7)Gerhardt (Garret) (105) b.&c.1830-02-01(SJAL)

  (8)William Henry (106) b.1831-01-10(BL), d.1910-08-28 Dartmouth;


     SP: Sophia Catharine Wolf (127)(1835-1910)(d/Geo & Susannah


     1a.Eliza A (128) b.1855, d.1940-07-24

        SP1: Harlow (10844);

        SP2: Joshua Cook (136) of River Head, d.1882 (s\Richard)


     2a.Joseph (129) d.28 years old at Port Mouton

        SP: Elizabeth (53)

     3a.Alexander (130) b.1857, d.1934-05-06 at Port Mouton

     4a.Charles Whidden (3249) b.1857, d.1934-05-06 at Port Mouton;


        SP: Mary Catherine Bruhm (10846)(d\Caspar & Augusta Leary)

        1b.Herbert Lewis (10849)

           SP: Lorraine Powalker (13613)

        2b.Doris (10850)

           SP: Daniel McKinnon (11000)

     5a.Lemuel A (132) d.1938; m.1901-11-28

        SP: Edna Elvira Huskins (137) b.1882-01-07, d.1957)[d/Rich

                                 F & Mary Cath Smith (Schmidt)]

        1b.Hazel (138) b.ca1902, m.1929-09-18, d.1974-12-07

           SP: Otto Payzant (7934)

        2b.Hastings Joseph (139) b.1903, d.1985-07-15

           SP: Ethel Florence Goulden (142)(1904-1976)

           1c.Osborne (7935)

           2c.Dianne (143) b.1940, lived Port Mouton

              SP: Harris Clattenburg (7982)

           3c.Alvin Craig (144) 

              SP: Unknown (7983)

              1d.Charles Craig (7981)

              2d.Michael Douglas (7985)

           4c.Kenneth (3255) 

        3b.Raymond (3252)

           SP: Marion Rodasch (146)

           1c.Raymond (7937)

              SP: Helen (13374)

           2c.Marianne (7938)

        4b.Earle Winslow (3253)

           SP: Dorothy May Fischer (3254)(d/Clarence

                                   Eugene & Annie Catharine Smith)

           1c.Suanne Marita (5773)

              SP: Gordon Joseph Sampson (5774)(s/Leo & Carole) Lvrpl

           2c.Catharine May (7945)

              SP: Clayton Wayne Blake (7946)(s/Herbert & Cleo)

              1d.Bryan Earl Blake (8064)

           3c.Sherri Maureen (5772)

              SP: Sidney Woolfrey (5777)(s/James & Theresa)

     6a.William Lewis (3250) b.1874-08-17 Port Mouton; m.1908-02-18

        SP: Lizzie Blanche Wagner (3273) b.1885 (d/Wm James &

                                   Georgina Wolf)

        1b.Arthur Lewis (10851) b.1908-12-13, d.1999-05-15

           SP: Ella Leah Oxner (3267) b.1908, d.1991-07-19

                                (d/Howard & Marg)

           1c.Wayne Arthur (13353) b.1944-02-16, d.1967-10-10;


              SP: Lynda Dawn  Long (13355)(d/Ian Bruce)(She

                                    m2.Richard Kenneth King)

              1d.Stephanie Lynne (13359)

              2d.Wayne Arthur (23360) 

           2c.Barbara (13354)

              SP: Robert Jermyn (13361)

              1d.David Jermyn (13362)

              2d.Thomas Jermyn (13363)

              3d.Robert Jermyn (13364)

     7a.Clara (134) b.1865

        SP: Jacob Wagner (148)(b.1858)(s/Chris & Elizabeth Moody)

     8a.Mary (3251) died young

  (9)Elizabeth Anna (107) b.1832-05-28(BL), died as a young girl

  (10)Richard Ezekiel M, Capt (108) b.1837-12-13, c.1837-12-25(BL),

                         d.1895-10-06 at Port Mouton: m.1869

     SP: Matilda Weynacht (149) b.1848, d.1918-08-24 Port Mouton

                          (d/Leonard & Eliz)

     1a.Mary Rebecca (May),(151) b.1876, d.1941; m.1895-11-30

        SP: William Isaiah Huskins (153)(1873-1947)(s/Richard & Mary

                           Cath Smith (Schmidt) at Port Mouton

      2a.Sarah (Sadie),(150) m.1898-11-22 MA, USA

        SP: David Hammond (152)

  (11)Uriah (100) b.ca1839, d.1901-01-10 Mitchell Brook, Queens Co

     SP: Maria Elizabeth Freeman (113) b.1849-04-27 (d\Allen T & Mary

                                 E Bent)

     1a.Hattie (114) b.1868, d.1875-12-01(ZLL)

     2a.Ellen F (10839) b.1871

        SP: William Vogler (10993)   

     3a.Bessie Mildred (10840) b.1875-07-24, d.1925-11-11;


        SP: Jabish M Vogler (10994) b.1861-05-13, d.1927-10-09 at sea

     4a.Judson (10841) b.1879; m.1903-06-16 Liverpool;

        SP: Stella Theriau (10995)(d\Maurice & Ann Wagner)

     5a.Maude Cordelia (10842) b.1881

     6a.Mary Elizabeth May (10843) b.1884

        SP: Joshua Perry (10998)

        1b.Austin Perry (10999)


6.Jacob (1979) b.1796-02-25, c.1796-04-13(ZLL), d.1822-08-16(ZLL)

         drowned; m.ca1821

  SP: Anna Elizabeth (2089)


7.Michael (47) b.1799-08-16, d.1867-06-09(ZLL); m.1823-12-16(ZLL)

  SP: Catharina Elizabeth Gerhardt (540) b.1799-11-13, d.1868)

                                   (d/Michael & Anna Maria Kraft)

  (1)Michael (88) b.1824-12-07 La Have

  (2)Marianna (89) b.1826-07-03, c.1826-09-10(ZLL)

  (3)George Ephraim (90) b.1828-05-06, c.1828-07-13(ZLL); m.ca1851

     SP: Catharine Margaret Lohnes (154)(1829-1910)

     1a.Emma Susannah Louisa (155) b.1853-11-10, c.1853-11-27(ZLL)


        SP: Charles Walter Foley (13019)

     2a.James Frederick (156) b.1855-06-10, c.1855-08-26(ZLL)

     3a.Mary Elizabeth (158) b.1859-02-11 Frenchy's Cove,

                        c.1859-05-08(ZLL); m.1880-12-25(ZLL)

        SP: Joseph Corkum (162) b.1854 (s/Wm & Soph) m.1880-12-25

     4a. William (3550) b.1862

     5a.Alice (159) b.1863 French's Settlement, m.1883-02-22 at


        SP: Joel Isaiah Corkum (163) mariner, b.1860-10-06 (s/David

                                & Lucy)(He m2.1899-10-03 Seleta


     6a.Drusilla (160) b.1864, Pleasantville; m.1904-08-23

        SP: James Ephraim Rafuse (164) b.1858 (s/Levi & Emma)

     7a.Julia Ada (161) b.1869 Pleasantville; m.1889-09-22

        SP: Permanes Corkum (165) b.1864-01-22, d.1937-04-14

                            (s/Joel & Marg)

  (4)George Jacob (91) b.1830-01-27, c.1830-07-10(ZLL)

     SP: Eunice (166)

     1a.Jacob Henry (167) b.1858-04-07, c.1858-07-25(ZLL)

        SP: Mary (168)

  (5)John (Frederick) (93) b.1832-09, c.1833-12-12(SJAL), merchant,


     SP1: Unk (13020)

     SP2: Eleanor Slaytor (12443)(d/James Solomon & Marg Frail)


     SP3: Mary Margaret Susanna Hartmann (171) b.1836-09-20,

                                      d.1890-01-21)(d/Phil & Maria

                                      Eliz Conrad) m.1859-01-22(LA)

     1a.James Henry (172) b.1860-10-04, c.1860-10-21(ML),

                     d.1937-01-30; m.1893-02-21(ML)

        SP: Janetta Corkum (nee Wilkie)(178)(1865-1939) widow of

                            Albert Corkum (d/Wm Ephraim Wilkie &

                            Maria Anna Corkum)                  

        1b.Helen Leone (179) b.1893-09-21, d.1895-04-29.

        2b.Fenton Hartman (180) b.1895-05-20 La Have, d.1977-08-23

                           La Have; m.1917-01-20

           SP: Cora Eunice Lohnes (611)(1897-1974)(d/Chas Lambert

                                  & Ellen Barb Ross)

           1c.Irene Mildred 189) b.1917-11-15 La Have; m.1952-07-12

              SP: John Calder Campbell (191)

           2c.Lambert James (190) b.1919-11-07 La Have, d.1961-03-21

                             at sea

              SP: Norma Townsend (192)

              1d.Judith Marlene (193)

                 SP: Robert Williams (13365)

              2d.David Bradley (194) b.1949-10-03, d.1976-06-19

              3d.Trueman James (196) 

                 SP: Sharon Williams (13366)

              4d.Kevin Boyd (195) 

                 SP: Betty Smith (13367)

              5d.Anastasia Eunice (Mindy)(197) 

        3b.Raymond Fielding (140) b.1896-11-08, d.1984-05-28 at

                            Boylston, MA; m.1917-06-12

           SP: June Corkum (198) d.1960 (d/Isaac Leander & Janet


           1c.Raymond (199) 

              SP: Esther Lego (201)

              1d.Kenneth Raymond (145) 

                 SP: June Hough (203) 

                 1e.Christopher (204) 

                 2e.Brandon (205) 

           2c.Marion (3182) b. at Boylston, MA

              SP: William Sanders (209)

        4b.James Herman (182) b.1898-11-12 La Have, d.1969-12-27;


           SP: Jessie Eileen Corkum (206) b.1898-05-08,

                                     d.1943-02-22) d/Leander &

                                     Bessie Hartmann)

           1c.Lillian (207)

              SP: Alfred Wooley (210)

              1d.Catherine Wolley (14507)

           2c.Nargaret “Maizie” Elizabeth (208) b.1922-06-20 La

                                       Have, d.1942-04-22 La Have

        5b.William Newton (183) b.1901-12-20 La Have,


        6b.Mamie Susanna (184) b.1903-09-18 La Have, d.1992-05-09;


           SP: LeRoy Shankle (72)(1894-1957)(s/Geo Isaiah & Mary

                             Anne Priscilla  Lohnes)

        7b.Arthur Perry (186) b.1905-02-14 La Have; m.1929-10-25

                         Worcester, MA

           SP: Dorothy Virginia Hupman (212)

           1c.Arthur Perry (186) 

              SP: Joanne Galloway (215)

              1d.Susan (217) 

                 SP: Michael Gordon (219)

              2d.Stephen (216) 

                 SP: Diane Ivey (220)

              3d.Joe Freeman (218)

           2c.Joan Carol (214) 

              SP: Thomas Moore (221)

        8b.Grace Mildred (185) b.1906-08-03 La Have; m.1925

           SP: Moyle Lohnes (211)

        9b.Stephen Graham (187) b.1908-07-17 La Have, d.1983-11-08;


           SP: Kathleen Conrad (222)(d/Sam Roger & Bessie Moser)           

     2a.Ada Sophia (173) b.1862 La Have, d.1944; m.1890-10-22

        SP: Simeon Corkum (223) b.1865 (s/James Levi & Ruth Wilkie)

     3a.John Eber (174) b.1864-11-17 Mdl La Have, d.1926 La Have;


        SP1: Martha Alice Wagner (224) b.1871 Upr La Have, d.1909,

                                 (d/David & Isabella) m.1895-02-06

        1b.Bertram Desmond (225) b.1896, d.1962; m.His stepmother,

           SP: Alice Mabel (Himmelman) Shankle (231)(1887-1972)

        2b.Earl Walter (147) b.1898-07-08, d.1968-09-09 Conquerall


           SP: Alice Louise (232) d.1973-04-04 Conquerall Mills

           1c.Florence (233) b.1926-03, d.1926-04-15

        3b.Carl (227) m. Boston, Mass

           SP: Unknown (14852)

        4b.Myrtle Isabelle (228) never married


        SP2: Alice Mabel Himmelman (231)(1887-1972)

        5b.Mona Christabel (229) 

           SP: Ottar Jensen (234) of Norway (1912-1980)

        6b.Rhoda Adelene (230) 

           SP: Alf Johansen (235)     

     4a.Margaret Letitia (175) b.1865-10-07 La Have; m.1889-09-22  

        SP: John A Haughn (236)(b.1864)(s/John & Lucy Ann Wilkie)


     5a.Robert Allan (176) b.1868-01-03(LCTY) La Have, d.1908 La

                      Have, mariner, m.1893-03-09

        SP: Sophia J Ross (237)(1874-1946)(d/Alex)

        1b.Allan Leon (238) b.1894, d.1917 at sea

        2b.Warren Hastings (239) b.1893-10-22, d.1970-10-22 La Have;

           SP: Dorothy Mildred Bailey (245)(d/William & Naomi Mary


           1c.Norma Mae (246) 

              SP: Charles Melvin Publicover (3256)

        3b.Ora (22) b.1897

           SP: Leo Cedric Lohnes (249) b.1893-10-04 La Have, d.1977

                                 (s/Wm Freeman & Emma Louise Wilkie

        3b.John Alexander (240) b.1901-01-30, d.1902-07-02 La Have 

        4b.Cedric Ross (241) b.1902-01-23, d.1902-11-17 La Have 

        5b.Eleanor (242)

           SP: Hugh Miller (247)

        6b.Effie (243)

           SP: Cecil Pentz (248)

     6a.Frances Rosetta (177) b.1874-10-04

        SP: St Clair Corkum (250)(s/William Isaac & Mary Ann)

      7a.Theresa Mae (169) b.1877, d.1961; m.1901-02-07

        SP: Wilson Henry Walters (170) b.1874 (s/Edmund & Louisa


     SP4: Eleanor Jane Wambach (471) b.1851-10-28, d.1924-07-17,

                               (d/Geo & Marg Sperry), m.1890-07-24

(6)John Henry (94) b.1836-10-07, c.1836-04-25(ZLL)shipowner,

               d.1908-02-19; m.1859-12-22(ZLL)

     SP1: Mary Anne Elizabeth Hartmann (251) b.1831-05-25,

                                        d.1896-03-16)(d/Phil &

                                        Maria  Eliz Conrad)

     1a.Mary Sophia (252) b.1860-02-19, c.1860-03-06(SJAL),


     2a.Urina Pristina (253) b.1862-08-24, c.1862-09-14(LL),

                        d.1941-04-29; m.1885-12-23

        SP: David Almon Corkum (259), mariner, b.1862-07-24, d.1917)

                               (s/Isaac & Cath)

     3a.Anna Sophia (254) b.1864-07-10; m.1890-11-23

        SP: Wellington Whalen (260)(1867-1952)(s/John & Hannah)

     4a.Henry Leman (255) b.1866-06-18, fisherman, d.1931-04-03;


        SP: Anne Wilkie (261) b.1874-07-25 (d/Wm & Marianna Corkum) 

        1b.Calvin Wilbur (262) b.1892-10-07 Saint John, NB,

                         d.1975-12-07 Saint John, NB; m.1917-10-17

           SP: Julia May Fraser (270) at Fredricton, NB

           1c.Annie May (271) b.1919-02-19, d.1919-08-01

           2c.Ruth Fraser (272) 

         2b.Hazel Louise (3257) b.1894-07-31 La Have, d.1974-12-07

                        Cambridge, MA

           SP: Wilmot Camber (141) b.1893-11-18 Spring Valley, NB;

                              d.1962-08-19 Winterport, ME

           1c.Otis Hudson Camber (8147)

              SP: June Marie Clark (8149)

              1d.Eileen Camber (8150) 

                 SP1: Ronald Gladsjo (8152)

                 1e.Ronald Eric Gladsjo (8154) 


                 SP2: Gary Van Beckman (8153)

              2d.Alan Camber (8151) 

            2c.Kenneth Wilmot Camber (8148) b.1933-10-29 Cambridge,

                                     MA, d.1984-01-15 Huntington, NY

              SP: Barbara Jean Ranger (8155)

              1d.Kathryn Camber (8156)                   

        3b.Hudson (264) b.1896-06-04, d.1985-12-04 at Winterport,

                  ME; never married

        4b.Hilda Theresa (265) b.1897-11-16 E La Have, d.1996-12-27

                          Syracuse, NY;


           SP: Arthur Chester Perkins (274) b.1901-01-10 Winterport,

                                       ME, d.1955 ME

           1c.Chester Arthur Perkins (8157)

              SP: Mary Ann Strout (8158)

              1d.Lawrence Arthur Perkins (8159)

                 SP: Karen Elaine Korbas (8162)

                 1e.Andrea Frances Perkins (8163)

              1d.Kelvin Glen Perkins (8160) 

                 SP: Kim LaRaine Corsette (8164)

                 1e.Kassi LeRaine Perkins (8165)

                 2e.Kara Lindsay Perkins (8166) 

                 3e.Kayla Lindsay Perkins (8167)

                 4e.Kamarie Laine Perkins (15083)

        5b.Preston (266) b.1899-10-31, d.1930-02-06 at Saint John,

                    NB; never married

        6b.Elwood Henry (267) b.1908-10-08 La Have, d.1988-06-15;


           SP: Grace Evelyn Paulley (275) b.1908-02-03 Brooklyn, NY

                                     d.1997-07-25 Queens, NY

           1c.Diana Grace (3552) 

              SP: Charles Goettinger (8011) b.1937-05-16, d.2000

              1d.Female (15084) 

        7b.Otto Ewan (268) b.1912-07-29 at La Have, d.1983-01-03

                     Hampden, ME

           SP: Charlotte Frances Colson (277) b.1910-12-23

                                       Winterport, ME; d.1994-09-17

                                       Bangor, ME

           1c.Jean Merilyn (278)

              SP: Lawrence London (8008)

              1d.Eric London (8171) 

              2d.Jason London (8172)

           2c.Daughter (8009) 

           3c.Gail (279) 

              SP: Donald Kingsbury (8010)

              1d.Donald Kingsbury (8173)

              2d.Janet Kingsbury (8174) 

              3d.Daniel Kingsbury (8175)

        8b.Ian Albert (Ein),(269) b.1912-07-29 La Have,

                       d.1978-12-05 at Winterport, ME; m.1936-05-29

           SP: Charlotte Withee (280), b.1916-01-28          

           1c.Regina Anne (3260) 

              SP1: Ronald Nason (8176)

              1d.Randall Nason (8177) 

              2d.Debra Nason (8178) 

              3d.Kathryn  Nason (8179

                 SP: Gary  Harriman (8183)

                 1e.Marshall Gillman Harriman (8184)


              SP2: Edward Thomas (8180) 

           2c.Winston Ian (282) 

     5a.Louisa Jemima (256) b.1868-12-20 La Have, c.1869-01-10(LL),

                       d.1886-12-18 La Have

     6a.Andrew Michael (257) b.1870-12-07(LCTY) La Have,

                        d.1926-08-07 at sea; m.1899-01-11

        SP1: Emma Louise Corkum (283)(1879-1904)(d/Levi John &

                                 Ellen Elizabeth Fralick))

        1b.Victor Henry (284) b.1901-07-14 La HAve, d.1978-01-24;


            SP: Mildred Rose Woodworth (286) b.1906 Chelsea,

                                        d.1993-04-23 Mahone Bay)

                                       (d/Joseph & Ida Sarty)

            1c.Verda Bernice (287)

               SP: Donald Joseph Roberts (290)                  

            2c.Reta Eleanor (288) 

               SP: Philip Edgar Crouse (291)

             3c.Edith Ione (289) 

               SP: Murray Frederick Richard (292)

         2b.Pearl Leone (285) b.1904

            SP: William James MacCloud (293) b.1900, d.1972


         SP2: Ada Irene Lohnes (wdw Fralick)(297)(1871-1964)(d/John

                                & Abigail Fralich) m.1908-01-04

         3b.Basil (8193) b.1911, d.1926-08-27 at sea with his father

      SP2: Caroline E Langille (258)(wdw of Chas Walters)(d/Chas

                               & Cath) m.1896-05-23(ZLL)

  (7)Michael (95) b.1837-11-28 at Middle La Have, c.1838-03-12(ZLL)                                 

  (8)James George (59) b.1840-03-21 New Dublin, c.1840-07-05(ZLL),

                   d.1869-06-30; m.1865-02-09(ZLL)

     SP: Sarah Margaret Himmelman (76) b.1846 (d/David Daniel &

                        Sarah Susanna Herig)[(She m2.1878-02-21,

                        Edw Lohnes (1159) b.1850 (s/Geo & Lucy)]

     1a.Margaret Celicia (77) b.1865-02-10; m.1889-01-30(SJAL)

        SP: Martin Hahn (592) b.1862 Fralig Sett (s/Martin & Marg)

  (9)Lavinia (97) b.1843 La Have


8.Johannes (48) Capt, b.1802, of whom presently


9.Anna Catharina (49) b.1804-12-03 La Have, d.1881-09-12;


  SP: Philip Gerhardt (56) b.1797-09-07, c.1807-12-04(DRL) d.1882)

                      (s/Michael & Anna Maria Kraft)


10.George (13) b.1807-10-15, c.1807-12-04(DRL); m.1834-09-25

  SP: Susanna Elizabeth Conrad (349) b.1810-09-22, c.1810-11-21(DRL)

                               (d/Matt & Maria Marg Lohnes)

  (1)Matthias Benjamin (58) b.1837, d.1899 Pleasantville;


     SP: Carolina Sophia Himmelman (74) b.1836

     1a.Albert (15545) b.ca1856

     2a.Mary (15546) b.ca1863

     3a.Stephen (75) b.1882

  (2)Sophia Catharina (57) b.1838-05-19 La Have, d.1934-10-04

     SP: m.Heinrich Whynacht (3270)(1839-1918) at Conqueral Mills

  (3)John (15547) b.ca1847, d.1873-08-24 at sea on the "Thetis"

  (4)Joseph (15548) b.ca1848, d.1873-08-24 at sea on the "Thetis"

  (5)William (15549) b.ca1852, d.1873-08-24 at sea on the "Thetis"




JOHANNES SCHENKEL, CAPT (48) b.1802-01-02, c.1802-04-02(ZLL),

                         d.1860-04 at sea enroute To Labrador;


SP: Anna Maria Gerhardt (55) b.1804-04-25, d.1868-04-05 (d/Phil

                         & Cath Barb Kolb)

 1.George, Capt (78) b.1828-09-02, c.1828-11-18(ZLL), c.1828-11-18,

                d.1866 at sea; m.ca1851

  SP: Catharine Margaret Beck (298) b.1820, c.1821-01-22(ZLL)

                              (d/Leonard & Anna Cath (Wentzel),

                              [Remarried 1866-11-22, Jacob Wagner

                              (5128) b.1840 (s/Henry & Rebecca)]      

  (1)George Edward (299) b.1852-08-13, c.1852-10-24(ZLL), d.1924-01

  (2)Simon Philip (300) b.1854-06-09, c.1855-01-01(ZLL), d.1866 at

                   sea with his father

  (3)Lucretia Margaret (301) b.1857-12-27, c.1857-12-29(ZLL);

                        m.1876-10-19(ZLL) Mahone Bay

     SP: James Reuben Thompson (3259)

     1a.James Edwin Thompson (13860) b.1878-03-02, m.1907-06-29

        SP: Ottis Blanche Langille (13865) d.1972-06-29

        1b.Olive Blanche Thompson (13867) b.1910-03-15

        2b.Grace Emily Thompson (13868) b.1911-03-10 

           SP: Unknown Mossman (13870)

           1c.Vernon Mossman (13880)

        3b.Idella Louetta Thompson (13869) b.1912-11-21

           SP:Ralph Beck (13871)

           1c.Arnold Beck (13881)

           2c.John Edwin Beck (13882)

     2a.Arthur William Thompson (13861) b.1880-01-12

        SP: Judy Devine Eisnor (13866) b.1885-01-02, d.1949-02-21

        1b.Theodore Thompson (13872) b.1903

           SP: Jenny Rafuse (13876)

           1c.John Thompson (13883) adopted

        2b.Maurice Arthur Thompson (13873) b.1906-03-09,

                                   d.1906-10-06; m.1933-09-03

           SP:Bertha Aulenbach (13877)

           1c.Gerald Arthur Thompson (13884) b.1934-05-24,


           2c.Phyllis Yvonne Thompson  (13885) b.1936-08-21,

                                       d.1988-11-07 (brain Tumor)


              SP: Lincoln Joudrey (13887)

              1d.Arabelle Joudrey (13888)

              2d.Merna Joudrey (13889)

                 SP: Sidney Joudrey (13891)

                 1e.Kayla Joudrey (13892)

              3d.Wanda Joudrey (13890)

                 SP: Harold Wentzell (13893)

                 1e.Jamie Wentzell (13906)

                 2e.Joey Wentzell (13907)

           3c.Norman Thompson (13886) 

              SP: Irene Acker (13894)

              1d.Derrick Thompson (13895) 

                SP: Unknown 13896)

                 1e.Amy Thompson (13897)

        3b.Randolph William Thompson (13874) b.1908-03-18,


           SP: Irene Aulenbach (13878)

           1c.Godfrey Thompson (13898)

              SP: Fay Vienot (13903)

           2c.Milton Thompson (13899) 

           3c.Gary Thompson (13900)

              SP: Celeste Kangille (13904)

           4c.Raymond Tnompson (13901) b.1940, d.1969

           5c.Nancy Thompson (13902)

        4b.Olive Thompson (13875) b.1909

           SP: Percy Dimmel (13879)

           1c.Ross Dimmel (13905)

     3a.Hezekiah  Thompson (13862) b.1885-05-05

     4a.Idella Devilla  Thompson (13863) b.1887-08-10

     5a.Minerva  Thompson (13864) b.1897-07-08


2.Johann Philip (11) b.1830, of whom presently


3.Jacob (80) b.1832-04-11, c.1832-06-21(SJAL)

  SP: Margaret (302),(1847-1890)


4.Sophia (81) b.1833-12-16, c.1834-03-18(ML) d.infant


5.Catharina Elizabeth (82) b.1836-04-10, c.1836-04-25(ZLL);


  SP: Daniel Beck (303) b.1828-08-14, c.1828-09-09(ZLL)(s/James Geo

                   & Maria Eliz Wentzel, d/Matthias)


6.Maria Elizabeth (83) b.1838-07-22, c.1838-08-19(ZLL),

                   d.1905-02-10; m.1855-12-27

  SP: Peter Corkum (2959) b.1830-06-23(BL)(s/Peter & Soph Hubley)


7.Sarah Anna (84) b.1840-11-04, c.1841-01-09(ZLL)

  SP: Michael Crouse (305) b.1836-01-16, c.1836-04-16(ZLL)

                     (s/Michael & Eliz)


8.Leise Anne (Eliza),(85) b.1843-02-06, c.1843-02-12(ZLL); m.1860,

  SP: Zachariah Mosher (306) b.1836-04-18, c.1836-05-12(DRL)(s/Henry)


9.Lavinia Elizabeth (86) b.1845-09-04, c.1846-01-01(ZLL)


  SP: William Crouse (296) b.1839-10-05, c.1839-10-05(ZLL)


10.Sophia (3258) b.1849





JOHANN PHILIP SCHENKEL (11) b.1830-03-24 at La Have, c.1830-06-20

                       (ZLL), d.1912-09, fisherman; m.1852-12

SP: Anna Maria Beck (12840)(1833-1908)(d/James George & Maria

                    Eliz Wentzel) at Lunenburg           

1.Mary Adelaide (135) b.1855-08-19 La Have, c.1855-08-26(ZLL);


       SP: Daniel Richard (309) b.1853 (s/George & Anne)


2.Cassandra Elizabeth (61) b.1857-06-19, c.1857-07-20(ZLL);


  SP: Nathaniel Lohnes (2291) b.1835 (s/Geo Mich & Maria Eliz


3.George Isaiah (9) b.1858, of whom presently


4.Sarah Georgina (62) c.1860-12-27(LL); m.1883-02-22(ZLL)

  SP: John Enos Westhaver (311) b.1861 (s/William & Sophia)


5.Regina Catharine (281) b.1862-08-31, c.1862-09-14(LL):


  SP: Joshua Berringer (312) b.1861-02-14, d.1923 (s/Benj & Cath)

  (1)James Benjamin Berringer (14973) b.1883-09-06, c.1884-01-04(PL)

  (2)James Mahlon Berringer (14974) b.1884-11-27, c.1885-06-06(PL)

  (3)Archibald Berringer (14975) b.1885-11-25, c.1886-10-02(PL)

  (4)Ellen Berringer (14976) b.1888-08-28

  (5)Winnifred Berringer (14977) b.1889-04-06

  (6)Laura Berringer (14978) b.1890-08-06

  (7)Annie Berringer (14979) b.1891-05-09

  (8)Eleanor Berringer (14980) b.1893-08-09

  (9)Frederick Berringer (14981) b.1895-07-16

  (10)Fannie Berringer (14982) b.1897-06-09

  (11)Luetta Berringer (14983) b.1899-05-27   


6.Louisa Amanda (64) b.1864-02-19, c.1864-03-15(LL)


7.Sophia Anne Desire (65) b.1865-02-26 La Have, c.1865-03-26(ZLL),

                      d.1952-04-04 Bradford, MA; m.1887-02-10(ZLL)

  SP: Daniel Elias Lohnes (397) b.1866-02-12, c.1867-01-09(ML)

                          (s/Jacob & Cath Ann Wilkie)


8.Obadiah Gabriel (66) b.1867-12-03, c.1867-12-22(ZLL), d.aft 1881


9.Philip Jeremiah (67) b.1867-10-03, c.1867-12-22(ZLL), d.aft 1881


10.Charles Wilbert Millage (68) master mariner, b.1869-01-16,

                            c.1869-08-22(LL) d.1945-08-12 La Have,

                            NS; m.1895-03-09(ML)

   SP1: Olivia Kate Corkum (314)(1873-1902)(d/Joseph & Rebecca)

  (1)Amy (1695) b.1898, d.1934-03-08

  (2)Vernon Earl (315) b.1900-10-03, d.1986-06 St Petersburg, FL;

     SP: Isabel Irene Lohnes (3261)

     1a.Vernon Earl (3262) 

     2a.Harold Wilbert (3263)

        SP: Barbara Reid (2487)

     3a.Doris (11482) 

        SP: Samuel John Linton (11483)

   SP2: Edna Louise Westhaver (317) b.1873-01-26 (d/Isaac)



11.Abbott Sydney (69) b.1873-07-24 La Have, c.1873-04-09(LL),

                  d.1947-09-17 Worcester, MA; m.1897-12-21(ZLL)

   SP: Melissa E Wilkie (318)(1878-1952)(d/Josiah & Cath Cass

                        Lohnes), lived Worcester, MA

   (1)Lloyd J (12097)

   (2)Milton (321) b.1906-06-23, d.1982-06 at Worcester, MA

   (3)Gertrude Cassandra (319) b.1907-09-08.


12.Steadman Erastus (70) b.1878-12-08 La Have, c.1879-01-02(LL),


                    d.1955-08-01 Haverhill, MA; m.1901-02-02(ZLL)

   SP: Effie Priscilla Richard (320) of Pleasantville (1881-1958),

                               (d/Garret & Louisa)

   (1)Louise S (322) b.1902-10-03; m.1943-08-29

      SP: Charles Sheldon White (323)

      1a.Daughter (2055)




GEORGE ISAIAH SCHENKEL (9) b.1858-12-13, c.1858-12-26(LL),

                        d.1943-07-28 La Have, NS; m.1881-02-12(ZLL)

SP: Mary Ann Priscilla Lohnes (343) b.1862-06-01, c.1862-07-04(SJAL)

                               d.1950-07-05 (d/Jacob & Cath


1.William St Clair (133) b.1884-11-27 La Have, c.1885-01-11(ZLL),

                   d.1979-09-16 Hampton, NH; m.1905-05-08 Haverhill,


  SP: Eva Regina Louisa Meisner (324) b.1886-09-04 La Have, NS;

                                 c.1886-09-20(ZLL), d.1963-05-31

                                Hampton, NH (d/Wm Rufus & Clara Beck)


2.James Harris (6) b.1886, of whom presently.


3.LeRoy (72) b.1894-12-19, d.1957-07-13 La Have, NS; m.1920-11-13 at


  SP: Mamie Susanna Shankle (184) b.1903-09-17, d.1992-05-09 La Have

                            (d/James Henry & Janetta Wilkie)

  (1)Gordon St Clair (325) b.1922-03-06 La Have, d.1972-09-27 at

                      Edinburgh, SCT; m.1945-06-06 Edinburgh, SCT

     SP: Elizabeth Shields-Wilson McLean (328)     

  (2)Rosamond (326) 

     SP1: Maurice Rand Thompson (331)(1924-1969) at Halifax, NS

     1a.Christine Thompson (8224)

     2a.Linda Thompson (8223)    


     SP2: Lyman Forcey (332)


4.Avie (73) b.1898-09-15 La Have, NS, d.1966-01-06

  SP: Arthur Neal (327)(1898-1970)

  (1)Russell Neal (8227)




JAMES HARRIS SHANKLE (6) b.1886-09-15 La Have, Nova Scotia, CAN;

                      c.1886-10-24(ZLL); d.1965-04-04 El Paso, TX;

                      m.1925-06-16 Cambridge, MA

SP: Clara Belle Winsor (472) b.1886-11-22, Carbonear, NF,

                       c.1887-05-29(UCC), d.1952-11-06 at Watertown,

                       MA (d/John Charles & Sophia Taylor)

1.Donald Winsor (4) b.1928, of whom presently





SP: Mary Patricia Hanavan (424)(d/John Francis &

                           Lillian Rosalie Samson)







1891 Paul (3269) b.1891, d.1892


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