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                                                     PREJEAN  FAMILY




LOUIS PREJEAN (583 ) b.ca1801 Brest, Brittany, FR: d.1832-12-22 L’Ardoise, m.ca1828

SP: Anne (Nannon) Samson (517) b.ca1813, d.1884-07-31 (d/Jean &  Anne Boudrot)

1.Ephrem (7634) b.1829, of whom presently

2.Louis (7659) b.1831-08-27, c.1831-09-21 L’Ardoise, d.1904-12-27, m.1863-01-26


   SP: Euphemie (Phoebe) Thomas (7660) b.1838-03-11, c.1838-03-12 L’Ardoise

                           (eld d/William & Marie Bonin)

   (1)Louis Maurice b.1864-04-13, c.1864-04-19 L’Ardoise, d.1934-11-09 (He moved to East

                                             Boston in 1807 and was known as Maurice Preshong)

       SP: Zetha Burke

       1a.Horace V d.1975-09-26 Malden, MA

            SP: Anne Gibbons

            1b.Robert (Lived Saugus, MA in 1975)

            2b.Janice (Lived Malden, MA in 1975)

                 SP: ___ Lever

            3b.Anne (Lived in West Medford, MA in 1975)

                 SP: ____ MacDonald

   (2)Guilaume Albert (6000) b.1866-07-07, c.1866-07-21 L’Ardoise, d.1958-01-23

        SP: Josephine E Mombourquette (1488) b.1875-08-02, c.1875-08-03 (d/Omer Damien &

                                                                Genevieve ElizabethSamson)(Moved to East Boston,

                                                                MA (And was known as Albert Preshong)  

   (3)Georges Henri b&c.1871-07-24 L’Ardoise, d.1876-12-02 L’Ardoise

   (4)Marie Anne b&c.1877-04-25 L’Ardoise

   (5)Joseph Wallace b.1883-04-20, c.1883-04-21 L’Ardoise, d.1856-05-10 Medford, MA (And

                                  was known as Wallace Preshong)


3.Isaie (1058) c.1832-12-08 L’Ardoise, d.1918-12-16, m.1862-02-03

   SP: Sarah Mombourquette (1931) b&c.1840-08-15 (d/Hubert & Sarah Kane)

   (1)Jean Hubert b.1865-11-23, c.1854-12-01 L’Ardoise

   (2)Isaie Arthur b.1867-12-30, c.1831-01-03 L’Ardoise

   (3)Eliza Genevieve b.1870-09-04, c.1870-12-05 L’Ardoise, d.1955-04-17 Malden, MA,


       SP: Angus Forest b&c.1855-01-31 L’Ardoise, d.1942-06-26 Malden, MA (s/Hylarion &

                                     Marcelline Samson)

       1a.Lillian Forest b.1895-08-05 East Boston, MA; d.1975-07-28 Hudson, MA

            SP: Everett Raddin East Boston

       2a.Maude Sarah Forest b.1898-08-20 East Boston, MA: d.195_-05-30 Braintree, MA;

                                               Not married

       3a.Lennox William Forest b.1901-01-24 East Boston, d.1977-01-02 Long Island, NY;

                                                  m.1920 Rhondella Sprague

       4a.Blanche Margaret Forest b.1903-06-17 East Boston, MA; d.1985 Saugus, MA;


            SP: James Thornell in Boston

       5a.James Walter Forest b.1905-07-29 East Boston, MA; d.1981-12-27 Florida,

                                               m.1934-02-28 Northport, NY (Moved to Florida 1968-08-01)

            SP: Grace McDonald b.1913-11-04 New York, NY

       6a.Thelma Elizabeth Forest b.1908-05-04 East Boston, MA;d.1970-01-09 Quincy, MA;


            SP: George Maze


       7a.Leroy Francis Forest b.1912-04-24 East Boston, d.1972-02-02 Brooklyn, NY

            SP: Marjorie  Kelly

       8a.Lucille Rose Forest b.1914-01-22 East Boston, m.1940-08-25 East Boston

            SP: Bernard Edward Frazier (Fougere)

       9a.Seven additional children, all of whom died at birth.


4.Marie Angelique b&c.1873-03-09 L’Ardoise, m.1899-11-20 Boston, MA

   SP:William Sangeleer b.ca1877

5.Jacques Jeffrey b.1876-01-20, c.1876-01-26 L’Ardoise

6.Anne b.1879-04-11, c.1879-04-14 L’Ardoise

7.Martine b&c.1883-03-14 L’Ardoise

8.Sarah b.1879, d.1966

   SP: Robert Clannon (s/John & Brigette Samson) Point Micheau

9.Rose A b.1888, d.1976-04-23, m.1907-11-28

   SP: Bliss Wheaton




EPHREM PREJEAN (7634) b&c.1829-11-16 L’Ardoise, d.1894-09-25 L’Ardoise, m.1852-01-13

SP: Alexandrine (Rose) Labille (7635) b.ca1826 France (d/Etienne Prudent & Marie Marguerite


1.Marie Honorine b.1852-10-03, c.1852-10-09 L’Ardoise, m.1870-02-14

   SP: Philippe Poirier b.1836-02-04, c.1836-02-12 D’Escousse (s/Hubert & Judith Josse)(he

                                    m1.Marguerite Marie Brymer (d/Arthur & Sabine Forest)

   (1)Francois Poirier b.ca1871, m.1904-02-02 D’Escousse

       SP: Marguerite Cordeau b.ca1863 (d/Guillaume & Judith Poirier)(m1.1884-01-30

                                                D’Escousse, Hilaire Petitpas)

   (2)Marie Poirier c.1873-11-20 D’Escousse, b.1901-02-18 D’Escousse

       SP: Albert Petitpas c.1875-12-28 (s/Damien & Gracieuse Poirier)

   (3)Jacques Wallace Poirier (8559) c.1876-10-15 D’Escousse, d.Burlington, MA;

                                                            m.1904-01-26 D’Escousse

       SP: Marie Barbe Mombourquette (8558)(d/Edouard & Virginie Boudrot)(She m1.

                                                               1897-02-03 Arichat, Daniel Kelly, s/Philip & Judith


   (4)Marthe Poirier c.1878-01-21 D;Escousse, d.young

   (5)Theophile Poirier c.1879-11-28 D’Escousse, m.1916-11-26 Bloucester, MA

       SP: Annie V Kiley b.ca1888 Gloucester (d/Patrick & Mary McGrath)

   (6)Anne Euphemie Poirier c.1881-10-21 D’Escousse

   (7)Marie Alexandrine Poirier c.1883-08-17 D’Escousse, m.1902-04-23 D’Escousse

       SP: Patient Alexandre Poirier c.1867-07-09 D’Escousse (s/Patient & Marie Theriau)(He

                                                        m1.1890-01-29 D’Escousse, Catherine Therese Landry)

       1a.Daniel Theodore b.1918-07-07 Poirierville, d.1952-06-05 in a ship collison on the St

                                        Lawrence River, m.1947-10-10 Halifax

            SP: Mary Exilda Fougere b.1918-11-19 poulamond (d/Isaac & Marie Alvina Boudrot)

            1b.Donna Marie b.1951-09-22, m.1971-02-06

                 SP: Vincent Savory (s/Vincent & Eva Poole)

                 1c.Keene Joseph Sabory b.1972-09-23 Antigonish, NS

            2b.Daniel Kenneth (twin) b.1952-11-10

            3b.Donald Keith 9twin) b.1952-11-10

   (8)Martin Wilfred Poirier c.1886-09-05 D’Escousse, d.1988

   (9)Francoise Poirier c.1888-08-28 d’Escousse

   (10)Henri Barthelemy Poirier c.1891-03-06 D;Escousse, d.1947 Bloucester, MA;


         SP: Christina Sutherland b.ca1895 Gloucester, MA (d/Joseph & Mary J McPhee)

   (11)Marthe Poirier c.1892-11-19 D’Escousse


2.Jean Wallace (8560) b&c.1854-06-23 L’Ardoise, m.1878-01-21 L’Ardoise

   SP: Elizabeth Hedwige Samson (8304) b.1852-09-04, c.1852-10-18 L’Ardoise

                                                        (d/Fabien & Virginie Thomas)

   (1)Henri b.1878-11-30, c.1878-12-03 L’Ardoise

   (2)Marie Alvina b&c.1880-04-24 L’Ardoise, d.1900-06-21 Boston, MA (Never married)

   (3)Simon b.1882-02-20, c.1882-02-21 L’Ardoise

   (4)Martin Wilfred b.1884-02-20, c.1884-02-21 L’Ardoise

   (5)Sara Jeanne b&c.1885-08-09 L’Ardoise    

   (6)Mary b.1887-01-15

   (7)Basiele b.1887

   (8)Rose V b.1888-04-13, d.1949

       SP: Albany Samson

   (9)G Wallace b.1890

   (10)H F Elizabeth b.1892-02-13

   (11)Joseph b.1893-05-06


3.Marguerite Adele b.1856-07-31, c.1856-08-07 L’Ardoise, d.young

4.Sarah Anne b.1858-12-05, c.1858-12-06 L’Ardoise, d.young

5.Louis Etienne b/1861-01-26, c.1861-01-28 L’Ardoise, d.young

6.Sarah Marguerite (8257) b.1862-02-17, c.1862-02-27 L’Ardoise, m.1886-01-25(HGAP)


   SP:George Henry Samson (8256) b.1855-07-06 (s/Felestin & Jane Lee Parrington)

   (1)James Samson (8260) b.1888-10-10

   (2)Ephraim Samson (8261) b.1890-08-30

   (3)Joseph Samson (2862) b.1892-07-27

   (4)George Barnaby Samson (8263) b.1895-03-01

   (5)Walter Alexandre Samson (8266) b.1896

   (6)Martin Samson (8561) b.1898-03-10

   (7)Ernest Samson (8272) b.1900-08-11


7.Louis Ephrem b.1864-05-01, c.1864-05-19 L’Ardoise

8.Daniel Joseph b.1867-04-21, c.1867-04-23 L’Ardoise

9.Jacques Guillaume b&c.1870-08-12 L’Ardoise, d.1954, m.1894-02-05

   SP: Eugenie Louise Landry b.1875-07-30 River Bourgeois, d.1957-06-14 Boston, MA 

                                                 (She m2.James Colburne

   (1)Evelyn b.1894-11-28 River Bourgeois, d.1988-08-25 Boston, MA

        SP: John William Gracia

        1a.John William Gracia

   (2)Rita b.1896-01-28 River Bourgeois, d.1978-11 East Boston, MA

        SP: Joseph (Sandy) McEachern

        1a.James McEachern

        2a.Jackie McEachern

        3a.Leonard McEachern   

        4a.Louise McEachern

        5a.Raymond McEachern

        6a.Stanley McEachern

   (3)Ephraim Frederick b.1897-06-23 River Bourgeois, d.1963-09-09 Long Beach, CA;

                                      m/1935-07-14 Winthrop, MA

       SP: Helen Huey b.1907, d.1990-11-16 Coupeville, WA (d/Laura Huey b.1862 NS)

       (1)Robert William 

           SP: Margaret Kathan I

            1a.Laura Michelle 

                SP: Dennis Campbell

                1b.Kathryn Marie 

                2b.Alyssa Rene 

           2a.Alice Elizabeth 

           3a.James Robert 

                SP: Linda Wilson


           4a.Ellen Louise                



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