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     The name is Norman in origin (LePoer, Paure). They came to

County Waterford, Ireland in the 12th century with Richard




JAMES POWER (557) b.1789 City of Waterford, Waterford Cty, Ireland,

            d.ca1823 at St John's, Newfoundland; m.1817-06-04

SP: Nancy Anne Honora Bolan (Baldwin)(558)(1797-1864)(d/Richard)

                             at St John's (Wits: Nicholas & Mary

                             Bolan, nee Power)(Nancy remarried 1824,

                             Edward Power, below)

1.Patrick (2753) b.1818-03-27 at St John's, NF (Spns: Richard

           and & Eleanor Power); m.1842-02-07 at L'Ardoise, NS

  SP: Jeanne Harding (2754)(d/Wm & Cath Lyley)

  (1)Jacques (James) (8377) b.1842-12-28 L'Ardoise

  (2)Catherine (8378) b.1845-04-03 L'Ardoise

  (3)Patrick William (8379) b.1847-05-17 L'Ardoise

  (4)Richard (8380) b.1850-06-07 L'Ardoise 

  (5)James Patrick (2755) b.1863, d.1928 at Arichat: High Sheriff

                   of Richmond Cty for 34 years

2.Catherine (510) b.1819-12-14 at St John's, Nfld (Spns: John

             Foley & Mary Bolan, nee Power), d.1871-04-04 L'Ardoise;

            m.1841-01-12 L'Ardoise, NS

  SP: Honore (Remi) Samson (432)(1813-1883)(s/Martin & Genevieve


3.Ellen (Helene)(7512) b.ca1823 (Sponsors; Wm Walsh & Mary Hartery);

                 m.1843-11-28 St John's, NF

  SP: John Keefe (8381)(s/Patrick & Bridget Dunn)




EDWARD POWER (2756) b.ca1800 in Kilmacthomas Parish, Waterford Cty,

              IRE, lived in Newfoundland, d.1866-06-01 at L'Ardoise,

              NS: m.1824-01-06

SP: Nancy Anne Honora Bolan (Baldwin)(558)(1797-1864)(d/Richard) at

                             St John's, Nf (Wits. John Brown & Mary

                             Condon)(Was emigrating to Prince Edward

                             Island, when he was shipwrecked in Dec

                             1826 at Grand River, Cape Breton, Nova

                             Scotia; Settled at site)

1.John (2757) twin, b.1824-12-09 at St John's, NF (Wits:John Redmond

        & Susan Stansbury)  

  SP: Maria (    ) b.PEI

  (1)William (    ) b.1839 NS

  (2)Edward (    ) b.1842 NS

  (3)James (    ) b.1845 NS 


2.Martin (2758) twin, b.1824-12-09 at St John's, NF (Wits. Maurice

          Flynn & Mary Condon); m.1851-01-09

  SP: Elizabeth Murphy (2766)(d/William & Catherine Fitzsimmons) 

  (1)Anne (5638) b.1852-01-28

  (2)Edward (5639) b.1853-04-09

  (3)Catherine (5640) b.1858-03-24

  (4)Margaret Agatha (5641) b.1860-04-24

  (5)Bridget (5642) b.1862-12-24, d.1874

  (6)William (5643) b.1866-06-23

3.Marguerite (2759) b.1827-09-20, c.1827-11-27 at L'Ardoise, NS

4.Mary (2760) b.1830-10-12 at L'Ardoise, NS; m.1867-02-26

  SP: Joseph Mombourquette (2767)(s/Pierre & Rufine Boucher)

5.Bridget (2761) b.1833-03-09, d.1874-01-19; m.1866-01-30

  SP: Thomas Thomas (2768)(s/Alexander & Charlotte Mombourquette)

  (1)Anne Theresa Thomas (7498) b.1868-06-17 Pt Michaud;


     SP: Joseph Prejean (    )

     1a.Bridget Eliza Prejean (    ) b.1894-11-12, d.1895-09-04   

6.Nicholas (2762) b.1835-07-19, c.1835-08-10 at L'Ardoise, NS

7.Michael (2763) b.1838-02-27 at L'Ardoise, NS

  SP: Jane McDonald (2769) b.ca1841

  (1)Edward Serge (5644) b.1865-08-05

  (2)Catherine Ann (5645) b.1867-12-29

  (3)Hugh Timothy (5646) b.1869-01-21

  (4)Mary (5647) b.1871-12-12

8.James (2764) b.1840-03-29 at L'Ardoise, NS

9.Anne (2765) b.1841-12-04 at L'Ardoise, NS, d.1913-12-24;


  SP: William  Murphy(7087)(s/William & Catherine Fitzsimmons)

  (1)Catherine Ann Murphy (    ) b.1869-09-04, d.1877-03-04

  (2)Mary Murphy (    ) b.1871-07-16, d.1889-04-19

  (3)Bridget Ann Murphy (    ) b.1773-10-24, d.young

  (4)Edward William Murphy (    ) b.1877-05-15, d.1933-12-17,


     SP: Mary Ellen Riley (    )(wdw Murphy)

  (5)Mary Catherine Ann  Murphy (    ) b.1880-09-08, d.1954-12-11

                                 Sydney, NS: m.1906-02-12

     SP: Daniel Madden (    ) of River Tillard

     1a. 8 Children