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SP: Mary Fitzgerald (7029)
1.Hugh (545) b.ca1802, of whom presently
2.Edward C (7053) b.1806 Tralee, Kerry Cty, Ireland, d.1872-08-18 at
                       North Mountain; m.1846-06-10
   SP: Margaret O'Brien (7054) b.1807, d.1900-03-13 (Native of
                                           Ballyshannon, Donegal Cty, Ireland)
   (1)Ellen (7055) b.ca1843
   (2)Margaret (7056) b.ca1844
   (3)Patrick (7057) c.1845-12-07, c.1846-06-01 at Horton
   (4)Edward (7058) c.1848-12-07
   (5)Bridget (7059) c.1851-05-31
   (6)James (7060) b.ca1856
   (7)Catherine (7061) b.1859-03, c.1859-06-26 at Aylesford.
   (8)Joseph Charles (7062) c.1862-04-04, d.1863-11-21
   (9)Joseph Austin (7063) c.1863-03-09
3.John Michael (7030) b.ca1813; m.ca1836
   SP: Mary Ellen Fitzgerald (7031) at Canning
   (1)Ellen (7032) b.1835
       SP1: William Keary (7042)(s/Francis & Susan McGarvey)
       SP2: James McCallion (7045) m.1875-02-07
   (2)Johanna (7033) c.1837-06-01 at Aylesford, NS.
   (3)James (7034) c.1845-12-04
   (4)Michael (7035) c.1847-07-02; m.1876-10-08
       SP: Mary Elizabeth Keary (7046)(d/William & Ellen Connors)
   (5)Honora (7036) c.1849-10-03; m.1870-09-29 at Kentville
       SP: John Quillan (7049) b.1836 (s/Matthew & Catherine Manan)
   (6)Elizabeth (7037) c.1851-05-31
   (7)Catherine (7038) b.1853-03, c.1853-07-31
   (8)Eleanor (7039) b.1856-04, c.1856-05-22 Aylesford; m.1877-10-29
       SP: William M Cashman (7052) at Aylesford
   (9)Johanna (7040) c.1861-05-03 at Aylesford
   (10)Bridget (7041) b.1863-06, c.1863-07-03 at Aylesford

HUGH O'CONNOR (545) b.ca1802, d.aft1881; m.1834-05-01
SP: Johanna Hubbert (5526) b.ca1810 (d/John & Ellen) lived at Aylesford Mtn
1.Mary Anne (504) c.1835-03-29 Nova Scotia; m.1851-02-23 Aylesford
   SP: Michael Hannifan (963) b.ca1827)
2.Eleanor Agnes (5527) c.1839-06-01; m.1858-06-28
   SP: James Kennealy (5528)(1834-1883)
3.James (2292) b.1842, d.1893-08-19, killed by an ox; m.1872-06
   SP: Mary Margaret Murphy (2306) b.1851 in New brunswick,
                                                    d.1933 at Bridgewater
   (1)William John (2428) b.1873-03-27 at Bishop's Mountain
   (2)James Frederick (2030) c.1875-05-30
   (3)Margaret Cecilia (1984) c.1877-08-19
   (4)Peter (2381) c.1879-06-29
   (5)Annabella Ellen (1968) b.1882-07-14 at Bishop's Mountain
   (6)Anna C (7065) b1883, d.1942
   (7)Mary Alice (2238) c.1885-06-06 at French Cross
   (8)Ambrose Sylvester (2095) c.1886-02-05 French Cross, d.1956
     SP: Julia Morton (7064)(1897-1933)
   (9)Florence Johanna (1533) b.1888-03-12, c.1889-03-18
   (10)Philip Holden (2125) c.1890-04-29, d.1977 at French Cross
   (11)Veronica Agatha (2149) c.1893-04-26 at Bishop's Mountain
4.Margaret (2247) b.1845; m.1869-01-10 at Kentville, NS
   SP: Abraham Mapplebach (2037)s/Thomas & Elizabeth Wilkins)
5.Johanna Honora (1923) c.1847-09-23, d.1927; m.1874-11-10
   SP: Thomas H Hussey (791)(1849-1927) at Aylesford

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