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FRANCOIS MOYSE dit Latreille (716) b.1655, d.1711-01-04 Port Royal;
Arrived Acadia 1684; m.ca1685 Port Royal
SP: Madeleine Vincent (717) b.ca1668 (d/Pierre & Anne Gaudet)
1.Madeleine (2919) b.ca1686
2.Francois dit Latreille (2920) b.1689 Riviere St Jean; m.1713-09-17
Port Royal
SP: Marie Brun (2923) d.1759-02-16 St Malo, France (d/Sebastien & Huguette Bourg)
3.Francoise (430) b.ca1690 Riviere St Jean; m.1707-03-28 Port Royal
SP: Pierre Poujet dit LaPierre (491) b.ca1685 (s/Pierre &
Francoise Plantecoste)
4.Louis dit Latreille (2921) b.ca1694 Riviere St Jean; m.ca1718
SP: Marie Louise Petitpas (2924)(d/Claude & Marie Therese)
5.Pierre (7780) m.1753-01-08 Grand Bourg
SP:Marie Rose Daniel (7781)(Widow of __ Mercier)(d/Paul)
6.Joseph (2922) b.ca1699, d.1714-08-23 Port Royal

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