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 PIERRE MELANSON dit Laverdue (7889) b.France, d.1676-77 New England

 SP: Priscilla (7890) b.ca1602 France, d.1692 New England (Married

                1680-04-18 Capt William Wright at Boston, MA)

1.Pierre dit Laverdue (1451) b.ca1632 France, d.aft1714 Grand Pre,


SP: Marguerite Mius d'Entremont (397)(d/Philippe & Madeleine Helie)

2.Charles dit La Ramee (687) b.ca1643, of whom presently


3.Jean (7907) Went to Boston, MA with his parents; m.ca1665

  SP: Sarah (7908)




CHARLES MELANSON (687) b.ca1643 France, d.1770-1771 Port Royal,

                  arrived in Acadia in 1657; m.ca1663

SP: Marie Dugas (688) b.ca1648, d.1737-07-07 (d/Abraham & Marguerite

                 Louise Doucet)

1.Marie dit Laverdue (2827) b.ca1664 Port Royal, d.aft1722-07-28,


  SP: David Bassett (7910)

2.Marguerite (2989) b.ca1666 port Royal

3.Anne (2990) b.ca1668 Port Royal, d.1754-09-26 Port Royal, m.ca1685

  SP1: Jacques dit Saint Seine de Latour (3001) of Pobomcoup

               (s/Charles & Jeanne Motin de Reux)

  SP2: Alexandre Robichaud (3575)(s/Etienne & Francoise Boudrot)


4.Cecile (646) b.ca1671-05 Port Royal, d.aft1735 Ile Saint Jean;


  SP1: Abraham Boudrot (645)(s/Michel & Michelle Aucoin)

  SP2: Jean Antoine Beliveau (3576)(s/Antoine & Andree Guyon)

                             (Widower of Jeanne Bourg)

5.Isabelle (2992) b.ca1673Port Royal; m.ca1689

  SP: Michel dit Michaud Bourg (1965) of Beaubassin, (s/Francois &

                                Marguerite Boudrot)

6.Charles (2993) b.ca1675 Port Royal, d.1757-09-19 QC, m.ca1700

  SP: Anne dite Jeanne Bourg (1911)(d/Francois & Maguerite Boudrot)

  (1)Anne (3583) b.1703-09-23, c.1703-09-24 Port Royal, d.bef1707

7.Madeleine (2994) b.ca1677 Port Royal, m.ca1696

  SP: Jean le jeune Beliveau (3005)(s/Jean & Jeanne Bourg)

8.Marie (2995) b.ca1680 Port Royal, d.1751-05-14 Port Royal,


  SP: Charles Beliveau dit Bideau (3006)(s/Jean & Marie Jeanne


9.Francoise (2991) b.ca1683 Port Royal, bur.1720-06-12 Beabassin,


  SP: Jean Cyr (3002) of Beaubassin (s/Pierre & Marie Bourgeois)


10.Pierre (Twin)(2996) b.1685-03 Port Royal, d.1725-08-06 Port

           Royal, m.1712-11-07 Port Royal

  SP: Anne Granger (3007)(d/Laurent & Marie Landry)

11.Ambroise (Twin)(2997) b.ca1685-03 Port Royal, d.1757-08-07 QC,

             m.1705-11-09 Port Royal

  SP1: Francoise Bourg (921)(d/Bernard & Francoise Brun)

  SP2: Marguerite Comeau (3009)(d/Jean l'aine & Francoise Hebert)

                          m.1719-01-23 Port Royal

12.Claude (2998) b.ca1688, d.1737-06-30 Port Royal; m.1714-01-22

  SP: Marguerite Babineau (3010)(d/Jean & Marguerite Boudrot)

13.Jean dit Jani (2999) b.ca1690 Port Royal, m.1714-01-22 Port Royal

  SP: Marie Madeleine Petitot de Saint Seine (3011)(d/Denis & Marie


14.Marguerite (3000) b.ca1693, d.1758-02-12 QC,  m.1713-01-22 Port


  SP: Jean Baptiste dit Toc Landry (345)(d/Pierre & Madeleine