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      This family's name changed quite rapidly because of a large

family of non-related Martins in the same general area. Barnabe's

sons took the name of Martin dit Barnabe. By the time their sons

were grown, they were known, thereafter, only as Barnabe. 




BARNABE MARTIN (623) b.ca1636, d.ca1686; m.ca1666 Port Royal

SP: Jeanne Pelletret (624) b.ca1643 (d/Simon & Perrine Bourg)(She

                      m2.ca1687 Jacques Le Vanier dit Langevin)        

1.Marie dit Pelletret (3069) b.ca1667, d.1750-03-03 Port Royal,


  SP: Andre Simon dit Jacques Boucher (887)

2.Rene (3070) b.ca1671-03 Port Royal, d.1756-09-28 Port Lajoie, Ile

        St Jean, m.ca1691

  SP: Marie Mignier dit La Gasse (3076)(Widow of Joseph Grivois)

                                 (d/Andre & Jacquette Michel)

3.Daughter (7867) b.ca1672 Port Royal

4.Madeleine (3071) b.ca1674 Port Royal, bur.1756 Port Toulouse,


  SP: Francois Coste (3077) b.ca1671

5.Jeanne (520) b.ca1676 Port Royal, m.ca1697

  SP1: Louis Chesnay dit La Garenne (883)(s/Bertrand & Eva Aubert)

  SP2: Gabriel Samson (440)(1682-1746)(s/Gabriel & Francoise

                       Durand) m.1704-04-07 at Port Royal

6.Etienne (3072) b.ca1678, d.1751-06-27 Port Royal; m.1705-10-13

           Port Royal

  SP: Marie Jeanne Comeau (2968)(d/Pierre le jeune &Jeanne


7.Cecile (3073) b.ca1682; m.1702-11-30 Port Royal

  SP: Elie Gentil (3079)(s/Jean & Marie Jolet)

8.Elizabeth (3074) b.ca1686