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                                    LOHNES FAMILY OF  HESSE,  GERMANY

      There were known to be a Hans Lohnes and a Klaus Lohnes at Moemling-
Grumbach in the Odenwald of Hessen-Darmstadt, Germany in 1542. Moemling-
Grumbach is 1 1/2 miles south, Hoechst-Odenwald on the Muemling River.

 HANSS LOHNES (9784) b.ca1540
 SP: Veronika (9785) d.1616
 1.Hanss (9786) b.ca1560
   (1)Hans (9788) c.1585 Hoechst, Odenwald, d.1611-11-02
      SP: Anna (9795) d.1611
      1a.Hanss (9796) c.1609-10-12 at Hoechst, d.1611
   (2)Jacob (9789) c.1592 at Hoechst
      SP: Margarethe (9797)
      1a.Hans (9798) c.1621-07-01 at Hoechst
      2a.Leonhard (9799) c.1624-03-14 at Hoechst
   (3)Nicholas (9790) c.1594, d.1633
      SP: Dorothea (9800)
      1a.Anna Catharina (    ) b.1615, d.1676
         SP: Peter Rapp (    )
      2a.Kunijunda (9801) c.1630 at Hoechst, d.1633
      3a.Margarethe (9802) c.1631, d.1633
      4a.Matthias (9803) c.1633-03-03 at Hoechst, d.1633
   (4)Anna (9791) b. 1596
   (5)Leonhard (9792) c.1598, d.1645; m.1615-04-16,
      SP: Margarethe Friederich (9804) at Hoechst
      1a.Margarethe (9805) c.1616-07-14 at Hoechst
      2a.Elisabethe (9806) c.1620-05-12 at Hoechst
      3a.Leonhard (9807) c.1623-05-20 at Hoechst
   (6)Peter (9793) c.1600, d.1644
      SP: Margarethe (9808)
      1a.Anna (9809) b.1616, d.1670-12-29
         SP: George Susse (9813)
      2a.Elisabethe (9810) d.1622-07-12
      3a.Leonhard (9811) c.1626-03-06, d.1626-03-09
      4a.Anna (9812) d.1622-08-08
   (7)Peter (9794) b.1601, d.1610-02-20
 2.Leonhard (378) b.1565, of whom presently

 LEONHARD LOHNES (378) b.1550 Pfirschbach bei Hoechst, Odenwald, Hessen-
                                         Darmstadt, Germany; d.1610
 SP: Margaret (379) d.1622
 1.Hanss (1001) b.1590, of whom presently
 2.Anna (1002) b.1596; m.1623-04-15,
    SP: Hans Friederich (1008)
 3.Leonhard (9783) c.1598 at Hoechst

 HANSS LOHNES (1001) b.1590 Pfirschbach; m.1614-08-07 at Hoechst
 SP: Eva Trinkhaus (1003) b.1595 at Pfirschbach
 1.Martin (1004) c.1615-03-20 at Pfirschbach, d.1621
 2.Magdalene (1005) c.1617-08-09 at Hoechst
 3.Hans (380) b.1620, of whom presently
 4.Michael (1006) b.1624
 5.Eva (1007) b.1626 at Pfirschbach

 HANS LOHNES (380) b.1620-02-17 at Hoechst, d.1678-08-06; m.1640-09-07 at
 SP: Catharina Reeg (383) d.1667-12-20 (d/Hans)
1.Johannes (2275) b.1646, of whom presently
2.Elizabeth (1009) b.1649, d.1717; m.1670-02-09,
   SP: George Kohlbacher (1014) b.1645
3.Peter (1010) b.1651
4.Leonhard (1011) b.1654, d.1733; m.1681-08-09,
   SP: Anna Maria Jung (1015),(1655-1727)
   (1)Leonhard (1016) c.1682-08-06, d.1754-02-21; m.1721-12-04,
      Anna Catharina Flath (1021)(1698-1744)(d/Leonard & Anna Barb)
      1a.Leonhard (1022) b.1721-12-04
      2a.Leonhard (1023) b.1722-09-15, d.1722-09-29
      3a.Leonhard (1024) b.1725-02-25
      4a.Nicholas (1025) b.1726-12-26
      5a.Eva Catharina (1026) b.1729-03-13
      6a.Stillborn (1027) 1732
      7a.Jacob (1028) c.1733-11-28 at Hoechst
   (2)Leonhard (1017) b.1685, d.1696
   (3)Johannes (1018) c.1688-06-27 at Pfirschbach
   (4)Anna Elizabeth (1020) b.1690; m.
      SP: George Schnellbacher (3412)
   (5)Anna Margaret (1019) b.1697, d.1762; m.1718-11-03
      SP: Jacob Burger (2354)
 5.Anna (1012) b.1657
 6.Hieroney (1013) b.1661-07-24 at Pfirschbach, d.1663
 7.Hierony (9814) c.1675-10-14 at Hoechst

 JOHANNES LOHNES (2275) c.1646-10-18 Hoechst, Odenwald, was in Pfirschbach
                                         in 1668, d.1721-12-28; m.1670-02-10
 SP: Anna Catharina Meissner (629) b.1650 Hummelroth, d.1691-10-06 (d/Peter &
                                                      Cath) at Hoechst
 1.Hans (2648) c.1670-02-10
 2.Johannes (1999) c.1671-02-17 at Hoechst, d.1748-03-14; m.1700-01-15,
   SP: Maria Elizabeth Bucher (1584) c.1768-04-10 (d/Leonard & Rosina Margaret)
   (1)Nicholas (2060) c.1701-08-08 at Hoechst
      SP: Anna Elizabeth (1806)
      1a.Stillborn (1625) b.1731 at Hoechst
      2a.Frederick (1696) c.1734-02-26 at Hoechst
   (2)Adam (1686) c.1703-05-09 at Hoechst, d.1763
   (3)Anna Eva (1643) c.1704-10-10 at Hoechst
   (4)Eva Maria (1523) c.1707-07-05 at Hoechst
   (5)Veronika (1716) c.1718-06-10 at Hoechst, d.1792-12-12
 3.Margaret (1698) c.1672-12-24, d.1702
   SP: Johann Jacob Friederich (    )
 4.Hierony (2049) c.1675-10-14, d.1682-02-01
 5.Barbara (1918) c.1678-03-14, d.1678-03-18
 6.Martin (1516) c.1678-12-31, d.1679
 7.Leonard (381) c.1680, of whom presently
 8.Nicholas (2101) c.1682-10-18
 9.Barbara (2001) b.1685, d.1715-07-25
 10.Anna Barbara (2200) c.1687-07-06, d.1689-03-17
 11.Eva (2032) c.1691-05-18, d.1691-12-27

 LEONHARD LOHNES (381) c.1680-02-25 Hoechst-Odenwald, Hesse;
                                          d.1733-01-27; m.1712-02-08
 SP: Anna Katharina Barth (632) b.1689-11-15, d.1761-04-05
                                               (d/Ludwig & Magdalena  Karch)
1.Johann George Adam (1685) b.1714-08-24 Hoechst; a Captain in a German army
                                            and supposedly fought against the British in the Revolution
                                            & was at Yorktown; m.1736-11-13
  SP: Catharina Elizabeth Kahl (1715)(1711-1750)(d/Joh & Maria Eliz Wolffram) at
  (1)Peter (1687) c.1737-09-19; Emigrated to Philadelphia, PA with his uncle, Nicholas
                  Lohnes (1731); For further detail, see file:  "Lohnes.PA"

  (2)George (1623) b.1739-04-24, d.1739 at Hoechst
  (3)George (1637) b.1740-03-12, d.1752-01-07 at Hoechst

  (4)Leonard (2525) b.1742-09-26 at Hoechst; Emigrated to Philadelphia, PA with his
                        uncle, Nicholas Lohnes (1731); For further detail, see file: "Lohnes.PA"

  (5)Johannes George Adam (2441) b.1744-10-21 at Pfirschbach; Godson of
                                                    Johannes (359); Emigrated to Philadelphia, PA with his
                                                    uncle, Nicholas Lohnes (1731); For further detail, see
                                                  file: "Lohnes.PA"

  (6)Anna Elizabeth (1639) b.1747-02-26, d.1750-12-12 at Hoechst
  (7)Charlotta (1933) c.1750-12-17 ); Emigrated to Philadelphia, PA with her uncle,
                         Nicholas Lohnes (1731)
2.Anna Catharina (1683) b.1716-10-12 at Hoechst

3.Johannes (359) b.1719-04-08, c.1719-04-10 at Pfirschbach, Odenwald, Hessen-
                      Darmstadt, Germany (His godfather was Johannes Hallstein of
                      Hetschbach), d.1794-05-04 at La Have, NS; m.1736-11-13;
  SP: Anna Barbara Kahl (575)(1714-1778)(d/Joh & Maria Eliz Wolffram)(sister to
                                               wife of Johann George (1685)

            For further information, see file: "Lohnes.NS"

 4.Anna Elizabeth (1730) b.1722-07-10 Hoechst
 5.Nicholas (1731) b.1724-10-24 Hoechst; Emigrated to Philadelphia, PA with 3
                     nephews and a niece in September 1753 on the ship, +IBw-Two Brothers+IB0-;
   SP: Margarethe Sparbach (1867) b.ca1731
                                                              For further information, see file: "Lohnes.PA"
 6.Margaret (1684) c.1726-08-27 at Hoechst, d.1726-10-04

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