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PIERRE LELARGE (1618) b.ca1673 St Martin de Re, France; 
d.1733-01-27 Louisbourg, NS
SP: Catherine De Beluger De Beaujour (1607) b.Switzerland
1.Marie Jeanne (7444) b.ca1712 Plaisance, NF, d.1733-04-14
Louisbourg, NS; m.1730-07-11 Louisbourg
SP: Pierre Chouteau dit Manseau (7445)(s/Pierre & Eliz
Le Vanier)
2.Jean Francois (369) b.ca1715, of whom presently
3.Joseph (7443) b.ca1717
4.Genevieve (1579) b.ca1717, d.1732-10-01 Louisbourg, NS
5.Marie Josephe (7441) b.ca1721, m.1741-06-08 at Louisbourg
SP: Louis Felix Vallee (7748)(s/Francoise Madeleine Vallee &
Laurence Cazot)
6.Jean Pierre (7442) b.ca1724 Ile Royale

JEAN FRANCOIS LELARGE (369) 1715 Plaisance NF; d.1761
Rochefort, FR; m.1737-07-08 Louisbourg
SP: Marguerite Louise Samson (1310) b.1715-07-10 (d/Gabriel &
Jeanne Martin)
1.Jean Amable (7446) c.1738-04-18 Louisbourg. Family was deported
to France in 1759. (Jean Amable later became an
admiral in Napoleon's navy)
2.Marie Jeanne (7447) c.1740-04-13 Louisbourg
3.Louis Joseph (7448) c.1744-05-24 Louisbourg
4.Jean Baptiste (7449) c.1745-07-02 Louisbourg
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