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 JEAN LANGLOIS (6473) b.ca1606 at Paris France
 SP: Unknown (    )
 1.Honore (6472) b.ca1628, of whom presently
 2.Anne (6474) b.1629 at Paris
    SP: ___ Vautrain (6475)

 HONORE LANGLOIS (6472) b.ca1628 Paris France
 SP: Unknown (    )
 1.Gilles (489) 1655, of whom presently

 GILLES LANGLOIS (489) b.ca1655, Paris France; m.ca1679
 SP: Antoinette Muri (488)
 1.Francois (487) b.1680, of whom presently

 FRANCOIS LANGLOIS (487) b.ca1680 Paris, France; m.1707-03-08
 SP: Magdeleine Comeau (476) b.1686 (d/Pierre & Jeanne Bourg)moved
                                                to St Peter's and settled at Ile Madame,
                                                Cape Breton, Nova Scotia in 1752
 1.Noelle (2879) c.1707-07-15 at Port Royal, NS
 2.Marie Francoise (751) c.1708-12-11; m.1735
    SP: Francois Josse (750)
 3.Francois Marie (2880) b.1709; m.1740-07-18
    SP: Henriette Bernard (2885)(d/Pierre &Cecile Longuespee) at Louisbourg, NS
 4.Claire (494) c.1710-03-14; m.1727
   SP1: Jean Detcheverry (879)
   SP2: Jean Pate (877) m.1738
 5.Pierre Francois (2881) c.1712-01-15, c.1712-01-12
 6.Jean Pierre (2882) b.1714-06-26, c.1714-06-29
 7.Jacques (2884) c.1718-08-07; m.1742-11-07 at Port Lajoie, PEI
    SP1: Madeleine Pretieux (2886)(d/Joseph &Anne Hache);
    SP2: Marie Josephe Darambourg (873),(d/Pierre& Marie Mazerolle) at
                                                                Saint Pierre du Nord, PEI m.1744-04-03
    SP3: Marie Suzanne Fouquet (872)(d/Charles& Marie Judith Politevin)
                                                        at Cherbourg, France; moved to Ile Saint Jean
                                                       (PEI) in 1743 and to Cherbourg, France in
                                                        1759; m.1772
 8.Madeleine (2873) b.1721-01-06, c.1721-05-25; m.1736
    SP: Pierre Poujet (2864) b.1714 (s/Pierre& Francoise Moyse)
 9.Nicolas (2876) b.1723; m.1747-03-25
    SP: Isabelle Poujet (2869) b.1725 (d/Pierre& Francoise Moyse)
 10.Marguerite (2875) b.1724; m.1750
    SP: Jean Poujet (2868) b.1722 (s/Pierre &Francoise Moyse)
 11.Joseph (2883) b.1734; m.1761-01-06
    SP: Henriette Arsenault (2887)(s/Pierre &Marguerite Cormier) at
                            Ristigouche, Quebec; settled at St
                            Peter's, Cape Breton, NS

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