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                         HANAVAN (HANAFIN, HANNAFIN) FAMILY

1.John Patrick (1593) b.ca1811 in Ireland
  SP1: Bridget (1703) b.1811
  (1)Eugene (1576) c.1844-08-15 , d.1927-03-25, from Tralee, KerryCty,
                       Ireland; arrived Port George, Nova Scotia April  1862; via
                       Donegal Bay, Ireland; Liverpool, England; and Boston, MA;
                       m.1887-09-03 French Cross, NS (Port Morden)
     SP: Mary Frances Lightfoot (2263) b.1863-03-04, d.1923-06-21
                                                      (d/Samuel & Margaret)
     1a.Daniel Vincent (1463) b.1889-02-09 at FrenchCross, d.1952-03-14
     2a.Albert Eugene (2465) b.1889-08-09 at FrenchCross, d.1969
     3a.Mary Agnes (Mae) (2461) b.1894-01-17 Aylesford
        SP: George McManus(7082)
     4a.Margaret Ann (2460) b.1899-11-09 FrenchCross; m.1921-04-19
        SP: Maurice Michael Hussey (2463)
        1b.Dorothy Hussey(2462) b.1936-07-26; m.1956
           SP: James Sheriff (2460)
     5a.Thomas Leo (2022) b.1903-07-20 Morden,d.1949 Long Island, NY
  (2)John Patrick (1763) b.ca1834 Kerry, Ireland; arrived NovaScotia
                               ca.1854; m.1876-05-11 at Boston, MA
     SP: Mary Margaret Dowd (2023)
     1a.John (1980) b.1876-07-25 at Clement Road,Kings Cty, NS
     2a.Mary Ellen (2152) b.1879-11-02 at Aylesford
     3a.Nellie (1803) c.1880-10-16 at Aylesford
     4a.Eugene (1805) b.1881-02-21 Aylesford, livedLynn, MA
        SP: Unknown (    )
        1b.Gibson (1550)
     5a.Katherine (6583) c.1883-04-04 at Aylesford
     6a.Joseph (1794) b.1884-12-24 at French Cross

  SP2: Anastasia (    ) b.1811; married after 1845
  (3)Neugent (    ) b.1849

2.Michael (963) b.1827, of whom presently
3.William (2046) b.ca1832 Ireland
  SP: Mary Margaret Brown (2070)
  (1)Mary (    ) c.1861-09-01
  (2)Thomas (1725) c.1863-01-06, d.1919-12-01
  (3)Patrick (1864) c.1865-02-28 Bishop's Mountain; m.1883-01-09
     SP: Mary Hussey (1656) at Morden

MICHAEL HANNIFAN (963) b.ca1827 Kerry Cty, Ireland, arrived Nova Scotia
                                       ca.1841; d.aft1907, Kings Cty, NS; moved from North
                                       Mountain to South Mountain in 1878; m.1851-02-23
                                       at Aylesford
SP: Mary Anne OConnor (504) c.1835-03-29 (d/Hugh & JohannaHerbert )
1.Ellen (945) c.1852-01-02 Aylesford, d.1920-06-08 Berwick, NS
2.Johanna Josephine (946) c.1853-12-21 at Aylesford
3.John Henry (483) c.1855, of whom presently
4.William (947) c.1857-04-25 at Aylesford
  SP: Unknown
  (1)Cornelius (975)
  (2)William F (976) lived in West Medford, MA
5.Michael (948) b.1860-10, c.1860-11-27 Aylesford, d.1948-08-20 at
                    Millbury, MA, never married
6.Mary Agnes (965) c.1863-10-25 at Aylesford
7.Rosena (950) 1866
8.James Francis (951) b.1869-05-01, d.1889-03-21 at Aylesford
9.Margaret Frances (952) b.1872-03-01 Clement Rd, d.1967; m.ca1895
  SP John Sherlock (    )(He manufacturedmirrors)(Family immigrated
                                           To USA in 1890
  (1)Monsignor Cornelius (    ) b.1899-03-27, d.1975-08
10.Thomas E (953) b.1873, d.1946-03-21
  SP: Edith Balsor (977)
  (1)Cecil Thomas (978) b.1906, d.1967-09-17, Pvt in West Nova
                                          Scotia Regiment, never married
  (2)Rosa Mae (979) b.1903
     SP: Alexander  McPhail (7083)
  (3)Josephine Alice (980) b.1909-03
  (4)Helen Eliza (981) 1911,
     SP: Patrick O'Gorman (983) b.Ireland
     1a.Patricia O'Gorman (7084)
        1b.Jacqueline OGorman(7086)
     2a.Joan Margaret (7085) 
  (5)Henry Guy Hiram (Harry) (982) b.1913, d.1969
     SP: Olive Leona (Donie) Best (5705)b.1814 (d/John & Eliz Hatchard)
     1a.Roland Lorraine (987) b.1934-05-12, d.1983-01-10
        SP: Thelma Chase(989)(d/Wm & Dorothy Balsor)
        1b.Carmen Elizabeth (990)
           SP: Reginald Clem (981)
        2b.Kimberly Lorrayne (986)
           SP: BarryP Ward (865)
        3b.Roland William (862)
        4b.Michael David (988)
11.James Edward (954) b.1875-07-01 at Clement Road

JOHN HENRY HANNIFAN (483) b.1855-03-19, c.1856-01-05 at Aylesford, NS, lived
                                               Spencer, MA, d.1943-01-17 Millbury, MA; m.1888-06-09
                                               at Oxford, MA
SP: Mary Anne Rourke, aka Trainor (484) b.1870-03 atPutnam, CT, lived Auburn,
                                                               MA, d.1935 Millbury, MA)(d/Anne Jane Rourke)
1.Mary Ellen (Mae) (969) b.1889-03-03
  SP: John Sullivan (972)
  (1) Mary Augusta Sullivan (    )
  (2)John L Sullivan (    )
2.Julia Frances (Fanny)(Lulie) (970) b.1890, d.1908
3.John Francis (473) b.1896, of whom presently
4.Bernice Elizabeth (971) b.1898-12-05, d.1954 Millbury, MA
  SP: Robert Habenstreit (973)
  (1)Robert Habenstreit (    )
  (2)William Habenstreit (    )


JOHN FRANCIS HANAVAN (473) b.1896-10-28 Millbury, MA, d.1957-05-27
                                                  at Franklin, MA; m.1920-12-06 at Great Lakes
                                                   Naval Station, IL
SP: Lillian Rosalie Samson (426)(1892-1979)(d/Geo Jean Calixte& Helene Samson)
1.Helen Frances Lillian (955)
   SP: Charles (Rowdy) Parker (959)
2.Julia Loretta (956)
  SP: Joseph Erb (960)(s/Hugh & Genevieve)
3.John Edward (957) b.1925-05 Millbury, Mass, d.1932-02
4.Mary Patricia (424)
  SP: Donald Winsor Shankle (4) (s/James Harris & ClaraBelle Winsor)
5.W illiam Patrick (958)
  SP: Marjorie D'Angelo (961),(d/____ & Catherine)

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