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                        GAUTROT FAMILY

 FRANCOIS GAUTROT (677) b.ca1613 Martaize, Loudon, Vienne, France,
arrived in Acadia in 1636; d.bef1693, m.ca1636
SP1: Marie (7776)
1.Marie (3112) b.ca1636 Port Royal, m.ca1656
SP1: Unk Potet (7777)
SP: Michel Dupuis (3122)
2.Charles (3113) b.ca1639, d.1714-12-16 Charlesbourg, QC;
m.1665-10-13 Quebec
SP: Francoise Cousin (7778)(d/Martin & Marie Hubert)
 SP2: Edmee (Aimee) Lejeune (678) b.ca1624 (Sister of Catherine who
married Francois Savoie) m.ca1644
3.Marie (676) b.ca1644, d.1732-11-29 Port Royal, m.1661 Port Royal
SP: Claude Theriot (675) b.ca1637 (s/Jean & Perrine Rau)
4.Jean (3114) b.ca1648 Port Royal
5.Francois (3115) b.ca1657, d/bef 1683 Port Royal, m.ca1677
SP: Marie Sebastienne Brun (664)(d/Vincent & Renee Breau)
(She m2.ca1683 Abraham Bourg)
6.Renee (3116) b.ca1652 Port Royal, d.1737-07-08 Port Royal,
SP: Jean Labat dit Le Marquis (3123)
7.Marguerite (3117) b.ca1654 Port Royal, d.1727-08-02 Port Royal,
SP: Jacques dit Jacob Girouard (3124)(s/Francois & Jeanne Aucoin)
8.Claude (2950) b.ca1659 Port Royal, d.1733-03-24 Grand Pre,
SP: Marie Theriot (2906)(d/Bonaventure & Jeanne Boudrot)
9.Charles (3119) b.ca1661 Port Royal, Settled Grand Pre,
d.bet1723-04-18 & 1725-10-10, m.ca1684
SP: Francoise Rimbault (3307)(d/Rene & Anne Marie)
(1)Francois (4625) b.ca1685-06 Port Royal
(2)Charles (4626) b.ca1686
(3)Claude (3305)
(4)Pierre (4627) b.ca1694
(5)Anne (3371) b.ca1698
(6)Madeleine (4628)
(7)Marie (4629)
(8)Jean (4630)
(9)Marguerite (4631) b.ca1704
(10)Isabelle (4632) b.1707-08-14 Grande Pre, d.1711-02-23 Grand
(11)Claire (4633) b.ca1710-07-31 Grand Pre
10.Jeanne (3120) b.ca1665, Port Royal, d.1794-10-18 Port Royal,
SP: Pierre Lanoue (3125)
11.Germain (3121) b.ca1668 Port Royal

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Prepared by:  Don Shankle    April 16, 2001       GAUTROT