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NAME                RETURN           RETURN OF       30 ACRE FARM               1755

                   OF  ARMS          DIVISIONS        LOTS                 VICTUALLING

                   DEC 1753          JULY 1754       1753-54                JUNE 1755


Acker, Adam         Steinfort        E-1 Steinfort   E-15 South                   x

Allday, David                     Died 1753-07-07 (SJAL)

Allemand, Francois  Zouberbuhler     B-6 Zouber      A-23 Mdl Range               x

Allison, Gabriel                                                                  x

Amend, Caspar                     Qualifying marriage                             x

Anderson, William                                                                 x

Andreas, Jacob      Rudolf           B-9 Rudolf      B-28 South                   x

Anschutz, Paul      Officer          List Missing    B-15 2nd Peninsula           x

Anselme, Jean       Steinfort                        C-8 South                    x

Apchurch, Ann                     Died 1754-07-11 (SJAL)

Arenberg, Fred      ZouberBuhler     B-8 Zouber      B-6 1st Peninsula            x

Armier, Louis       Steinfort        F-2 Steinfort   A-33 NW Range                x

Artz, Peter         Zouberbuhler     B-2 Zouber      B-11 2nd Peninsula           x

Atkins, James       Steinfort        A-4 Steinfort                                x


Bach, George        Steinfort        D-9 Steinfort   C-33 La Have River           x

Bachley, Matthias   Rudolf           C-4 Rudolf      A-42 NW Range                x

Bachman, Baptist    Zouberbuhler     F-3 Zouber      B-17 2nd Peninsula           x

Bader, Adam         Creighton        List Missing    C-34 La Have River                     

Bailly, Geo Fred    Strasburger      G-1 Strasburg   A-40 NW Range                x

Baltzer, Johannes   Creighton        List Missing    A-1 NW Range                 x

Banvard, David      Zouberbuhler     F-9 Zouber      A-10 Center                  x

Banvard, Pierre     Steinfort                        A-14 Center

Barbey, Rudolph     Moreau           F-3 Moreau      A-8 La Have River

Bargeld, Johannes   Steinfort        E-10 Steinfor                                x

Baueisen, Chris M   Strasburger      A-9 Strasburg   C-19 La Have River           x

Bauer, Jacob        Steinfort                        A-17 La Have River           x

Bauer, Joh (Pearl)  Steinfort                        A-6 Clearland                x

Bauer, Joh (Sally)  Zouberbuhler     B-1 Zouber      B-34 NW Range                x

Bauhoffer, Johannes Creighton        List Missing    D-2 South                    x

Beck, Michael       Rudolf           B-11 Rudolf     C-6 La Have River            x

Becker, Heinrich    Rudolf           E-9 Rudolf      #12 Oakland

Becker, Jacob                                        A-4 Mahone Bay               x

Becker, Johannes    Steinfort        G-9 Steinfort   A-8 Clearland                x

Becker, Rudolph     Moreau

Begein, Jacques     Rudolf           C-9 Moreau      B-42 NW Range                x

Beller, Johannes    Creighton        G-8 Creighton   B-12 South

Beller, Nicholas    Strasburger      G-11 Strasburg                               x

Beloud, Louis       Creighton                        A-34 Mdl Range               x

Berger, Jacob       Moreau           A-11 Moreau     C-4 South                    x

Berger, Philip      Moreau

Berghaus, Nicholas  Rudolf           G-2 Rudolf      C-16 Mahone Bay              x

Berringer, Rudolph  Strasburger      B-5 Strasburg   C-3 Mahone Bay               x

Bertling, Fred      Strasburger      B-8 Strasburg   A-11 Mdl Range               x

Bezanson, Barbara                                                                 x

Bezanson, Jean Geo  Creighton        List Missing    B-55 NW Range                x

Bickrich, Henry Lud Steinfort                        B-6 Mdl Range                x

Biguenet, Jacques   Strasburger      F-4 Strasburg   A-29 NW Range                x

Binter, Urban               Bell      

Bizette, Jacques    Moreau           G-1 Rudolf

Bizette, Jean Geo   Rudolf                           A-18 NW Range                x

Black, Peter                                                                      x

Bleisteiner, Matthi Zouberbuhler     E-14 Zouber     A-5 Center                   x

Boehner, George     Creighton        List Missing    D-6 South

Boll, Nicholas                       G-11 Strasburg  

Bollon, Conrad      Steinfort        G-11 Steinfort  C-2 Mahone Bay

Bollever    See  Pollever

Bollbach, Henry Jos Moreau           B-1 Moreau      A-7 Mdl Range

Bond, Adam Lt       Zouberbuhler     A-3 Moreau

Bondards, Gerhard   Moreau                                                                                

Bonneau, Jean                                                                                                              

Born, Martin        Moreau           C-13 Moreau     F-2 La Have River            x

Bourgeois, Jacques  A soldier                                                     x

Bourgoyne, Marc     Zouberbuler      F-6 Zouber      #9 Rose Bay                  x

Bourneuve, Julien                                    A-12 NW Range                x

Boutellier Jean Geo Strasburger      E-12 Strasburg  A-12 NW Range                x                             

Boutellier, George  Strasburger      G-7 Strasburg                                x

Boutellier, Jacques Rudolf           F-8 Rudolf      A-13 NW Range                x

Boutellier, Jacques Strasburger      F-7 Strasburg   B-21 NW Range                x

Boutellier, Jean    Steinfort        B-4 Steinfort   #5 Rose Bay                  x

Boutellier, Nicolas Strasburger      E-7 Strasburg   A-21 NW Range

Boutien, Charles                                                                  x

Boutien, Paul                                                                     x

Bovet, J Jacques    Zouberbuhler     F-13 Zouber     A-2 La Have River            x

Bovet, Jacques      Rudolf

Bradford, Richard                Son, William bapt. 1755-02-23 (SJAL)

Braun, Hans George  A Soldier                                                     x

Brandt, Jacob       Rudolf           F-11 Rudolf     B-7 Mahone Bay               x

Brehm, Geo Philip   Rudolf           C-2 Rudolf      B-8 1st Peninsula            x

Bennett, Jon                     Son, John bapt. 1755-05-16 (SJAL)

Brennock, James                  Son, Matthew  bapt. 1754-12-03 (SJAL)            x

Breyer, Michael     Steinfort        F-10 Steinfort  B-7 NW Range                 x

Brister, Adam                                                                     x

Broan, John                                                                       x

Bruckbauer,G Caspar Steinfort        E-4 Steinfort   A-7 NW Range                 x

Bruckbauer, Peter                                                                 x

Bruhm, Melchior     Creighton        List Missing    A-2 NW Range                 x

Bruins, Gertje                   Family with Claasen                              x

Brunner, Adam       Soldier 

Bubikoffer, Peter Creighton        G-10 Rudolf     C-27 La Have River             x


Calame, Abraham     Strasburger      E-4 Strasburg   B-27 South                   x

Calame, Jacques     Strasburger

Carlin, Jean                            Judith  Qualifying death date             x

Carver, John                     Died 1753-10-13 (SJAL)

Certier, Etienne    Moreau           C-14 Moreau     B-7 Clearland

Champbas, James                  Married 1755-05-20  Susanna Curier

Charette, Jacques   Zouberbuhler     F-13 Zouber     B-8 Clearland                x

Chaucon, Pierre                                      # 10 Oakland           

Chriest, George     Strasburger      G-13 Strasburg          

Claasen, Hendrick   Zouberbuhler     E-7 Zouber      B-3 South                    x

Clattenberger, Pet  Strasburger                      B-18 NW Range                x

Clausner, Michael   Zouberbuhler     C-14 Zouber     #28 Oakland                  x

Cleesattel, Chris   Strasburger      E-14 Strasburg  A-12 La Have River           x

Clair, Stephen                                       D-16 South                   x

Clem, Chris         Rudolf           F-12 Rudolf     B-15 La Have River           x

Conrad, George      Zouberbuhler                     A-3 La Have River            x

Conrad, Jacob       Zouberbuhler     B-3 Zouber      D-23 La Have River           x

Conrad, Lorenz      Strasburger      F-10 Strasburg  A-24 Center                  x

Conrad, Lorenz Jr   Zouberbuhler     F-11 Strasburg

Conrad, Nicholas    Zouberbuhler                     A-4 Mdl Range

Conte Peter           Officer        A-3 Rudolf

Contois, Joseph Off Rudolf           B-10 Rudolf     B-7 2nd Peninsula            x

Corkum, Elizabeth                                                                 x

Corkum, Wilhelm     Zouberbuhler     F-7 Zouber      E-1 South                    x

Coulon, Jacques                                                                   x

Coulon, Pierre      Zouberbuhler     D-6 Zouber      B-41 NW Range                x

Cranner, Hry Pet Off Creighton       List missing    Kingsburg                    x

Creighton, John Lt                   A-2 Strasburg                                x

Creighton, John Lt                   A-3 Strasburg   

Crook, John                          A-2 Steinfort                                x

Cunningham, John                     A-6 Strasburg   C-5 La Have River            x

Curier, Jacques Off Zouberbuhler     E-8 Zouber      B-13 1st Peninsula           x


Dahn, George        Zouberbuhler     C-3 Zouber      A-3 2nd Peninsula            x

Dare, Nicholas      Rudolf           F-10 Rudolf     B-14 NW Range                x

Dauphinee, Jean     Moreau           C-12 Moreau     A-6 Center                   x

David, Chris                                         D-28 La Have River

David, Louis        Steinfort        E-2 Steinfort   #10 Common                   x

DeBress, Jean Pierre                                 B-39 NW Range

DeBrevin                         Married 1757-08-31  Leonard Rudolf

DeBruyn, Jan        Steinfort        A-1 Steinfort   # 14 Oakland

Deglin, Carl        Strasburger      E-13 Strasburg  A-4 Clearland                x

Degenwove, Luke                                                                   x

DeLaBertouche, Anna Moreau           A-2 Moreau      A-7 Mahone Bay               x

DeLaderlay, Louis   Rudolf           C-9 Rudolf      D-20 La Have River           x                

DeLesDernier        Moses            F-5 Rudolf

Demet, Pierre Off   Moreau           A-7 Moreau      A-23 NW Range                x

Denneman, Widow of Barthold          F-1 Rudolf      A-10 La Have River           x

DesCamps, Pierre                Dau, Renee  married 1753-09-01 Bruin Romkes

Dettendorfer, Geo   Moreau           B-12 Moreau                                  x

Diebert, Johannes   Steinfort        E-13 Steinfort  # 5 Common                   x

Diederich, George   Moreau

Dietrich, Caspar    Moreau           B-ll Moreau     1/10th Kingsburg             x

Dexter, Henry                    Married 1753-09-18 Rosina Metzler

Donig, George       Rudolf           A-7 Rudolf      C-1 Mahone Bay               x

Donzell, George     Steinfort        C-9 Steinfort   E-3 South                    x

Dorselle, Pierre    Creighton                                                     x

Dorster, Amos       Rudolf           C-7 Rudolf      B-23 NW Range

Doughlap, John                                                                    x

Drechsler, Heinrich Creighton        B-3 Rudolf      # 23 Oakland                 x

DuPerrin, Pierre                                                                  x

DuPont, Pierre      Steinfort        D-2 Steinfort   B-5 Mahone Bay               x

Durand, Jean        Strasburger

DuTour, Abraham     Creighton        List Missing    A-7 NW Range                 x

Duvoisin, Henry     Moreau           A-12 Moreau     #11 Oakland                  x


Edmund, Con Henry   Strasburger      G-5 Strasburg

Eggli, Nicholas     Creighton                                                     x

Eichenberg, Wiegand                  Children there, He died 1752 Halifax   

Eicher, Chris       Creighton                         A-9 South                   x

Eisele, Jacob Fred  Moreau           F-12 Moreau      B-9 La Have River           x

Eisenhauer, Adam    Strasburger      C-6 Strasburg    C-13 Mahone Bay             x

Eisenhauer, Johann  Strasburger                                                   x                         

Emoneau, Frederic   Steinfort        E-8 Steinfort    B-2 1st Peninsula           x

Engel, Hans         Creighton        List Missing     B-3 NW Range                x

Erad, Burkhardt     Moreau           A-5 Moreau       # 16 Oakland                x

Ernst, Chris        Rudolf           E-11 Rudolf      # 2 Oakland                 x

Ernst, Henry        Strasburger      B-3 Strasburg    D-11 South                  x

Ewald, George       Rudolf           B-12 Zouber      #11 Rose Bay                x

                                                      F-4 La Have River


Fainot, Geo Fred    Moreau           C-14 Moreau      # 6 Rose Bay                x

Falkenhayn, Chris C Steinfort        E-3 Steinfort    C-8 Mahone Bay              x

Fancy, George                    Married 1755-04-29  Elizabeth Hirtle

Fausel, Phil Jacob  Steinfort        F-5 Steinfort    A-44 NW Range               x

Feder, Heinrich     Creighton        List Missing     A-8 South                   x

Fehr, Chris         Steinfort        C-2 Steinfort    A-41 NW Range               x

Feindel, Geo Jacob  Zouberbuler      C-5 Zouber       B-15 1st Peninsula          x

Felix, Isaac        Zouberbuhler     B-12 Steinfort   C-13 La Have River          x

Fevre, Jean Pierre  Steinfort                         B-20 NW Range

Fiener, Matthias    Rudolf           A-9 Rudolf       A-16 Center                 x

Figuers, John                    Died 1755-03-02 (SJAL)

Finck, Chris        Strasburger      C-13 Strasburg   B-40 NW Range               x

Fissel, Isaac       Rudolf           F-9 Rudolf          

Fleck, Adam         Moreau           E-5 Moreau       A-5 South                   x

Fogeler, George     Moreau           G-6 Moreau       C-7 South

Fogeler, Rudolph    Moreau           G-9 Moreau       C-36 La Have River

Fogg, Mrs                        Died 1754-06-02 (SJAL)

Forschner, Johannes Moreau           C-7 Moreau       B-9 Mahone Bay              x

Forster, Conrad     Creighton      

Forster, Jacob      Steinfort

Foseler, Conrad     Creighton        List Missing     A-5 Mdl Range

Foseth, John                                                                      x

Franck, George      Zouberbuhler     C-10 Zouber      E-2 La Have River           x

Freudenberg, Conrad Zouber           D-12 Zouber                                  x 

Friedrich, Johannes Steinfort                         #4 Common                   x

Frolig, George      Moreau

Fulbach, Heinrich                                                                 x

Fultz. Andreas          Deserted to Louisbourg

Fuss, Johannes      Zouberbuhler     B-14 Zouber      A-25 Mdl Range              x


Gotz, Martin        Zouberbuhler     F-8 Zouber       E-3 La Have River           x

Gauer, Matthias     Strasburger      B-3 Strasburg    B-15 Mdl Range              x

Gauer, Simon        Strasburger

Gebhard, Balthasar  Moreau           G-5 Moreau       #32 Oakland                 x

Geiler, Michael                  Deserted to Louisbourg during 1753 Insurrection

Gendry, Joseph                                                                    x

Gerhardt, Johannes  Strasburger      B-10 Strasburg   D-1 South                   x

Gertzen, Gelle      Creighton        List Missing     C-1 La Have River           x

Gimper, Michael                                       A-48 NW Range               x

Girtler, Anna Margaret                                                            x

Gladwin, John                    Son, Thomas bapt. 1753-07-07 (SJAL)

Glasschank, Nichol  Steinfort                                 

Graves, Geo Conrad               Dau, Maria Apollonia bapt. 1755-04-03 (SJAL)

Gotthardt, Chris    Steinfort        E-9 Steinfort    B-5 NW Range                x

Gourbon, Barthelmi  Creighton                         C-9 South                   x

Gourdon, Louis      Strasburger      C-14 Starsburg   A-4 2nd Peninsula           x

Graff, Conrad       Zouberbuhler     B-11 Zouber      B-8 NW Range                x

Graff, George       Creighton        List Missing     C-1 South                   x

Graff, Jacob                                                                      x

Grant, Roberta                   Son, Robert Lewis  bapt. 1753-12-11 (SJAL)

Grass, Conrad       Officer          C-2 Zouber       A-4 Center

Grass, Conrad       Strasburger                       D-1 South

Grauel, George      Zouberbuhler     List Missing     A-32 NW Range

Greignaud, Maria                                                                  x

Gremmen ?                            A-2 Zouber

Gretteau, Jean Geo  Rudolf           E-10 Rudolf      A-19 NW Range               x

Grimmerich, Chris   Rudolf                            #25 Oakland

Gris, Isaac                          F-5 Rudolf       B-3 2nd Peninsula

Grofs, Anna Maria                                                                 x

Gross, Oswald       Steinfort        F-12 Steinfort   C-2 South                   x

Grossrenaud, J Jacq Moreau           E-7 Moreau       B-28 NW Range               x

Grubb, Catherine                 Dau, Sarah  bapt. 1755-02-16 (SJAL)

Guck (Cook), George Creighton        List Missing     A-1 1st Peninsula               

Guigne, Guillaume   Creighton        List missing     B-51 NW Range               x

Gurtler, Lorentz                                                                  x


Haag, Michael       (Hoog, Hogin)                     B-1 NW Range

Haap, Margaret                                                                    x  

Haas, Andreas           Deserted to Louisbourg

Haas, Andreas       Strasburger     G-6 Starsburg     B-4 Clearland

Haas, Bartel        Zouberbuhler    G-7 Zouber        A-6 2nd Peninsula           x

Haas, Johannes      Steinfort       ? Steinfort       B-11 La Have River          x

Haas, Johannes Jr   Zouberbuhler

Haas, Margaret                      G-7 Zouber

Haas, Simon         Zouberbuhler                      A-6 2nd Peninsula  

Hahn, Adam          Creighton       C-14 Rudolf       A-1 NW Range

Hahn, Friedrich     Bell        Deserted to Louisbourg in 1753

Halter, Anton       Zouberbuhler    A-7 Zouber        B-5 Clearland               x

Ham, Joseph         Steinfort       E-14 Steinfort    B-1 1st Peninsula           x

Hammer, Sophia                                                                    x

Harifer, Andreas                                                                  x

Harnisch, Chris     Moreau          C-6 Moreau        A-20 Center                 x

Hartling, Wilhelm   Strasburger

Hartmann, Peter                                                                   x

Hartman, Gottlieb                                                                 x

Hatt, Anna                          C-3 Strasburg     A-3 Centre                  x

Hatt, Conrad        Strasburger     B-7 Strasburg     C-10 La Have River          x

Hatt, Jacob         Creighton       List Missing      C-8 La Have River           x

Hatton, Samuel                                                                    x

Haun, Caspar                                                                      x

Haun, George        Zouberbuhler    G-6 Zouber        E-9 La Have River           x

Hauptmann, Michael  Strasburger     F-9 Strasburg     C-8 Mahone Bay              x

Haussler, Phil Jac  Rudolf          B-11 Rudolf       E-6 South                   x

Happold, Chris Got  Steinfort       A-12 Steinfort    E-16 South                  x

Hayes, Thomas                       C-3 Steinfort

Hebb, Adam                               With Adam Eisenhauer

Hecht, Frederick    Rudolf          E-4 Rudolf        B-27 NW Range               x

Heckman, Caspar     Creighton       List Missing      A-20 NW Range

                                                      G-5 La Have River

Heft, Pieter        Creighton       List Missing      B-4 1st Peninsula 

Heilman, Charlotte                                                                x

Heilman, George     Zouberbuhler    C-6 Zouber        A-21 Center                 x

Heiner, Urban       Rudolf          E-5 Rudolf                                    x

Heinrich, Jacob                                                   Bell            x

Heison, Friedrich   Strasburger     C-11 Strasburg    C-10 Mahone Bay             x

Heit, Jacob         Rudolf          B-13 Rudolf       A-25 Center                 x

Heller, Caspar                                        B-1 1st Peninsula           x

Henrich, Margaret                                                                 x

Henrici, Philip                     F-2 Rudolf        A-22 NW Range               x

                                                      D-21 La Have River

Herman, Bernard     Creighton       List Missing      #18 Oakland                 x

Herman, Philip      Moreau          E-8 Moreau        B-18 2nd Peninsula          x

Herman, Phil Jr Off Strasburger     F-13 Strasburg    A-5 Clearland               x

Hermstadt, Gottfred Strasburger     C-2 Strasburg     A-8 Mahone Bay              x

Heuberger, Jacob    Moreau          B-2 Moreau        B-9 South                   x

Hiltz, Daniel       Moreau          G-4 Moreau        C-3 La Have River           x

Hiltz, Heinrich     Moreau          B-4 Rudolf        A-13 Mdl Range              x

Hiltz, Henry        Rudolf

Himmelman, George   Strasburger     F-12 Strasburg    D-14 South                  x

Himmelman, Philip   Strasburger     E-6 Strasburg     A-17 Center                 x

Hinckel, Adolph                                                                   x

Hirsching, Ulrich   Creighton       F-14 Moreau       E-17 South                          

Hirschman, George   Moreau          B-7  Moreau                                   x

Hirschman, Phil Lud Creighton       List Missing      B-21 South                  x

Hirtle, Jacob       Moreau                                                        x

Hirtle, Leonard     Moreau                            Kingsburg                   x

Hirtle, Martin      Zouberbuhler                      #13 Oakland                 x

Hirtle, Michael     Moreau          B-5 Rudolf        D-27 La Have River          x

Hoffler, Eberhard   Steinfort       ? Steinfort

Hoffman, Caspar     Zouberbuhler    F-14 Zouber       A-2 South                   x

Hoffman, George     Moreau          G-1 Moreau               

Hoffman, George     Strasburger     E-8 Strasburg     A-4 1st Peninsula           x

Hoffman, Wm Officer Rudolf          Rudolf            B-13 2nd Peninsula

Hogin, Elizabeth                                                                  x

Hohl, Daniel        Zouberbuhler    A-11 Zouber       B-4 Mahone Bay              x   

Hohl, Hans George   Steinfort       F-1 Steinfort     A-50 NW Range               x

Holdry, Ignatius    Steinfort       B-13 Steinfort    B-7 La Have River           x

Holmes, Samuel                  Died 1754-12-23 (SJAL)

Horein,  Geo Henry  Steinforth      C-13 Steinfort    C-14 La Have River          x

Hosterman, Johannes                                   A-35 Mdl Range              x

Howe, Joseph                    On Rochampton 1749                                x

Hubley, Ulrich      Creighton       List Missing      B-9 2nd Peninsula           x

Huck, Cath Margaret

Huhn, Adam          Creighton       List Missing      A-1 South                   x

Huhn, Jacob                         G-10 Steinfort

Huy, Wilhelm        Zouberbuhler    E-12 Zouber       E-7 La Have River           x


Irdman, Peter       Moreau          A-8 Moreau        #6 Common                   x

Isler, Martin       Creighton       List Missing      B-16 2nd Peninsula

Islin, Elizabeth    Wdw Pierre      E-13 Moreau       D-5 South                   x


Jacot, Jonas        Moreau          A-7 Moreau        #10 Rose Bay

Jacques, Abraham                                                                  x

Jaich, Gottfried    Steinfort                         B-24 NW Range

Jaillet, Andre      Creighton       List Missing      B-9 NW Range                x

Jammer, Heinrich    Rudolf          E-3 Rudolf        C-15 La Have River          x

Jeanbas, Jean Jacques  Zouber       C-1 Zouber        #35 Oakland

Jeanperrin, Urbain  Steinfort       D-4 Steinfort     B-9 1st Peninsula           x

Jeaunne, Pierre     Creighton       List Missing      A-37 NW Range               x

Jessen, Deetlef Chr Zouberbuhler    D-13 Zouber       A-46 NW Range               x

Jollimois, Pierre   Steinfort       F-8 Steinfort     A-39 NW Range               x

Jones, John                                                                       x

Jost, George        Zouberbuhler    G-13 Zouber       D-13 La Have River          x

Joudry, Chris       Rudolf          C-7 Steinfort     B-53 NW Range               x

Joudry, Jacques     Zouberbuhler                      #7 Rose Bay                 x

Jung, Andreas       Steinfort       C-14 Steinfort    A-3 Mahone Bay              x

Jung, Johannes      Creighton       List Missing      B-7 1st Peninsula           x



Kaulbach, Martin    Creighton       List Missing      D-22 La Have River          x

Kautz, Johannes     Rudolf          G-8 Rudolf        B-48 NW Range               x

Kayser, Geo Samuel  Zouber          A-3 Zouber        Kingsburg                   x

Kayser, Michael     Creighton       List Missing      C-9 Mahone Bay              x

Keller, Bernhard    Creighton       List Missing      E-6 La Have River           x

Keller, Jacob       Moreau          E-5 Steinfort     D-6 La Have River           x

Keller, Martin      Steinfort                      

Keller, William     Steinfort

Keltzer, Jacob      Moreau          F-14 Moreau       B-3 Mahone Bay              x

Ketner, Martin      Steinfort       B-13 Steinfort    D-17 La Have River

King, Charles

Klett, Ulrich       Officer         C-8 Moreau        A-1 2nd Peninsula           x

Knaut, Geo Phil     Rudolf          B-1 Rudolf        B-7 Mdl Range               x

                                    B-2 Rudolf

Kneller, Wilhelm    Steunfort       B-14 Steinfort    #26 Oakland                 x

Knickel, Conrad     Strasburger     C-10 Strasburg    B-2 2nd Peninsula           x

Knock, Peter                    With Henry Peter Cranner family

Koch (Cook), Anton  Moreau          B-14 Moreau       D-18 La Have River          x

Koch (Cook), Fred   Steinfort      

Koch, George Adam                                                                 x

Koch, (Cook) Henry  Moreau

Koch,  Philip Jacob                                                               x

Kochley, Peter      Moreau          B-13 Moreau       1/10th Kingsburg            x

Kohl, Adam          Rudolf          G-6 Rudolf        A-1 La Have River           x    

Kohl, Lorentz       Creighton

Kohler, Gottlieb    Zouberbuhler    E-13 Zouber       #2 Common                   x

Kolb, Andreas                   Deserted to Louisbourg during 1753 Insurrection

Konig, Ludwig                   Deserted to Louisbourg during 1753 Insurrection

Korber, Maria                                                                     x

Kraft, Jacob        Zouberbuhler    A-13 Zouber                                   x

Krauss, Jacob       Rudolf          B-12 Rudolf       B-17 1st Peninsula          x

Krebs, Heinrich     Creighton       List Missing                                  x

Krebs, Philip       Creighton                         A-19 Center

Kroger, Hans                    Was in Lunenburg, but left before Dec 1753 - Bell

Kretschmer, Gottlieb            Was in Lunenburg, but returned to Halifax - Bell                

Kruser, Conrad      Strasburger     G-10 Strasburg    A-3 Mdl Range

Kuffer, Margaret                                                                  x

Kuhn, Chris         Creighton      

Kuhn, Chris         Creighton       List Missing      C-9 La Have River           x

Kuhn, George Jacob  Zouber          F-1 Zouber        B-25 South                  x

Kuhn, Heinrich      Zouberbuhler    A-9 Zouber        B-13 Mdl Range              x

Kuhn, Jacob         Steinfort

Kuhn, Jacob Joseph  Zouberbuhler    G-10 Steinfort    A-21 Mdl Range              x

Kuhn, Johannes      Zouberbuhler

Kuhn, Rudolf        Zouberbuhler    A-5 Zouber        Rose Bay                    x

Kurn, Johannes      Zouberbuhler    B-7 Zouber        A-5 NW Range

Kurtz, Johannes     Zouberbuhler    G-5 Zouber        D-24 La Have River          x


Laberdou, Joseph                                                                  x

Lachmund, Eberhard  Creighton                         B-4 NW Range                x

LaGarce, Jean       Officer         Creighton         B-2 South                   x

LaGarce, Nicolas    Creighton       List Missing      A-26 NW Range               x

LaGarce, Frederic                                                                 x

Landscheit, Magdalene                                                             x

Langille, David     Strasburger     A-10 Strasburger                              x

Langille, Leopold   Strasburger     B-4 Strasburg     A-16 NW Range               x

Langille, Mathieu   Steinfort       ? Steinfort       A-15 NW Range               x

Langlois, Charles                                                                 x

Lankert, Ulrich                     G-3 Zouber        A-9 Center                  x

Lantz, Heinrich     Strasburger     A-14 Strasburg    #9 Oakland                  x

Lassert, Matthias   Zouberbuhler    B-5 Zouber

Lassle, Marcus Gott Zouber          A-12 Zouber       A-15 La Have River          x

Launer, Peter       Zouberbuhler    D-5 Zouber        B-1 South                   x

Laurent, Jacq Off   Moreau          C-1 Moreau        C-26 La Have River          x

Lay, Joseph         Zouberbuhler    D-1 Zouber        B-12 Mahone Bay             x

Lay, Michael        Steinfort       C-5 Steinfort     #2 Oakland                  x

Leau, George        Steinfort       C-6 Steinfort     A-17 Mdl Range              x

Leau, Jean          Moreau          E-10 Moreau       B-15 NW Range               x

Leau, Jean George   Strasburger     G-12 Strasburg

Leisser, Albrecht   Creighton                         B-19 NW Range

Lijsterbos, Hendrik Strasburger     C-1 Strasburg                                 x

LeJeune, Jean                                                                     x

Leonhardt, Adam     Zouber          E-1 Rudolf        D-3 La Have River           x

Lerich, Caspar      Creighton                         # 36 Oakland                x

Lessard, Matthew    Zouberbuhler

Liebestein, Felix   Zouberbuhler                      A-4 NW Range                x

Linck, Adam         Rudolf          F-6 Rudolf                                    x

Linck, Johannes     Moreau          F-7 Moreau        B-14 1st Peninsula          x

Linck, Martin       Creighton                         C-14 Mahone Bay

Lintner, Rosina                 Married 1755-04-10 (SJAL) George Bruckbauer       x

Lippert, Melchior   Zouberbuhlr     E-6 Zouber        #9 Common

Livingston, Alexander           Married 1753-08-23 (SJAL) Leonora Rieger

Lockman, Leonard    Rudolf          A-1 Rudolf                                    x

Loffler, Johannes   Strasburger     B-12 Strasburg    A-9 La Have River           x

Lohnes, Johannes    Moreau          E-1 Moreau        A-10 NW Range               x

Loth, Friedrich     Creighton                         A-2 1st Peninsula           x

Loth, Isaac         Strasburger     F-14 Strasburg    B-6 La Have River           x

Loucas, Francois                                                                  x


Maas, Chris         Creighton                                                     x

Maigret, Pierre Henri           Bell                                              x     

Maillard, Jean Chris Moreau         C-5 Moreau        A-8 Center                  x

Maillard, Frederic  Steinfort       B-11 Steinfort    A-38 NW Range               x

Malmahu, Jacques    Moreau          F-5 Moreau        B-10 NW Range               x

Mangay, John                                                                      x

Mange, Jean Officer Moreau          B-6 Moreau        A-20 Mdl Range              x

Mangeau, Jean Jacques                                                             x

Margueret, Edward   Moreau                                                        x

Margueret, J Pierre Off  Moreau     F-3 Moreau        A-22 Mdl Range

Marriette, Etienne  Rudolf          C-11 Rudolf       C-5 Mahone Bay              x

Masson, Frederic    Zouber          B-13 Zouber       B-38 NW Range               x

Mateis, Anna Mmaria                 With Johannes Gerhardt                        x

Mathieu, Jean       Steinfort                         B-35 NW Range               x

Matthews, James     Steinfort   Soldier  d.1758-03-22 SJAL

Mauser, Geo Albrec  Zouber          E-10 Zouber       B-5 South                   x

Mauser, Sybilla                                       C-41 La Have River          x

McVethy, Martha Elizabeth  wdw  Son, Charles bapt. 1754-12-10 (SJAL)              x

Meder, Leonhard     Strasburger     F-2  Strasburg    C-4 Mahone Bay              x

Meder, Ulrich       Creighton                         D-16 La Have River          x

Megras, Jean Pierre                                                               x

Mehlman, Carl       Rudolf          G-3 Rudolf        A-4  La Have River          x               

Meichsner, Heinrich Rudolf          A-10 Rudolf       A-1 Clearland               x

Meisner, Caspar     Zouber          F-10 Zouber       A-19 Mdl Range              x

Meisner, Peter      Moreau          Deserted

Meiss, Christoph    Creighton                         A-16 Center

Meldrum, Peter                  Died 1754-03-08 (SJAL)

Menegeaux, Jean Fred            Bell                                              x

Menegeaux, Jean George                                                            x

Mercier, Andre      Zouber                            B-11 Mdl Range              x

Merkel, Michael     Creighton       List Missing                                  x

Mertz, Heinrich     Strasburger     B-13 Strasburg    A-5 2nd Peninsula           x

Messer, Peter       Zouberbuhler    F-9 Moreau (deserted)                                      

Metin, Nicolas      Rudolf           

Mettatal, George    Moreau                            #3 Rose Bay                 x

Mettatal, Jacques C Moreau          A-10 Moreau       A-3 Clearland               x

Mettatal, Nicholas  Zouberbuhler    A-1 Zouber        A-7 Clearland               x

Mettler Alexander   Moreau          C-10 Moreau       B-10 Mahone Bay             x

Metzger, Hans Geo   Moreau                            Kingsburg     

Metzler, Chris      Zouberbuhler    G-12 Zouber       #8 Oakland                  x

Metzler, Johannes   Moreau          F-10 Moreau       B-30 NW Range

Metzler, Peter      Zouberbuhler

Metzler, Ulrich     Rudolf          A-6 Rudolf                                    x

Meurer, Jacob       Rudolf          E-7 Rudolf        E-2 South                   x

Meyer, Chris        Steinfort       G-7 Steinfort     A-19 La Have River          x

Meyer, Conrad       Steinfort       A-6 Steinfort     #17 Rose Bay                x

Meyer, Hans George  Strasburger     B-6 Strasburg     B-6 Mahone Bay              x

Meyhoffer, Benedict            Deserted to Louisbourg

Meyners, Anna                                                                     x 

Michaud, Jacques    Moreau          F-13 Moreau                                   x

Michaud, Louis      Creighton                         B-31 NW Range

Michel, Peter       Strasburger     E-13 Strasburg    E-5 South                   x

Milch, Gottlieb     Zouberbuhler    A-10 Rudolf

Miliet, Clemente                    F-14 Rudolf       C-20 La Have River          x

Morasch, Daniel     Rudolf

Morasch, Johannes   Creighton       List Missing      B-12 1st Peninsula

Morasch, Michael    Steinfort       G-13 Steinfort    A-5 1st Peninsula           x

Moreau, J Baptiste                  A-1 Moreau        #1 Oakland                  x

Moreau, Robert      Moreau

Moritz, Eva                                                                       x

Morleau, J Pierre   Rudolf          F-3 Rudolf        A-11 La Have River          x

Moseler, Valentine                                                                x    

Moser, Jacob        Moreau          C-5 Rudolf        B-1 La Have River           x

Moser, Jacob        Steinfort                          

Moser, Magdalene    Steinfort       A-5 Steinfort     B-13 La Have River          x

Moser, Sybilla                                        C-41 La Have River

                                                      E-12 NW Range

Mossman, Jacob                  1753 Vict list w/Mange Family

Mossman, Johannes                   1753 Vict list    w/Mange Family              x

Motz, George                        C-11 Moreau       A-14 NW Range               x

Muhlig, Chris       Zouberbuhler    E-9 Zouber        B-1 Clearland               x

Muhlig, Gottlieb    Rudolf          A-10 Rudolf       B-10 1st Peninsula          x

Muller Abraham      Strasburger     B-14 Strasburg    B-2 NW Range                x

Muller, Daniel      Rudolf          C-3 Rudolf        E-1 La Have River           x

Muller, Joh Officer Creighton                         E-4 South                   x

Muller, Paul        Creighton                         C-22 La Have River          x

Muller, Wilhelm     Rudolf          C-12 Rudolf       A-13 La Have River          x

Munich, Frederick                                                                 x

Munich, Heinrich    Creighton       List missing      A-22 Center                 x

Musler, Valentine   Steinfort       C-3 Strasburg     A-3 Center


Naas, Christoph     Creighton       List missing      A-5 South                   x

Nagel George                                          # 22 Oakland

Nau, Conrad         Strasburger     F-8 Strasburg     A-4 South                   x

Nau, Isaac          Strasburger     G-6 Strasburg     A-35 NW Range               x

Nesham, Ralph                           

Neufahrt, Leonhard  Rudolf          A-11 Rudolf       # 15 Rose Bay               x

Nicolai, Joh Chris  Strasburger     A-12 Strasburg    D-19 La Have River          x

Nugent, Chris                                                                     x


Ochs, Johannes      Strasburger     E-11 Strasburg    B-29 NW Range               x

Osenbentz, Jacob    Zouber          D-10 Steinfort    D-12 La Have River          x

Orth, Valentine     Rudolf          E-14 Rudolf       A-11 La Have River          x

Ostertag, Anton     Steinfort                         B-23 South       

Oswoldt, Jacob Fred             Bell                  E-13 2nd Division

Ott, George Fred    Creighton       E-3 Creighton     F-4 4th Division 300 acre

Oxner, Hans         Zouberbuhler

Oxner, Heinrich     Zouberbuhler    C-4 Zouber        F-3 La Have River           x

Oxner, Johannes     Strasburger    



Padnell, John                   Married 1755-05-15 (SJAL)  Catherine Grubb

Payzant, Louis Phil Moreau          E-3 Moreau                                    x

Pentz, George                                                                     x

Pentz, Rudolph      Steinfort       A-8 Zouber        A-3 NW Range                x

Perneau, Pierre     Strasburger     A-5 Strasburg

Pernette, Joseph    Strasburger     A-6 Moreau        B-10 2nd Peninsiula

Petriquin, Jean     Zouberbuhler    F-2 Zouber        B-46 NW Range               x

                                                      C-19 South   

Petty, George Philip            Son, George bapt. 1753-11-02 (SJAL) 

Pfaffhauser, Jacob  Steinfort       C-7 Steinfort     #34 Oakland                 x

Pfandorfer, Johann  Moreau          B-1 Moreau        C-15 South

Pfeiffer, Gottfried Zouberbuhler    G-9 Zouber        A-11 Center                 x

Pieler, Adam        Zouberbuhler    C-8 Zouber        D-25 La Have River          x

Pollever, George    Moreau          G-8 Moreau        C-2 La Have River           x

Pollever, Ulrich                                                                  x

Prieper, Ernst Jacob                                  E-9 South

Prus, Anna (Chris)                                    C-16 La Have River          x


Rader, William                                                                    x

Rader, Conrad                                                                     x

Rahming, Christoph  Rudolf          E-4 Rudolf        # 39 Oakland                x

Rahn, Lorentz       Creighton                         B-12 La Have River          x

Ramey, Chris        Rudolf          E-4 Rudolf

Ramichen, Wendel    Steinfort       D-7 Steinfort     A-5 Mahone Bay              x

Rause, Captain                      A-4 Moreau

Rehfuss, Johannes   Rudolf          B-8 Rudolf        #6 Oakland                  x

Reichardt, Thomas   Steinfort       F-6 Steinfort     D-12 South                  x

Reinhard, Nicholas  Moreau          B-10 Moreau       G-3 La Have River           x

Reinhard, Peter     Moreau                            Kingsburg

Richel, Elizabeth                                                                 x

Rieger, Johannes    Creighton       F-13 Rudolf       A-20 La Have River          x

Rieger, Lorentz     Creighton

Riehl, Hans Jacob   Rudolf

Rieser, Johannes    Moreau          A-9 Moreau        #16 Rose Bay                x

Rigouleau, Frederick                                                              x

Rigouleau, Vernier  Moreau          E-4 Moreau        #7 Common                   x

Riovant, James                                                                    x

Ruisheau, Francois  Steinfort

Robert, Abraham     Zouber          F-4 Zouber        B-54 NW Range               x

Robert, David Jossue Steinfort      A-7 Steinfort     B-17 NW Range               x

Rodenhauser, Phili p Creighton      List Missing      A-2 Clearland               x

Rohsty, Killian Lt   Rudolf         C-10 Rudolf       A-1 Mahone Bay              x

Roleder, Phil Jacob Steinfort       G-4 Steinfort     B-32 NW Range               x

Roller, Hans George Steinfort       D-6 Steinfort     C-23 South

Romkes, Bruin       Zouberbuhler    A-14 Zouber       # 5 Oakland                 x

Ross, Richard                   Son, Charles bapt. 1754-07-04

Rost, Jacob         Rudolf          G-4 Rudolf        C-18 La Have River          x

Rost, Hans Joseph                   B-1 Rudolf        

Roth, George        Steinfort       G-12 Steinfort    D-13 South                  x

Rotter, George      Steinfort       D-6 Steinfort    

Rotter, Hans George Strasburger     E-13 Strasburg    B-1 Mdl Range               x

Rottinger, Adam     Zouberbuhler    C-12 Zouber       B-33 NW Range               x

Rous, Joseph                                                                      x

Rubin, Cath Regina              Married  1754-12-10  George Bauer

Ruder, Heinrich     Creighton                         B-14 2nd Peninsula          x

Rudian, Pierre                                                                    x

Rudolf, Jacob       Zouberbuhler    E-1 Zouber        C-36 La Have River      

Rudolf, Leonard Off Rudolf          A-5 Rudolf        B-5 1st Peninsula           x

                                                      B-13 South

Rudolf, Pieter      Steinfort       G-5 Steinfort     B-19 2nd Peninsula          x

Rudolf, Stephen                 Deserted to Louisbourg

Ruhland, Frederick                                                                x

Ruisheau, Francois  Steinfort                         A-27 NW Range    

Rund, Adam          Zouberbuhler    F-12 Zouber       D-9 South

Rupp, Johannes                                        C-20 South

Rust, Daniel        Strasburger     F-1 Strasburg     B-3 2nd Peninsula           x


Sabatie, Moses      Moreau                            B-8 Mdl Range               x

Salm, George        Zouberbuhler    E-4 Zouber        D-7 La Have River           x


Sauer, Weirich      Moreau          B-4  Moreau       B-8 La Have River           x

Schafer, Carl       Creighton                         D-5 La Have River           x

Schaffner, Adam     Creighton       List Missing      B-5 Clearland               x

Schantz, Maria Gertraudt                                                          x

Schaubach, Caspar   Strasburger                       B-6 Clearland

Schauffelberger, Cp Rudolf          C-8 Rudolf        A-24 NW Range               x

Schauffelberger, Cp Strasburger     E-2 Strasburg     B-10 South

Schauffelberger, J A                A-7 Strasburg

Schenkel, Heinrich  Steinfort

Schenkel, Ulrich    Steinfort       D-3 Steinfort     C-7 La Have River           x

Scherff, Valentin   Moreau          F-8 Moreau        A-49 NW Range               x

Schermuller, Gottlieb                                 B-47 NW Range

Schlagenweid, Jos                                     #27 Oakland                 x

Schlegel, Chris     Zouberbuhler    A-6 Zouber        C-25 La Have River

Schloer, Jacob                      D-8 Steinfort     C-10 South                  x

Schluter, Hen Phil                  C-9 Zouber        C-13 South                  x

Schmeltzer, David   Rudolf

Schmeltzer, Philip  Rudolf          F-4 Rudolf        B-1 Mahone Bay              x

Schmidt, Adam       Moreau          B-5 Moreau        B-12 2nd Peninsula          x

Schmidt, Caspar     Strasburger     B-11 Steasburg                                x

Schmidt, Chris      Moreau          G-2 Moreau        #15 Oakland

Schmidt, Geo Melch  Strasburger     G-9 Strasburg     C-22 South

Schmidt, Geo Michae Zouber          D-7 Zouber        F-4 La Have River           x

Schmidt, Jacob      Moreau          G-7 Moreau                                    x

Schmidt, Johannes   Strasburger     F-3 Straburg      A-18 Center                 x

Schmidt, Michael    Moreau          B-8 Moreau        G-2 La Have River           x

Schmidt, Michael    Zouberbuhler                                                  x

Schmidt, Nicholas   Zouberbuhler                      B-4 La Have River           x

Schmidt, Rudolph    Zouberbuhler    A-10 Zouber       B-23 NW Range               x

Schmidt, Rudolph Jr                                   A-5 La Have River           x

Schmidt, Ulrich     Rudolph         E-2 Rudolf        #34 Oakland                 x

Schmidt,Michael     Strasburger

Schneider, Johannes             Son, Christopher  b.1755

Schnerr, Ludwig     Steinfort       A-10 Steinfort    A-6 Mahone Bay

Schnerr, Michael    Creighton       List Missing      E-11 South

Schrack, Nicholas                                     D-28 La Have River   

Schram, George      Moreau          E-11 Moreau       A-11 NW Range               x

Schultz, Ferdinand  Steinfort       List Missing      B-3 Clearland               x

Schultz, Purant     Creighton

Schulze, Friedrich  Steinfort                         #17 Oakland

Schumacher, Daniel  Moreau          F-1 Moreau 

Schuman, Jacob                  Deserted to Louisbourg during 1753 Insurrection

Schup, Richard      Zouberbuhler    E-5 Zouber        B-5 2nd Peninsula           x

Schuply, Henry Off  Steinfort       B-6 Steinfort     B-1 2nd Peninsula           x

Schutz, George      Zouberbuhler    D-3 Zouber        A-2 2nd Peninsula           x

Schwartz, George                    List Missing      B-3 1st Peninsula           x

Schwartz, Johannes  Zouberbuhler    C-11 Zouber       #8 Common                   x

Schweinheimer, Phil Steinfort                         #7 Oakland                  x

Seeburger, Johannes                                   # 12 Rose Bay               x

                                                      C-32 La Have River

Seeman, Chris       Rudolf          C-7 Rudolf        C-28 La Have River          x

Seidler, Gottlieb   Moreau          E-12 Moreau       B-4 South                   x

Seifer, Ulrich      Rudolf          C-13 Rudolf       Kingsburg 

Seiler, Heinrich    Zouberbuhler    C-11 Steinfort    C-12 La Have River          x

Selig, Jacob        Zouberbuhler    G-1 Zouber        A-1 Mdl Range               x

Sertie, Urban       Strasburger     C-7 Strasburg     B-11 NW Range               x

Sierstrom, John                 On Canning 1749                                   x

Silber, Michael     Creighton

Silber, Nicholas    Creighton       List Missing      B-25 NW Range               x

Simon, Johann       Steinfort       B-3 Steinfort                                 x

Simon, Johannes     Zouberbuhler    E-11 Zouber       B-26 NW Range               x

Spannagel, Andreas  Creighton                         C-4 La Have  River          x

Spannagel, Philip   Moreau          B-3 Moreau        A-9 NW Range                x

Spiegel, Caspar     Strasburger     A-13 Strasburg                                x

Speidel, Jacob      Zouberbuhler    D-4 Zouber        A-53 NW Range               x

Sperry, Jacob       Strasburger     A-8 Strasburg                                 x

Spiegel, Joachim C  Strasburger     A-13 Strasburg    A-6 South                   x

Spindler, Ludwig    Strasburger     G-8 Strasburg                                 x

Spindler, Rudolph                                     D-10 La Have River          x

Stahl, Andreas      Zouberbuhler    F-11 Zouber       C-24 La Have River          x

Steinfort, John Lt  Strasburger     A-1 Strasburg                                 x

Steinman, Friedrich Steinfort       C-10 Steinfort    B-6 NW Range

Stevens, Edward     Rudolf          G-5 Rudolf

Stiep, Frantz Henry                                                               x

Stiess, George      Strasburger     F-2 Strasburg     D-10 South

Stiess, Heinrich    Strasburger

Stork, George       Creighton       List Missing      B-45 NW Range               x

Stortz, Nicholas    Creighton       List Missing

Strasburger, Capt J Strasburger                                                   x

Strauch Caspar      Strasburger     E-1 Strasburg     A-52 NW Range

Strous, David       Zouberbuhler    B-10 Zouber       A-47 NW Range               x

Sutherland, Patrick  Major


Tanner, Jacob       Creighton                                                     x

Tatteray, George    Zouberbuhler    F-5 Zouber        #4 Rose Bay                 x

Tewkes, David       Zouberbuhler

Thethoff, George    Steinfort       C-1 Steinfort     A-9 Mahone Bay              x

Thiel, Conrad       Creighton       List Missing      F-1 La Have River           x

Thiel, Conrad                                         C-6 South                   

Thiel, Asmus        Rudolf          C-6 Rudolf        D-7 South                   x

Thiel, Jacob        Strasburger     E-3 Strasburg                                 x

Thiel, Johannes     Rudolf          E-8 Rudolf        D-8 South                   x

Thom, Daniel        Strasburger     C-12 Strasburg    A-16 La Have River          x

Timon, Franc Jos Off Strasburger    B-9 Strasburg     #38 Oakland                 x

Tisserand, Jacques                                                                x

Torpel, Carl        Strasburger                                                   x

Torpel, Gottfried   Strasburger     A-11 Strasburg                                x

Traham, Nou___                                                                    x

Treber, Anton       Creighton                         B-16 1st Peninsula          x

Treffian, Philip    Zouberbuhler    C-13 Zouber       D-26 La Have River          x

Treuter, Chris      Strasburger     B-1 Strasburg                                 x

Trippeau, Jonas     Zouberbuhler    B-4 Zouber        A-8 NW Range                x

Trippeau, Matthias  Zouberbuhker

Trope, Marcus       Eudolf                            A-12 Center 

Turksche, Johanna               With Simon Family                                 x                    


Uhlman, Melchior    Rudolf                                                        x

Ulschie, Jacob      Rudolf          A-8 Rudolf                                    x

Unstatt, Peter      Steinfort       B-1 Steinfort     B-13 Mahone Bay             x

Uhrig, Leonhard     Moreau          E-2 Moreau        B-24 South                  x


Valette, Pierre     Steinfort       A-14 Steinfort    A-43 NW Range               x

VanDerBilt, Edse    Steinfort       E-12 Steinfort                                x

VanDerHyde, Hans Off Creighton                                                    x

VanDerDorf, Johann  Moreau          B-1 Moreau

VanHoboken. Johann  Steinfort       B-9 Steinfort     B-3 La Have River           x

Veppell, Paul Nicho;as                                                            x

Vernon, James                                                                     x

Veuilamet, Leonard  Strasburger     G-12 Strasburg    A-34 NW Range

Veuilamet, Isaac                Bell   

Vienot, Jacques     Moreau

Vienot, Leopold     Moreau          F-6 Moreau        B-36 NW Range

Vogeli, Johannes    Moreau          B-9 Moreau        G-1 La Have River           x

Vogler, George      Moreau          G-6 Moreau

Vogler, John Henry  Rudolf          F-7 Rudolf        #14 Rose Bay                x

Vogler, Rudolph     Moreau          G-9 Moreau

Volcker, Andreas    Rudolf          C-1 Rudolf        A-21 Center                 x

Volcker, Nicholas   Zouberbuhler   

Vollmar, Philip                                                                   x

Vuilquet, Jean      Moreau          E-6 Moreau        B-37 NW Range               x

Vuilquet, Pierre                                                                  x


Wacker, Abraham     Steinfort       D-11 Steinfort    A-3 Center                  x

Wagner, Chris       Rudolf          C-13 Rudolf                                   x

Wagner, Chris Matt  Strasburger     C-5 Strasburg     A-54 NW Range               x

Wagner, Chris       Zouberbuhler                      A-6 NW Range

Wagner, Hans        Zouberbuhler

Wagner, Heinrich    Strasburger     B-2 Strasburg     C-17 La Have River          x

Wagner, Philip      Zouberbuhler    G-11 Zouber       #1 Common                   x

Waildon, Richard                                                                  x                          

Wallace, Peter                      C-3 Steinfort

Waller, Peter       Zouberbuhler    F-3 Zouber        A-1 Center

Walter, George                                        B-52 NW Range               x

Walter, Peter                   Bell

Wamboldt, Peter     Creighton       List Missing      A-6 1st Peninsula           x

                                                      G-4 La Have River

Wamboldt. Adam      Creighton       List Missing      A-8 1st Peninsula           x

Wanner, Heinrich                    D-2 Zouber                                    x

Wegscheider, Ferdin Rudolf          C-4 Rudolf        B-26 South                  x

Weil, Friedrich     Rudolf          E-2 Rudolf        A-55 NW Range               x

Weiler, Conrad      Strasburger     G-14 Strasburg    A-14 La Have River          x

Weinacht, Adam      Moreau          E-9 Moreau        C-15 Mahone Bay             x

Weinman, Matt Off   Rudolf          A-11 Rudolf       D-11 La Have River          x

Weinmeyer, Jacob    Zouberbuhler    B-9 Zouber                                    x

Welsch, George      Zouberbuhler    C-7 Zouber        C-11 La Have River

Wentzel, Wilhelm    Steinfort       F-7 Steinfort     B-44 NW Range               x

Werner, Conrad                  Died 1755-05-22 (SJAL)

Wessel, Paul Nich   Steinfort       F-11 Steinfort    B-4 2nd Peninsula

Westhoffer, Michael Creighton       List Missing      B-11 Mahone Bay             x

Wiederhold Adolph Off Rudolf        F-1 Rudolf        C-7 Mahone Bay              x

                                    F-2 Rudolf

Wieland, Leopold    Creighton       List missing      C-40 La Have River          x

Wigel, Philip       Strasburger     G-2 Strasburg     E-12 South                  x

Wild, Bernhard      Rudolf          B-6 Rudolf        B-5 La Have River           x

Willaume, Catherine                                                               x

Winslow, George     Steinfort       B-10 Steinfort                                x

Winter, Philip      Strasburger     C-8 Strasburg     C-12 Mahone Bay   

Winwot, Leopold                                                                   x

Wirth, Tobias       Rudolf          G-7 Rudolf        C-38 La Have River          x

Wisel, Johannes     Rudolf          F-9 Rudolf        B-18 Mdl range

Wittman, Valentine  Zouberbuhler                      #13 Rose Bay                x

Wolff, Johann       Moreau                            B-14 South

Wolff, Johannes     Strasburger     G-4 Moreau        A-3 South                   x

Wolff,  Nicholas    Rudolf          B-14 Rudolf       A-51 NW Range               x

Wolff, Joseph       Strasburger     C-9 Strasburg     #3 Common                   x

Wollenhaupt, Conrad                 C-4 Strasburg     C-6 Mahone Bay              x

Wurster, Daniel     Zouberbuhler    G-2 Zouber    Deserted to Louisbourg

Wurster, Johannes   Strasburger     E-5 Strasburg

Wurth, Jacob Fred   Creighton       List missing      B-8 South                   x

Wurth, George       Moreau          G-10 Moreau       B-7 South                   x

Wurtz, Anna Barbara             Married 1753-11-07  George Michael Schmidt

Wurtz, Jacob Henry                                                                x

Wust, Wendel Off    Moreau          B-4 Moreau        #2 Rose Bay                 x

Wuster, Philip                                                                    x


Zell, Johannes      Creighton       List Mising       A-23 Centre                 x

Zimmer, Abraham     Moreau          C-3 Moreau        Kingsburg                   x

Zimmer, Adam        Moreau

Zinck, Caspar       Creighton       List Missing      A-2 Mahone Bay              x

Zinck, Martin       Creighton

Zinck, Peter                        List missing                                  x

Zouberbuhler, Sebastian             A-3 Strasburg                                 x

                                    A-4 strasburg                                                 

Zurn, Adam          Rudolf          E-6 Rudolf        B-16 South                  x

Zwicker, Peter      Strasburger     E-10 Strasburg    C-11 Mahone Bay             x

Zwicker, Peter Jr   Strasburger                                                   x