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                           DOUCET FAMILY

 GERMAIN DOUCET dit LAVERDURE (667) b.1595 Touraine, France,
arrived in Acadia in 1632, returned to France
in 1654 after the English captured Port Royal,
Nova Scotia; m.ca1620 France
SP1: Unknown (668)
SP2: ___ Trahan (6488) m.ca1674 France
1.Pierre (6489) b.ca1621 Laverdure, France; d.1713-06-02; m.ca1640
Port Royal, NS
SP1: Unknown (6490)
SP2: Henriette Pelletret (3080) b.ca1641, d.bef1693 (d/Simon &
Perrine Bourg) m.1660
(1)Anne (1827) b.ca1661 Port Royal, d.1710-11-03 Grand Pre
SP: Jean Hebert (2624)(s/Antoine & Genevieve LaFranc)
(2)Toussaint dit Francois (1873) b.ca1663; m.ca1690 Beaubassin
SP: Marie Caissy (4560)(d/Roger & Marie Francoise Poirier)
(3)Jean (3428) b.ca1665 Port Royal; m.ca1692
SP: Francoise Blanchard (4537)(d/Martin & Francoise LeBlanc)
(4)Pierre (3429) b.ca1667 Port Royal
(5)Madeleine (1517) b.1671-08 Port Royal, d.bef1740-02-25,
m.ca1689 Beaubassin
SP1: Rene Bernard (356)
SP2: Pierre Doiron (1517) m.ca1709 Beaubassin (s/Jean & Marie
Anne Canol)
(6)Louis (2131) b.ca1674; m.ca1702 Port Royal
SP: Marguerite Girouard (4570)(d/Jacques & Marguerite Gautrot)
(7)Louise dit Jeanne (2710) b.ca1675 Port Royal, m.ca1691 Port
SP: Pierre Chesnet du Breuil (3252)
(8)Rene (1032) b.ca1678 Port Royal; m.ca1702 Port Royal
SP: Marie Broussard (3896) b.ca1686 (d/Francois & Catherine
(9)Marguerite (3825) b.ca1680 Port Royal, d.1747-07-18 Port Royal;
m.ca1700 Port Royal
SP: Alexandre Comeau (3274)(s/Etienne & Marie Anne Lefebvre)
(10)Mathieu (3872) b.ca1685 Port Royal, d.bef1760-07-20;
m.1712-06-15 Port Royal
SP: Anne Lord (3873)(d/Julien & Anne Charlotte Girouard)
 2.Marguerite Louise (652) b.ca1625 France, d.1797-12-19 Port Royal,
SP: Abraham Dugas (651) b.1616 at Toulouse, France
3.Daughter (7568) 1730, m.ca1750
SP: Pierre Le Jeune dit Briard (7846)
4.Germain (2903) b.ca1641 Port Royal, d.Port Royal, m.ca1664
SP: Marie Landry (2890)(d/Rene & Perrine Bourg)
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