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                        COSTE FAMILY

PIERRE COSTE (6491) b.ca1635 France
SP: Isabelle Gilbaille (6492) b.ca1641
1.Francoise (6493) b.1661-03-12 France
2.Pierre (6494) b.1668-07-04, m.Languedoc, FR
  SP: Aniane Herreault (7734)
3.Francois (3077) b.ca1671; of whom presently
FRANCOIS COSTE (3077) b.ca1671 Martigue, Marseille, France; arr in
               Acadia in 1692; moved to Cape Breton and founded
               L'Ardoise in 1722; d.1753 Port Toulose: m.1695, 
SP: Madeleine Martin (3074) b.ca1674 (d/Barnabe & Jeanne Pelletret) 
                      at Port Royal
1.Marie Catherine (3765) b.ca1696, d.1760-01-02; m.1714-02-05
  SP1: Sebastien LeRoy dit L'Esperance (3771) d.1760-01-12
                       (s/Jacques & Barbe Raymond)
  SP2: Pierre Bois (7744) m.1718 Port Toulouse
2.Madeleine (3373) b.ca1697, d.1754 Port Toulouse, m.ca1715 
  SP: Barthelemy Petipas (3361)(s/Claude & Marie Therese)
3.Francois (3766) b.1700
4.Charles Jean (3767) b.1703-06-23, d.1705-06-19 Port Royal
5.Jacques dit Jacob (3374) b.1705-11-09 Port Royal; moved to Port
                     Toulouse in 1752; m.ca1727 Port Toulouse
  SP: Francoise Petipas (3367)(d/Claude & Marie Therese, an indian)
  (1)Claude (7747) b.ca1730
6.Pierre (3768) b.1707-09-18 Port Royal
7.Marguerite (3769) b.1709-07-04 Port Royal, d.1752-02-11; m.ca1725
              at Cobequid   
  SP: Joseph Dugas (3773)(s/Claude & Marguerite Bourg)
8.Jean (3770) b.1713-05-20, d.1758-10-01, moved to Port Toulouse 
        in 1735, and to L'Ardoise in 1752; m.ca1740
  SP: Madeleine LaFarge (3772)(d/Jean & Marie Anne Osselet)
  (1)Madeleine (7735) b.1736
  (2)Francois (7736) b.1741
  (3)Pierre (7737) b.1743
  (4)Jean (7738) b.1746
  (5)Genevieve (7739) b.1749
  (6)Etienne (7740) b.1751
  (7)Anastasie (7741) b.1752
9.Marguerite (2917) b.1720; m.ca1746
  SP: Joseph Hylarion Fougere (2912) b.1720 (s/Jean & Marie Bourg)

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