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                         CORPORON FAMILY

JEAN CORPORON (705) b.ca1647 France; arrived Acadia 1668; 
d.1713-02-12 Port Royal, m.ca1668
SP: Francoise Savoie (706) b.ca1652, bur.1714-12-27 Port Royal
(d/Francois & Cath LeJeune)
1.Marie (2702) b.ca1671, m.ca1687
SP: Charles Boudrot (3107)(s/Michel & Michelle Aucoin)(Widower of
Renee Bourg)
2.Madeleine (3093) b.ca1672 Port Royal, m.ca1690
SP1: Bernard Doucet dit Laverdue (611)(s/Germain & Marie Landry)
SP2: Francois LeClerc dit Laverdue (7634)(s/Francois & Marie
Savoie) m.1710-11-24 Port Royal
SP3: Claude Boudrot (2696) b.1663 (s/Michel & Michelle
Aucoin) m.1735-08-07 Port Royal (Widower of
Anne Marie Thibodeau and Catherine Meunier)
3.Jeanne (704) b.ca1673 Port Royal, d.1735-08-11 Port Royal,
m.ca1691 at Port Royal, NS
SP: Antoine Hebert (703) b.1669 (s/Etienne & Marie Gaudet)
4.Jacques (3074) b.ca1675 port Royal
5.Jean l'aine (3095) b.ca1677 Port Royal, d.1741-03-16 Louisbourg;
settled at Pisiguit; m.ca1702
SP: Marie Pinet (4536)(d/Phillippe & Catherine Hebert)
6.Marie (3076) b.ca1678 Port Royal
SP: Andre Simon dit Boucher (887)
7.Isabelle (3097) b.ca1681 Port Royal; m.ca1714 Port Royal
SP: Guillaume Jeanson (3109)
8.Cecile (3098) b.ca1683 port Royal, d.ca1721, m.ca1702
SP: Jean Baptiste Boudrot (3110)(s/Chas & Renee Bourg)
9.Marguerite (3099) b.ca1685 Port Royal, m.bef1725-02-20
SP Henry (Honore) Samuels (7799)
10.Martin (3100) b.ca1687 Port Royal, settled at Pisiguit,
d.bef1750-07-27, m.ca1708
SP1: Cecile Joseph dit Le Jeune (6448)(d/Francois & Jeanne
SP2: Marie Josephe Viger (6449)(d/Francois & Marie Mius
) m.ca1718
11.Francois (3101) b.ca1688 Port Royal
12.Charles (3102) b.1691
13.Jean le jeune(3103) b.ca1692 Port Royal, d.1756-09-29 Port Royal,
SP: Jeanne Pichot (7800)
14.Marie Madeleine (3104) b.ca1694 Port Royal, d.1753-10-07 Port
Royal; m.ca1725
SP: Timotee Latapy (3111)
15.Ambroise (3105) b.ca1696 Port Royal
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