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     The family originated in Gorinchem, Zuid Holland, Netherlands, but had to flee to Germany in 1572 because of religious persecution. In their new home they were given the name von Gorinchem (from Gorinchem) which evolved to von Gorkum, by which they were known until reaching Nova Scotia.

JOHANNES von GORINCHEM (7959) 1525 at Gorinchem, Netherlands
SP: Unknown (    )
1.Peter Heinrich (7960), of whom presently

PETER HEINRICH von GORINCHEM (7960) b.ca1550 at Gorinchem, moved to
                                                                  Wesel, Westphalia, Germany in 1572, d.1654
                                                                  at Willibrodi Parish, Wesel, Germany)
SP: Unknown (7962)
1.Peter Heinrich (7958), of whom presently

PETER HEINRICH von Gorkum (7958) b.ca1600 Wesel, Germany, moved to
                                                        Westhofen in the Palatinate in 1654, returned to
                                                        Wesel in 1657
SP: Unknown (    )
1.Johannes (Jan) (7957) b.ca1636, of whom presently
2.Peter (7961)

JOHANNES (JAN) von GORKUM (7957) b.ca1636 Wesel, d.1731 Westhofen;
SP: Beeltin Bergmann (7770)
1.Catharina (11055) b.1659
2.Maria Elizabeth (11056) b.1660
3.Magdalene Gertraudt (11057) b.1661, d.1662
4.Johann Heinrich (7950) b.1672, of whom presently

JOHANN HEINRICH von Gorkum (7950) b.1672, d.1731-12-31 Westhofen; m.1698
                                                            at Westhofen
SP: Margaretha Frohlich (7951)(1676-1735)(d/Herman)
1.Johann Herman (7952) b.1700-05-05 at Westhofen, d.1752 on voyage;
                                  m.1727-06-17 at Westhofen
   SP: Maria Magdalene May (7954)(died on voyage)
  (1)Johann Peter Herman (7955) b.1733, d.1735-05-07 at Westhofen,
  (2)Johann Heinrich (7763) b.1735-09-28 in Germany
  (3)Wilhelm (7956) b.1739-05-24 at Westhofen, NS
  (4)Elizabeth (3287) b.ca1745; m.1765-10-09
      SP: Chrisopher Wagner (3286)

2.Johann Heinrich (7953) b.ca1702-10, d.1735-03-25, at Westhofen, never married
3.Johann Cornelius (11059) b.1705, d.1726
4.Elizabeth (11060) b.1706, d.1707
5.Elizabeth (11061) b.1708
6.Peter Ludwig (11062) b.1710, d.1721

7.Johann Wilhelm (752) b.1713-08-27 at Westhofen, Rhine Palatinate, Germany,
                                 arrived Halifax, NS in 1752 on  the "Pearl", d.1783-04-10 at
                                 Lunenburg, NS; m.1739-01-27
   SP: Sophia Catharina Speiss (753) of Spingstadt, Germany (d/Jacob)

8.Anna Maria (11063) b.1716, d.1717
9.Anna Maria (11064) b.1719, d.1721

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