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                          CORDEAU FAMILY

	Family originated from town of Maubourguet, Gascony, France. They 
were settled in the Bourdeaux area of France, for quite some time, before
emigrating to Louisbourg, Nova Scotia; They came to L'Ardoise, Nova Scotia
after the fall of Louisbourg. They were related to Antoine Mombourquette,
who also came from Bourdeaux via Louisbourg.

SP: Anne Souillac (7804)
1.Guillaume (2446) b.ca1745, of whom presently

GUILLAUME CORDEAU (2446) b.ca1745 at St Croix, Bordeaux, France;      
m.1771-09-16 at Gabarus, Cape Breton, NS
SP: Anne Josse (5512) b.Louisbourg, NS; d.1813 (d/Francois & Marie
Marguerite Tardif)
1.Jean Nicolas (7807) b.1769-02-08, c.1771-07-01 at Louisbourg
2.Claire (7808) b.1771-07-01, c.1771-09-11 at Louisbourg
SP: Benoni Landry (7809) at Gabarus
3.Elizee (7811) b.ca1775, d.1854-04-30 River Bourgeois
SP1: Isabelle Bonnavie (7812) b.ca1781, d.1849-05-04
(1)Female (7813)
(2)Female (7814)
(3)Anne Nancy (7815) b.bet1797 and 1811
(4)Joseph (7816)
(5)Andre (7817)
(6)Celestin (7818) b.bet1811 and 1813
SP1: Marguerite Dugas (7819)
SP2: Adelaide Gerroir (7820) m.aft1840-01-28 River Bourgeois
(d/Augustin & Scholastique Benoit)
4.Henriette (463) b.1775 at Gabarus, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia,
d.1854-09-14; 1796 at Cape Breton
SP: Omer Mombourquette (462) b.1765 (s/Antoine & Charlotte Samson)
5.Urbain (7810) b.ca1776
6.Dorothee (1409) b.1777, d.1837
SP: Celestin Mombourquette (1439)(s/Antoine & Charlotte Samson)

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