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     The name is Viking in origin (Bjoland). They came to Waterford County,
     Ireland in the 12th century with Richard Strongbow, a  Norman.

RICHARD BOLAN (641) b.ca1756 County Waterford, Ireland
SP: Unknown (    )
1.Nicholas (2770) b.ca1778 in City of Waterford, County Waterford, Ireland;
                     emigrated to St John's, Newfoundland about 1799; m.1799-10-25
                     at St John's
  SP: Mary Power (2772) of Petty Harbour (Godparents of Catherine Power,
                                 b.1819-12-14)(d/James & Ann Bolan)
  (1)Clara (7499) b.1803-07-02 (Sps.Michael Currin & Johanna Bolan)
  (2)Clara (7500) b.1806-03-09 (Sps.Patrick & Clara Power)
  (3)Nicholas (7501) b.1808-03-09 (Sps.Daniel Scanlon & Margaret Bolan)
  (4)Clara (7502) b.1813-12-03 (Sps.Thomas Molloy & Mary Bolan)
  (5)William (7503) b.1815-04-08 (Sps.John Dwyer & Bridget Gardener)
  (6)Mary (567) b.1817-06-25 (Spns: James Burke & Bridget Gardener)
2.Maurice (2771) 1782 in Waterford, Ireland; m.1804-12-26
  SP: Eleanor Power (2773) of St John's, Nfld (Wits: Nicholas Bolan, his wife
                                      & her mother)
  (1)Edmund (7504) b.1805-11-02 (Sps.David Scanlon & Bridget Ryan)
  (2)Mary (547) b.1807-07-20 (Spns: Wm McGrath & Johanna Bolan)
  (3)John (7505) b.1809-02-19 (Sps.Richard Martin & Anne Dalton)
  (4)Mary (7506) b.1811-11-05 (Sps.Thomas Ryan & Eleanor Bolan)
  (5)Sarah (7507) b.1815-09-17 (Sps.Michael Neil & Eliz Power)
  (6)Michael (7508) b.1818-02-09 (Sps.Thomas Wright & Anne Bolan)
  (7)Maurice (7509) 1819-08-02 (Sps.Martin Doyle & Mary Burke)
  (8)Maurice (7519) b.1823-09-20
  (9)Nicholas (7511) b.1830-01-20 (Sps.James & Winifred Coady)

3.Nancy Ann Honora (558) b.1797 City of Waterford, Waterford, Cty,
                    Ireland, d.1864-01-22 L'Ardoise, Nova Scotia; m.1817-06-04
  SP1: James Power (557) b.1789 St John's, NF (Wits: Nicholas &
                                       Mary Bolan, nee Power)
  SP2: Edward Power (2756)(1800-1866)(Of Kilmacthomas Parish,
                                        Waterford, IRE; m.1824-01-06 at St John's,
                                        NF (Wits.John Brown & Mary Condon)

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