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                       BLANCHARD  FAMILY

JEAN BLANCHARD (1653) b.ca1611 at Martaize, Loudon, Vienne France;
m.1641 Port Royal, Nova Scotia
SP: Radegonde Lambert (1431) b.ca1621 Port Royal, d.aft1686
1.Madeleine (202) b.1643 Port Royal, m.ca1656 Port Royal
SP: Michel Richard dit Sansoucey (244) d.1678-1684 Port Royal
(1)Rene Richard (2904)
2.Anne (807) b.ca1645, d.Beaubassin, m.ca1659 Port Royal
SP1: Francois Guerin (1009)
SP2: Pierre Gaudet dit l'aine (852) b.1650, m.ca1672 (s/Denis &
Martine Gauthier)
3.Martin (7567) b.ca1647, lived at Cobequid, d.aft1686, m.ca1671
SP1: Francoise LeBlanc (7571) b.ca1653 (d/Daniel & Francoise
SP2: Marguerite Guilbeau (7572) b.ca1669, m.ca1686 (d/Pierre &
Catherine Theriot)
4.Guillaume (7571) b.ca1650, of whom presently
5.Bernard (7570) b.ca1653
6.Marie (792) b.ca1656, m.ca1675, Port Royal, NS
SP: Pierre Gaudet dit le jeune (837) b.1654 (s/Denis & Martine

GUILLAUME BLANCHARD (7569) b.ca1650, m.ca1673, Port Royal, NS
SP:Hugette Gougeon (7575) b.ca1655, d.1717-10-18 Port Royal
(d/Antoine & Jeanne Chebrat)
1.Marie (7580) b.1674, m.ca1692
SP: Charles Bourgeois (7581)(s/Charles & Anne Dugas)
2.Son (7583) b.ca1765
3.Rene (2056) b.ca1677, of whom presently
4.Antoine (3038) b.1689, m.1707
SP: Elizabeth Terriot (3030)
5.Jeanne (7588) b.1681 Port Royal, m.ca1699
SP1: Olivier Daigre (7589)(s/Olivier & Marie Gaudet)
SP2: Jean LePrince (7591) m.1715-01-30 Port Royal (s/Jacques &
Marguerite Hebert)
6.Anne (7592) b.ca1684, m.ca1701
SP: Claude Bourgeois (7593)(s/Charles & Anne Dugas)
7.Jean (7594) b.ca1687
8.Elizabeth (7595) b.ca1689, m.1709-02-05 Port Royal
SP: Claude Girouard (7596)(s/Jacques & Marguerite Gautrot)
9.Guillaume (7584) b.ca1690, d.1752-02-20 Port Royal, m.1714-01-16
Port Royal
SP: Jeanne Dupuis (7585)(d/Pierre & Madeleine Landry)
10.Madeleine (4658) b.ca1692, d.1759-10-30 Boulogne-sur-Mer, FR  
m.1712-05-17 Port Royal
SP: Charles Gautreau (4626)(s/Charles & Francoise Rimbault)
11.Pierre (7600) b.ca1695, d.1763-08-12, m.1718-11-07 Port Royal
SP: Anne Robichaud (7598)(d/Alexandre & Anne Melanson)
12.Charles (3561) b.ca1697, d.1757-12-22 Quebec, QC; m.1718-01-11
Port Royal
SP: Madeleine Girouard (3562)(d/Alexandre & Marie LeBorgne de

(1)Ursule (3560)

RENE BLANCHARD (2056) b.ca1677 Port Royal, NS; d.1754-12-03 Port
Royal, m.1708-01-18 Port Royal
SP: Marie Savoie (2418) b.ca1686, d.1767-02-10 Duxbury, MA;
(d/Germain & Marie Breau)
1.Jean (7600) b.1709-02-06, c.1709-03-02 Port Royal, m.1733
SP: Marie Rose Thibodeau (7601)(d/Pierre le jeune & Anne Marie
2.Paul (3793) b.1710-12-10 Port Royal, d.1765-03-09 Repentigny, QC:
m.1739-01-12 Port Royal
SP: Marie Joseph Martin (3779) b.1717 (d/Etienne dit Barnabe &
Marie Josephe Comeau)
3.Pierre (7604) b.1713-01-18, c.1713-01-19 Port Royal, d.1754-1757,
m.1743-02-15 Beaubassin
SP: Marie Bourg (7605)(d/Francois & Catherine Cormier)
4.Marie Madeleine (7608) b.& c.1715-02-14 Port Royal, m.1749-06-02
Port Royal
SP: Michel dit Michaud Hache-Gallant (7609)(s/Michel & Madeleine
LeBlanc)(widower of Marie Anne Gravois)
5.Rene (7611) b.1716-02-15, c.1716-02-16 Port Royal
6.Joseph (7613) b.& c.1719-04-11 Port Royal, m.1744-01-20 Port
SP: Marguerite Dupuis (7614)9d/Jean & Anne Richard)
7.Anne (7617) b.1721-01-21, c.1721-01-22 Port Royal, d.1760-11-10,
m.1740-02-28 Port Royal
SP: Joseph Lord le jeune (7618)(s/Alexandre & Marie Francoise
8.Marguerite (7621) b.&c.1722-10-22 Port Royal
9.Rene (7622) b.1724-12-26, c.1724-12-27 Port Royal, d.1758-01-13
Quebec, QC; m/ca1747
SP: Elizabeth Comeau (7623)(d/Jean & Madeleine Amirault)
10.Ursule (7564) b.1726-04-29, c.1726-04-30 Port Royal,
d.1786-03-23 Louisville, QC; m.1748-02-05, Port
Royal, NS
SP: Jean Jacques Maillet (511) b.1722-01-06, deported to MA,
Lived at Maskinonge in 1767, d.1786,
Riviere du Loup, Quebec (s/Jacques &
Madeleine Hebert)
11.Daughter (7626) b.1728-07-07 twin, d.1728-07-09 Port Royal
12.Daughter (7627) b.1728-07-13 twin, d.1728-07-13 Port Royal
13.Marie Josephe (7628) b.1731-06-16, c.1731-06-24 Port Royal,
d.1771-10-13, m.1755-01-27 Port Royal
SP: Charles Lord (7629)(s/Alexandre & Marie Francoise Barrieau)
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