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                                              BARTH FAMILY OF HESSE

WILHELM BARTH (10802) b.ca1664 Hessen-Darmstadt, Germany
SP: Unknown (    )
1.Nicholas Lorenz (    ) b.1657 at Michelstadt
2.Maria Magdalena (    ) b.1659 at Michelstadt
3.Johann Ludwig (763) b.1665, of whom presently

JOHANN LUDWIG BARTH (763) b.1665-03-10 at Michelstadt, Odenwald,    Hesse,
                                                Germany; m.1689-05-06 at Hoechst
SP: Magdalene Karch (762) b.1665 (d/Wendel & Catharina) at Hoechst

1.Anna Catharina (632) c.1689-11-15 Hoechst; m.1712-02-08 Hoechst
  SP: Leonard Lohnes (381) b.1680 (s/Johannes & Anna Cath Meissner)

2.Anna Maria (8726) c.1692-02-14 at Hoechst
3.Anna Elisabethe (    ) c.1712-06-25

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