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These data should be used as a guide only.  All researchers should check the originals to preclude including errors 

made by others in their work. While some of these records were from the primary documents, most were from 

extracts prepared by archives, LDS and genealogical societies and, therefor,e are subject to error

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(Pike L)   (PIL)   (RI)   (SHE)   (SK)   (SPR)   (TAY)  (TET)   (WAR)   (WIN)

List of Abbreviations Used

BBA ------------- Bonne Bay Anglican

BGOA ----------- Burgeo Anglican

BHA ------------- Battle Harbour Anglican

BRKA ----------- Brooklyn Anglican

BUBA ----------- Burin Bay Anglican

BUBM ----------- Burin Bay Methodist

BURC ----------- Burin Roman Catholic

CA --------------- Carbonear Anglican

CENS ------------ Census Records

CHA ------------- Channel Anglican

CHM ------------- Channel United Church

CM ----------------Carbonear Methodist Church

DVA -------------- Devon Anglican

FAM -------------- Family Knowledge

FLCV ------------- Flower Cove

GBM -------------- Grand Bank Methodist Church

GLM ------------- Glovertown Methodist Church

GPA -------------- Greenspond Anglican

GPM -------------- Greenspond Methodist Church

HGA -------------- Harbour Grace Anglican

HGRC ------------ Harbour Grace Roman Catholic

HGM ------------- Harbour Grace Methodist Church

INS --------------- US Immigration Service

KCRC ------------ King's Cty, NS Roman Catholic

NEWS ------------ Newspaper

PANL ------------ Prov Archives of Nfld & Lbdr

PIC --------------- Poole Independent Church, ENG

POA -------------- Poole Anglican of Dorset, ENG

POM ------------- Poole Methodist of Dorset, ENG

SHA ------------- Salvage Harbour Anglican

STTA ------------ St Thomas Anglican, St John's

STPX ------------ St Pius X, St John's

TA --------------- Trinity Anglican, Old Perlican

Updated: 2002-04-10

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