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These data should be used as a guide only.  All researchers should check the originals to preclude including errors

 made by others in their work. While some of these records were from the primary documents, most were from 

extracts prepared by archives, LDS and genealogical societies and, therefore, are subject to error.

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  List  of  Abbreviations  Used

             B --------- Birth
             BELL ------ Extraction  from  Dr  Bell's  Notes
             BL -------- Baptist Church,  Lunenburg
             C --------- Baptism
             CEM ------- Cemetery  Listings
             CTWP ------ Chester Township Books
             D --------- Death or Burial
             DEED ------ Extraction from Deed or Land Paper
             DRL ------- Dutch Reformed Church, Lunenburg
             E --------- Event (Birth, Christ, Death, Marriage)
             FAM ------- Family Bible or Knowledge
             GER ------- Extraction from German Parish Records
             IGI ------- International Genealogical Index
             LA -------- Anglican Congregation, Lunenburg
             LCO ------- Lunenburg County Records
             LL -------- Lunenburg Lutheran Congregation
             M --------- Marriage
             MBA ------- Mahone Bay Anglican
             ML ---------Methodist Church,  Lunenburg
             MLP ------- Methodist Church,  Liverpool, NS
             P & P ----- Planters & Pioneers Book
             PANS ------ Provincial Archives of Nova Scotia
             PDA ------- Port Dufferin Anglican Church
             PL ---------Presbyterian Church,  Lunenburg
             PND ------- Presbyterian Church, New Dublin
             PROB ------ Extraction from Probate Record
             PRUC ------ Petite Riviere United Church
             SGAH ------ St George's Anglican Church,  Halifax
             SJAL ------ St John's Anglican Church,  Lunenburg
             SMBA ------ St Margaret's Bay Anglican
             SPAH ------ St Paul's Anglican Church,  Halifax
             SRCE ------ Source of Information
             SSAC ------ St Stepehen's Anglican Church, Chester
             TALP ------ Trinity Anglican Church,  Liverpool, NS
             WILL ------ Extraction from a Will
             ZLL ------- Zion Lutheran Church,  Lunenburg
             w --------- Widow,  Widower,  Wife

             1-Surname   2-Parents  3-Birthdate   4-GivenName  5-Baptism
             6-Source  7-Sponsors  8-Age  9-Event
             * Extra comma indicates a field without data

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