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A photograph showing the town 'square' taken about 1900. North Main Street is on the right, south main Street on the left and the High Street can be seen in the far distance.
The 'square' once contained tennis courts, bowling green and a pavilion.
Now only the bowling green remains and the large trees are gone.
More old photographs of Wigtown

Are you researching Skimming or Cumming?  
The old parish registers and census returns for Scotland show that there were many SKIMMING &
McSKIMMING families living in the old county of Wigtownshire from about the late 1600s to 1900.
Unfortunately, the name SKIMMING was often spelled wrong in the above resources. It was recorded in a
variety of ways such including Skimin(s), Skimen, Cummin, Cumming(s) and McSkimming.
The reason for this is not clear but one theory is the name was written down as it may have sounded to the
church minister or census enumerator at the time. Also, it seems spelling of names was not as important
then as it is now and because most people were illiterate and had no idea they were being
recorded that way, the errors were never corrected. For whatever the reason, these names were kept by
those families and their descendants and so today there are many people with the name Cumming(s) etc. etc. who's
ancestors may well have been SKIMMING. So anyone researching their SKIMMING or CUMMING
family history should be aware of the above varients of the names.

SKIMMING Marriages  
SKIMMING Baptisms  
Skimming Families:  
Glen Luce  
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