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Fatty Grandma's Journal

 Page 402
 Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Bettis, Kenneth, Maxine, Herbert and Dolores, went to San Diego California Aug 24, 1936 on vacation. Returned about Sept 7, 1936.
 Wendell Bettis started on his vacation Aug 14, 1936. Went to Ottumwa, Ia. to Dana Shepherd.
 Mr. and Mrs. Marsh Bettis, Marjorie, Richard and Melvin went to Ottumwa Aug 20 - 1936 to see Wendell. He came home with his folks. That was the evening of the Boys Club Day up at the Peterson Sale Pavilion.
 Mr. Orville Stewart, Mrs. Jeanette Stewart and son Gordon, Mr. Jerry Scales, Mrs. Bernice Stewart Scales came back from New York Aug 23 - 1936 to Albia, Ia. on their vacation. They all were at Marsh Bettis' Aug 26 for dinner Wed. Jerry Scales coaxed Wendell to meet them Aug 28 - 1936 at his Aunt Lena Maddison's to go home with them. Marie took Wendell up to Uncle Floyd Bettis Aug 27. Uncle Floyd took Wendell & Herbert up to Albia. Herbert went on judging team about 7 o'clock with some 4H boys. Wendell went with Mr. Howard Hamilton to Des Moines state fair at 10 O'clock. Wendell met Jerry at his Aunt Lena's. Started to New York Aug 28 in the evening Friday. Got to New York, I think Mon. eve Aug 31.
 Marsh's folks got a letter from Wendell Sept 25, 1936. Said he was working for Mr. R. S. Beebe. He wrote the letter Sept 23. Mr. Wendell Bettis, Cazenovia, NY ofo R. S. Bebe. Marsh wrote Wendell letter Oct 12, 1936, mailed Oct 13 - 1936. 243 Glenwood Ave. Syracuse, NY. Marsh got letter from Wendell Oct 20 - 1936 saying he would be home soon. Got in Albia Oct 26 A.M. Went to see Marjorie and visit High School. Came home with his daddy same evening.

 Page 403
 Wendell Bettis worked in Sears and Roebuck Cafe 1936. While in NY. stayed with Jerry and Bernice Scales at 243 Ave, Syracuse N.Y. at night 1936. Wendell Bettis and Lois Gray started May 27 - 1937 to work. Went to Newton. They road to Albia with Albert Angove. June 3 Maxine Bettis saw Wendell Bettis pass Bohy store. Wendell B. was in Ottumwa June 4 - 1937.
 ? came over to Marsh Bettis' June 29 -1937, got a letter from Wendell. He is in Aurora, Ill working on a farm.
 Wendell was at Davenport at Opal's 1937 on his trip. Wendell Emerson Bettis worked for Walter Gast in Aurora
Illinois 1937 June.
 Emma Scott took sick Oct 19 - 1938. Brown took Mr. and Mrs. A. Bettis to Moravia to see Emma Oct 26. Marsh Bettis took Mr. and Mrs. A. Bettis, Marjorie, Richard, and Melvin down to see Emma Nov 6 - 1938. Mrs. A Bettis went to see Emma in Centerville St. Joseph's Hospital Nov 12 - Sat. Emma Scott had a stroke Nov 9. Never
regained conscience. Emma died Nov 27 - 1938 at Centerville St. Joseph's Hospital. Buried in Moravia.
 Mrs. A Bettis took down sick June 7 - 1937 with Rheumatism and dropsy. Had Dr. Bay come out June 7.
 Mr. A Bettis took sick June June 8 - 1937 with blood poison. Had to have his hand lanced 10 times. Blood poison in Anis' right hand. Had Dr. Bay out to see him twice. He still has to go to see the Dr. every other day. July 28, Dr. Bay said he had the worse kind of blood poison they were. It was the same kind of blood poison that President
Roosevelt's son had and it took eleven months to cure him.
 We got Mrs. J. W. Reynolds to work for us. She started to work for us June 21 - 1937 on Mon. night. Work till
July 6. Worked fifteen days.
 Mrs. Susie Bettis was here July 21, 1937, on a visit.
 Anise, Marsh, Melvin and Mrs. A Bettis went to Moravia to see the folks Dec 11, 1938 on Sun. Emmett Jimmie Scott & Robb Stoops.

 Page 404    
 Mrs. Grant Sutcliffe  Died Sept 16 - 1936  
 Mrs. Garrietson  Died Sept 17 - 1936  Mrs. Jeff Williams Mother
 Mr. Clair Wilcox  Died Sept 10, 1936  At Iowa City.
 Mrs. Julia Hardenbrook  Died Aug 26, 1936  
 Mr. Robert Hannah  Died Aug 27 - 1936  
 Mr. Will Grimes  Died Sept 30 - 1936  Wendell Bettis in N York.
 Mrs. Sadie Turner  Died Oct 26 - 1936  D. G. Turner companion (Gibb).
 Mr. Sam Cory  Died Sept 30, 1936  Funeral at Fairfield.
 Mr. Nate Kendall  Died Nov 4 - 1936  Ashes buried lawn at his home in Albia Nov 12, 1936.
 Mr. Lloyd Merril  Died Feb 10 - 1937  
 Avery Turner  Killed Feb 13, 1937  At Des Moines tavern.
 Dr. T. L. Johnson  Died Feb 22 - 1937  Veterinarian of Albia.

 Bill Williams found dead in bed Feb 23, 1937.

 Mr. George Godfrey  Died Feb 6 - 1937  
 Mrs. Longe  Died 1937  Funeral at Moulton, Ia. March 7, 1937.
 Mrs. Myra Kenworthy  Died Feb 19 1937  Arthur Kenworthy Kirksville.
 Mrs. Tilbie Bettis  Died Feb 17 - 1937  Lincoln Bettis at Allerton.
 Mr. Dan White  Died March 16 1938  
 Mrs. Dr. Trimble  Died April 2 - 1938  Mollie Combs.
 Mrs. Dr. T. L. Johnson  Died 1938  
 Mrs. Varnelia Gutcher Steinbach  Died Dec 18 - 1938  Charley Steinbach.
 Mrs. Edith Alice Griffith  Died Jan 6, 1939  Alf Griffith.
 Mrs. Anna Steinbach Anderson  Died Jan 5 - 1939  Martin Anderson.
 Rev. Mrs. Hastie  Died Jan 16, 1939  Funeral Jan 19 Oak View cemetery.
 Mrs. Mary Lott  Died Jan 19, 1939  John Lott Oak View cemetery.
 A. L. Bridges  Died Jan 18 - 1939  Funeral Jan 20 Oak View cemetery.
 Mrs. A. L. Bridges  Died May 14 -1938  Oak View cemetery.
 Miss. Eva Robinson  Died Jan 19, 1939  Auto accident by Carl Visser.
 Mrs. Woodard  Died Jan 19, 1939  Edd Woodard Mother.
 Mr. Thomas Luttrell  Died Jan 11, 1939  Ella Kirby.
 Mrs. Alta Chance Stewart  Died Jan 23, 1939   Robert Stewart.

 Mr. Park Mitchell got killed auto wreck Jan 22, 1939.

 Mrs. Harlw? Carpenter  Died Jan 8, 1939  
 Mrs. Bagley  Died Jan 15, 1939  Funeral at Zimmerman Funeral Home, Oak View cemetery.


 Page 405
 Helen McGilvey and Elizabeth McGilvey took Typhoid fever last part of Aug and Sept 1936.
 Budd McGilvey had Typhoid Fever 1936.
 Gene Longe was home Sun Oct 4. Kenneth Bettis took Gene back to Mercy Hospital same night.
 Gene Longe came down with Mr. Bicherts folks to ? ball game Oct 23 - 1936 from Des Moines.  Her Mother was in the Miners Hospital taking treatments.
 Wendell Bettis came home from NY Oct 26, 1936. He went to NY Aug 28 - 1936 with Jerry & Bernice Scales.
Orville, Jeanette and Gordon Stewart his cousins.
 Kenneth Bettis went to Des Moines Oct 24, 1936 Gene Longe.
 Mrs. J. B. Stewart to a light stroke Oct 2nd on Fri. 1936. While visiting at Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Bettis' home.
 Marsh, Marie, Richard and Melvin Bettis, and Justus Brown went to Mr. Robert Love May 23, 1937.  Came back
same evening.
 Kenneth Bettis had a wreck up Carlisle May 30, 1937. Coming home from Des Moines to see Gene Longe. K. B. went back to Des Moines and stayed all night at Mr. Lee Longe.
 Floyd K. B. June 1st Carlisle to fix up with the insurance. Kenneth had a blow out and side swiped the
 Kenneth Bettis had a wreck with Floyd Bettis auto June 1937 East part of Albia.
 Maxine Bettis had her tonsils & adenoids removed at Des Moines, 1937.
 Wendell Bettis came home over his vacation from Aurora, Ill. Aug 16, 1937. Went back Aug 22, 1937.
 Maxine Bettis came home from Davenport on her vacation Tues. Sept 21 - 1937. Going back Sept. 26 Sunday
 Mr. W. S. Morris took sick Oct 8 - 1937. Died June 4 - 1938.
 Doloris Bettis had her tonsils and adenoids removed at Des Moines, 1937.
 Mr. Alexander Hynd Died Jan 15, 1939 Jane McLoughlin Baptist cemetery over by Hilton.

 Page 406
 Melvin Marsh Bettis got burned on the face Nov 28, 1940. He stuck two cobs in Grandpa Bettis' furnace door holes. It blowed up. Thanksgiving day. Guests at Mr. And Mrs. L. A. Bettis home for Thanksgiving; Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Bettis, Kenneth & Herbert Bettis, Mr. Marsh Bettis, Wendell, Marjorie, Richard and Melvin Bettis, Justus Brown, Junior Jamison, and David Jamison were here for Thanksgiving dinner and supper, Nov 28, 1940.

 Page ?
 Floyd, Edna, Kenneth, Herbert & Doloris Bettis went to Davenport to see Maxine Bettis Sept. 12 - 1937 Sun. to
Opal and Cecil Stewart.
 Dolores Bettis & Dorthy Swartz went to Thomas Maddison at Des Moines Aug 3, 1937.
 Gene Longe came home on her vacation July 29, 1937 from Mercy Hospital, Des Moines.
 Kenneth Bettis went to Molton, Ia. Aug 7 to see Gene Longe.
 Gene Longe went back to Mercy Hospital, Des Moines after her vacation Aug 20 on Fri, 1937.
 Richard Bettis got his right hand hurt in the hay carrier Aug 5 - 1937.
 Maxine went to Davenport, Ia. July 18 - 1937.
 Maxine came home on vacation Sept 21 on Tues. Going back Sun. Sept. 26 - 1937.
 Maxine had her tonsils & adenoids taken out at Des Moines, Ia. 1937.
 Doloris Bettis had her tonsils & adenoids taken out Des Moines, Ia 1937.
 Mr. and Mrs. Jo Bettis was at the A. Bettis home Aug 13, 1937. Didn't come in as we was exposed to the Small
Pox from Marjorie Bettis.
 Rollie May Nellie Barbara Bettis from Des Moines, Ia. was at the A. Bettis home Sept. 5 - 1937 for supper.
 Arlene Bettis, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Earl Bettis was operated on for appendicitis, Sun. Sept. 12, 1937.
Ottumwa Hospital. Brought Arlene home Fri. Sept. 24.
 Marsh, Marie, Wendell & Marjorie Bettis went to Cincinnati, Labor Day, Sept. 6 - 1937 - Labor Day Miss Ruby James.
 Floyd and Kenneth Bettis went to Hollondale, Minnesota, Sat morning Sept. 18.  Got a truck load of potatoes.  Got back Sun Morning, Sept. 19, 1937 Cobblers.

 Page ?
 Marjorie L. Bettis took sick with Small Pox at Mr. And Mrs. Thomas Maddison's at Des Moines, Ia. Aug 4 on Wed. 1937. Come home with her Uncle Floyd and Aunt Edna Bettis Aug 6 on Fri. night. Mrs. J. B. Stewart, Marsh, Marie, Richard & Melvin Bettis was vaccinated the same night Aug 10, 1937. Dr. Jenkins came out to see Marjorie Fri Aug 13. Said she had Small Pox. Mr. Miles Griffin put Quarantine up on the house Aug 18 on Wed. Dr. Jenkins phone out Aug 27 - 1937 on Fri they could take the quarantine down.
 Wendell Bettis, A. Bettis and Elnora Bettis vaccinated for Small Pox Aug 17 - 1937. Dr. Jenkins Tues. night. Wendell Bettis came home from Aurora, Ill. Aug 16 on weeks vacation. Marsh took him to Albia to catch the bus to Aurora, Ill. The bus was 1 1/2 hours late. Wendell got to Aurora, Ill. at 9:30 Sun eve. Floyd, Edna, Kenneth, Herbert and Dolores went to Albia to see Wendell away Aug 22. Sun. eve he had been vaccinated for Small Pox. They sent him back Aug 23. He hitch hiked back. Rode with Mr. Houser to Centerville, Ia. Rode with the bread truck to Albia. Wendell left Albia to Aurora, Ill. Aug 22. Got back in Albia Aug 24, Tues. morning. Wendell worked for Mr. Walter N. Gast, Aurora, Ill R 3. Wendell Bettis started to work for Mr. Walter Gast Aurora Illinois R 3, June 1937. Came home first time Aug - 1937. Went back to Aurora, Ill. Aug 22 on Sun. came back Aug 24 -
1937 hitch hiked back.
 Marsh, Marie, Marjorie, Richard and Melvin went to Des Moines to Aunt Lena's Aug 1st, 1937 Sun.
 Doloris Bettis & Dorthy Swartz vaccinated Wed Aug 11 Dr. Bay.
 Wendell Bettis, Richard Bettis, Melvin Bettis & Justus Brown went fishing at Freemont, Ia. Sept 2nd, 1937 on
Thur. Came back Fri. Sept 13, about 7:30 O'clock
 Justus Brown & Wendell Bettis attended the State ? trip Albia from Sept 20 till Sept 25 at the Fair Grounds.

 Page ?
 Wendell Emerson Bettis started work for Mr. Walter N. Gast, Aurora, Ill., RR 3, June 5, 1937. Wendell E. Bettis came home from Aurora, Ill. on vacation Aug 16 on weeks vacation. He went back to Aurora, Ill. Aug 22, 1937. Dr. sent him back home because he had been vaccinated for Small Pox. Wendell got back to Albia Aug 24. Hitch hiked home. Mr. Gast was running a big dairy farm. Wendell Emerson Bettis March 16 on Wed. morning 1938 on a trip to Denver, Colo. looking for work. Carl Bettis to A. Bettis. Wendell Emerson Bettis left Albia Thurs. morning March 17. Mr. and Mrs. Logan and family, Denver, Colo.
 Marsh Bettis took Wendell Emerson Bettis, Wed. March 16, 1938 to Albia the day he started away took Marjorie Lucille Bettis & Marie Craver to Albia High School. Marie Craver came home with Marjorie to stay all night. Took Richard and Melvin to Spencer school the same morning.
 Marjorie Bettis fainted at school March 17. Marsh Bettis brought her home. Dolores Bettis ? Owens was with her. ? Owens pack Marjorie Bettis up stairs at the nurse room. Wendell E. Bettis started to Denver, Colo. March 17 -
1938. The morning Marjorie fainted at school. Wendell had started before Marjorie was at school.
 Elnora and Jarrel Lower baby girl, Rosemary, born March 17, 1938, the day Wendell Emerson Bettis headed west to hunt work and on a trip went to Albia March 16. Started March 17 from Albia 1938.
 Marsh took Wendell Bettis & Maxine Bettis to Albia and Marie Craver took Richard Bettis and Melvin Bettis to Spencer school. Ruby James teacher Wendell Bettis wrote a letter to his Grandfather and Grandmother Bettis March 18 - 1938. Mailed at Casper, Wyoming March 19. We got Wendell's letter March 21. Lloyd McCarty came home with Richard and Melvin Bettis March 17 - 1938. Stayed all night.

 Page ?
 Marjorie Bettis fainted at Albia High School. Dolores Bettis and ?James, her two cousins was with Marjorie. ? packed Marjorie, March 17, 1938. The morning Wendell started west. Marsh took Marjorie Bettis to Dr. Bay. He
said it was a Billious attack.
 Marie Bettis took sick March 18 - 1938, in the morning. Marsh took Marie to Dr. Jenkins March 18, 1938 in the
evening. Said she had the Flu.
 Marsh's folks got their first card from Wendell Bettis. Wrote March 24 - 1938. Got it March 28. Mailed at Provo, Utah. Wendell Bettis came back home April 6 - 1938, I think.
 Wendell Bettis' arm started hurting him again April 18 - 1938. Dr. Smith give him shot in left arm. Went back to see Dr. April 19. He told W. to come back Apr. 20. He would tell him if it would have to be lanced. He lanced WB arm April 20 on Wed. Went back Thur. didn't lance it. Dr. Smith lanced W.B. arm Apr. 22 on Fri. School picnic.
Richard and Melvin picnic.
 Wendell Bettis took his Grandmother to Ottumwa on Mon. April 18, 1938.
 Dr. Bay said Junior Gutcher had Small Pox May 1st, 1938. Quarantined.
 Thomas Cosgrove got hurt at Moline, Ill. on Fri., April 22 - 1938. A combine Elevator fell on him. Broke jaw bones. Maxine phoned his folks same day. Mr. and Mrs. Cosgrove and Doloris Bettis went to Moline, Ill. April 23 to see Thomas - 1938. Came home Sun. eve April 24. Floyd Bettis went to Moline, Ill. April 24 in the afternoon
with Cecil Stewart to see Thomas Cosgrove. Came back April 26, 1938.
 Floyd Bettis took Grandma Stewart, Marjorie Bettis & Melvin Bettis to Davenport to Cecil Stewart and Leonard Sammon and East Moline, Ill. Feb 4 - 1939 on Sat. afternoon. Coming back Feb 5 - 1939 P.M. to Thomas Cosgrove,
Maxine & Kay.
 April 16 - 1939 P.M., Mrs. Moran telephone to Floyd Bettis folks. Doloris Bettis wasn't feeling very good. If they wouldn't drive up awhile. Floyd and Edna Bettis drove up to see Doloris April 16, 1939 P.M.

 Page 410    
 Alexander Love  Died Oct 22, 1923  Missouri.

 Doloris Bailey, Mr. Mayford Bailey and Birdie Brown Bailey was to the A. Bettis home Aug 28, 1929, on their
wedding trip.
 Mr. and Mrs. Mayford Bailey Family.

 Alexander Bailey  Born July 7, 1930   Calls her Peggy.     Birdie Brown.
 Margaret Bailey  Born Sept 13, 1932  
 Ralph Bailey  Born May 6, 1934  Twins.
 Irvin Bailey  Born May 6, 1934  Twins.
 Atha Baggs  Born May 5, 1914  Mrs. Dannie Vandorn.
 Emma Baggs  Born Nov 27, 1916  Mrs. Prise Stevens.
 Rossie Baggs  Born Feb 22, 1926  
 Vanda Mae Vandorn  Born Feb 20, 1935  Atha Baggs, Dannie Vandorn.
 Barbra Mae Stevens  Born Jan 12, 1935  Emma Baggs, Prise Stevens.

 Page 411

 Gene Longe  Born May 19, 1917
 Delphina Cosmer  Born May 29, 1919
 Charlotte Davis  Born July 24, 1918
 Mary Crall  Born May, 1921
 Carrie Irene Gray  Born Dec 6, 1921
 Rosella Starcevic  Born Nov 26, 1921
 Johnny Stephenson  Born April 10, 1915


 Page 412
 Oct 27, 1940. Surprised Mr. and Mrs. Anderson Bettis on their 46th Anniversary. Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Bettis and sons, Kenneth and Herbert, Mr. Marsh Bettis and children, Marjorie, Richard & Melvin, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Cosgrove and children, Kay and Karyn, Mr. Jo Clark and son, Wayne, Mr. Jo Homerin, Miss. Hickman and Doloris Bettis from Des Moines, Dorthy Swartz, Bryon Clark, Tootse Swartz, Junior Jamison, Justus Brown.
 Wendell Bettis was at Lowell Gray's Oct 27 - 1940.
 Kenneth Bettis went to East Moline, Ill. Nov 2nd, 1940, to move Mr. Thomas Cosgrove family. Kenneth came
home from Maxine Nov 3 - 1940.
 Wendell Bettis brought his clothes from Lowell Gray, Nov 10 - 1940, to his Grandpa and Grandma Bettis' home.
 Nov 14 - 1940 Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Bettis served 25 year old coffee to relatives and friends. They served ice cream, cookies and coffee. There 25th Wedding Anniversary.
 Marjorie Bettis started work at the Snappy Lunch in Albia Oct 20, 1940. Floyd Alvin Bettis Proprietor.
 Mr. Whitside bought Floyd Bettis the Snappy Lunch out Dec, 1940. Marjorie started to work for Mr. and Mrs.
Whitside Dec 14 - 1940
 Richard Bettis had a weennie roast Sept. 24 at the Marsh Bettis home.
 Sept. 26 - 1940, Sale Barn Pavilion burned to the ground. Belonged to H. C. Peterson & Mr. Danny Curran.
 Fire at the Black Stone Cafe Sun morning Sept. 29, 1940.
 Marsh Bettis started to drive big caterpillar Sept., 1940. Vern Lester grader man.


 Page 413
 Wendell E. Bettis came home from Iowa City Hospt. Nov 26 - 1939 on Rosella Starcevic's 18 Birthday.
 Mr. and Mrs. A. Bettis entertained Christmas dinner and supper Dec 25 - 1939. All the Children Grandchildren and Great Grandchild; Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Bettis and children, Kenneth, Herbert, Doloris, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Cosgrove, East Moline, Ill., and Kay Ardith Cosgrove, Mr. Marsh Bettis & children, Wendell, Marjorie, Richard &
Melvin, Rosella Starcevic, Bernice Golden, Justus Brown.
 Marsh Bettis kitchen caught fire Jan 1st, 1940. Mr Albert Carlson Insurance man.
 Wendell Bettis started to work on the N.Y.A. Sept 16 - 1940.
 Richard Lavern Bettis vaccinated Dec 9 - 1940 for Diphtheria and Small Pox by Dr. Bay and Dr. Chester.
 Rosella Starcevic               Born Nov 26 - 1921.
 Kenneth Wayne Bettis, Wendell Emerson Bettis & Herbert Eugene Bettis registered for the Compulsory Draft Oct 16 - 1940;
 Wendell Emerson Bettis Register No. 44 for Draft.
 Kenneth Wayne Bettis Register No. 198 for Draft.
 Herbert Eugene Bettis Register No. 822 for Draft.
 Kenneth Wayne Bettis No. - 198-1251 - Albia, Ia. RR 5 A.
 Wendell Emerson Bettis No. - 232-3207 - Albia, Ia. RR 5 A.
 Herbert Eugene Bettis No. - 822-3268 - Albia, Ia. RR 5 A.

 Page 414

 Elias Marsh Estlack  Nov 16, 1854  Losina Kenworthy
 Losina K. Kenworthy  Nov 16, 1854  Elias M. Estlack
 Rebecca Ann Grimes  May 17, 1866  Elias M. Estlack
 Alstorphus Estlack                   1879  Charlotte Waggoner
 Martha E. Estlack  July 16, 1881  George Palmer
 Martha E. Estlack  Dec 19  Jasper Young
 Marshall M. Estlack  March 18, 1894  Katie H. Schneider
 Mara Rebecca Estlack  March 6, 1888  W. S. Morris
 William Grimes Estlack  April 18, 1893  Mary Richardson
 George Edward Estlack  February 16, 1902   Mabel Tibbals
 Ines Carmenta Estlack  September 13, 1892  Emmett Scott
 Eva Cora Estlack  February 22, 1893  Chas Bettis
 Elnora May Estlack  October 27, 1894  Anderson Bettis
 Ida Arabelle Estlack  April 29, 1911  Ralph Gutcher
 Maude Ethel Estlack  Dec 25, 1907  W. M. Peterson

     Page 419
 Lawson Anderson Bettis  Oct 27, 1894  Elnora May Estlack
 Floyd Anderson Bettis  Nov 14, 1915  Edna May Stewart
 Elias Marsh Bettis  April 12, 1917  Marie Maxine Stewart
 Maxine Bretrell Bettis  Dec 31, 1937   Thomas Cosgrove

 Page 420
 Dorthy Harper and Vaughn Benson married at Davenport Nov. 26, 1936.
 Kenneth Clark and               Maneor married Nov. 26, 1936.
                             Ralph Bettis married April 17 - 1937.         Louis Bettis son.
 Marie Bettis married                      April, 1937               Rollie Bettis daughter.
 Helen McGilvey and Charlie Bettis married May, 1937      Eva Estlack & Chas Bettis son
 Virginia Cruise married Eddie Scavenger Feb 10 - 1939    Floyd Scavenger
 Ruby Bernice Christner Married Gilbert Thomas Williams Feb 20, 1939       Son
 Marriages - Licenses issued to Willard E. Bain and Letha L. McNamer Feb 18 - 1939 and to Arvene Garber,
Ottumwa Route 4 and Mary Noe, Eddyville. Letha L. McNamer - was Dr. Rambo office girl 1938.
 Twila Murfin married March 16, 1939, Robert Risney
 Twila Murfin Risney operated on for appendicitis April 20 - 1939. Iowa.
 Dorthea Murfin married Vernon Overturf April 6, 1939.     Henry Murfin.
 Kathryn Billings married Tom Nichols April 11 - 1939.       Harrison Billings girl.
 Helen Milletich married Walter Karpon April 21 - 1939
 Ruth Ann Shehan married Robert A. Ermel May 29, 1939.      Big Guns Raised.
 Gertrude Barns married Clyde Nicolette June 25, 1939.
 Helen Derby married Erwin Long June 21, 1939.
 Wyota Draper married Robert Morrisey June 29, 1939.
 Mary Wall married Roy Olson March, 1940.
 Marcella Henly married Clell Smith May 10 - 1940.

 Page 421
 Kenneth Bettis & Francis Bateman had a wreck with Floyd Bettis truck May 22 - 1936 going to Des Moines after
Francis Bateman furniture.
 Justus Brown, A Bettis & Mrs. A Bettis had a wreck May 23 - 1936 coming from Albia between 11:30 and 12 O'clock. Mr. Livingston from Des Moines hit us - Mr. and Mrs. A. Bettis slightly injured.
 Elnor Adams Paine came to Floyd Bettis to visit in April, 1936. Stayed a week. She visited here for six weeks.
Elnor Paine went home May 31, 1936 to Frankfort, Ill.
 Kenneth & Maxine Bettis went to Mt. Pleasant June 12 - 1936 at noon. Came home the same evening.
 Marjorie Bettis went to Ames, Ia June 24 till 27 as County President for the Four H girls convention, 1936.
 Gene Longe came home from Mercy Hospital Des Moines Nov. 24, 1936. Went back same evening.
 Floyd Bettis, Edna Bettis, A. Bettis & Elnora Bettis went to see cousin Tillie Bettis Jan 5, 1937. She took a stroke
Dec 25, 1937 in the morning. Lincoln Bettis' wife at Allerton, Iowa.
 Marie Bettis took sick, Flu and Heart trouble Feb 15, 1937 at the Peterson Albia Sale Barn while at work. Dr. Jenkins came out to see her Feb 19 - 1937. First time she was sick 10 weeks. May 1st on Sat. morning she went to
Albia with Wendell and Melvin. The first time she went anywhere.
 Took Johnny Morris to Iowa City March 28 - Operation 1937. March 30 - they brought Johnny Morris home from Iowa City Hospt. April 2, 1937.
 Edna & Maxine went to Des Moines April 19 - 1937. Maxine stayed at Lena Maddison's. Her voice came back
April 23. Took her tonsils & adenoids out April 24. Floyd and Edna went after Maxine April 30 - 1937.
 Hazel Murfin took sick April 28 - 1937. Donald came after Grandma Stewart. Marie Bettis & Edna Bettis went to
see Hazel May 5 - 1937.
 Wendell Bettis got female, A. Bettis, Floyd Bettis & Marsh Bettis got male dogs. They were born Jan 17, 1939. They got the dogs Feb 18, 1939.


 Page 422
 Mr. and Mrs. A Bettis entertained July 19, 1936 to Sun. dinner; Mr. and Mrs. Gibb Turner, from Albia, Ia., Mr. Will Turner, Miss Amis Turner of Colorado, Mrs. Blanche Burns of California, Mr. and Mrs. Earnest Grambling, Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Love of Missouri, Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Bettis, Kenneth, Maxine, Herbert, Doloris, Mr. and Mrs. Marsh Bettis, Wendell, Marjorie, Richard, Melvin, Maude Colwell, Harold Smith & Justus Brown. Evening callers; Wallace Manley & Jack Colwell. Will Turner and Amis Turner came back here to visit July 6 - 1936.
 Gibb Turner, Sadie Turner, Will Turner & Amis Turner went to Kirksville, Mo. to visit relatives July 21 - 1936.
Came back to Albia July 26. Started home to Colorado July 28 on Tues., 1936.
 Kenneth Bettis went to see Gene Longe July 19 - 1936 P.M.
 Bettis Reunion held at Russell Corner at the school house July 26 - 1936. Next year at the same place June. First Sunday in June 1937.
 Percy Peterson, Justus Brown, Buzz Bresee, Jimmy Smead & Wendell Bettis went fishing up at Tracy, Ia. Thurs.,
July 30, 1936. Came home Aug 1st, 1936 on Saturday.
 Maxine Bettis started to work at the Blackstone Cafe July 12 - 1936.
 Estlack Reunion was held at City Park July 12 in Albia, 1936.
 We had a hail storm July 20 - 1936. Ruined our corn M.B. A.B.
 Floyd Bettis, Marsh Bettis, Wendell Bettis & Justus Brown went to Robert Love and Elva's Aug 1st, 1936. Came home Aug 2nd Sun. eve Fishing. Seen Bobb & Elva Love. Seen Bobbie and two boys. Seen Mitts Atha and family, Emma & family, Earnest & Maggie Grambling, Alexander Love, Lela Love, Birdie Baily family, 4 children.


 Page 423
 Richard Lavern Bettis operated on for appendicitis April 29 - 1935. Miner Hospital at Albia at 8 O'clock P.M. by Dr. Bay & Dr. Chester. Dr. Jenkins gave the anesthesia. Richard came home May 7 on Tues., 1935. Special nurse Miss Marverude.
 Verla Richardson operated on May 18, 1935 at Miner Hospital Albia.
 Emmett Scott, Jimmie Scott, Emma Scott & Robb Stoops was at the A. Bettis home April 28 - 1935 helping Melvin Bettis celebrate his third Birthday. Jimmie Scott Birthday on April 21, Robb Stoops on May 2 - 1935. Celebrating all three Birthdays. Guest were; Emmett Scott, Jimmie Scott, Emma Scott, Robb Stoops, Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Bettis and children, Kenneth, Maxine, Herbert, Doloris, Mr. and Mrs. Marsh Bettis and children, Wendell, Marjorie, Richard , Melvin, Gene Longe & Justus Brown.
 John Manley Jr. shot his father John Kasper Manley May 6 - 1935. They captured John Manley May 10 - 1935. Mr. John K. Manley died May 17. They sent John to Fort Maddison Penitentiary May 25 - 1935 to serve a life
time. Mr. John K. Manley died at miners Hospital at Albia, Ia.
 Clarence Smith operated on for ? miners Hospital June 11 - 1936.
 Elvin Systma operated on for Mastoids on both ears March 31 at Ottumwa Hospital, 1937.
 Mrs. J.B. Stewart got two rooms for Budd McGilvey July 20, 1937 in Albia.
 Cecil Stewart and family went to Illinois to live July 21, 1937.
 Maxine Bettis went to Davenport on a vacation July 11 - 1937.
 Doloris Bettis went to Des Moines had her Tonsils and Adenoids taken out May 27 - 1937.

 Page 424
 Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Fenley of Russell, Ia. visited at Mr. and Mrs. A. Bettis home July 2 - 1939 P.M.
 Mrs. Ida Gutcher took sick June 1939. Mrs. Ida Gutcher went to Mr. and Mrs. Chas Bettis' home in Albia, Ia. Fri. July 7, 1939. Came home from Eva July 10 P.M.
 Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Bettis, Grandma Stewart & Mr. and Mrs. Jack Colwell went to ,Ia. after Everett Colwell to spend two weeks vacation at home July 9, 1939 Sun.
 Mrs. Chas Bettis took sick July 12, 1939.
 Mr. Chas Bettis took stroke July 13 - 1939.
 Mrs. Thomas Cosgrove and daughter Kay Ardith came home to her parents and grandparents from East Moline, Ill. July 14 - 1939 on a 10 day vacation. Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Bettis and family.
 Mr. and Mrs. Orville Stewart, daughter Lucille came back from New York to Iowa on their vacation, July. They left for their home July 19 - 1939 in New York.
 Marsh & Richard Bettis had a wreck coming home from Frank Murfin's in Ottumwa, Ia. Nov. 30 - 1937. Thanksgiving. Marsh got his head cut, Richard got his arm hurt. Marjorie & Melvin Bettis riding in back car with Clarence Smith family. Tom Maddison was pulling Marsh's car at the time.
 Tom Jamison Jr. was operated on Dec 14 - 1939 at Miner Hospt. in Albia, Ia.
 Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Bettis went to East Moline, Ill. Jan 3 on Tues., 1940 to see Kay Ardith Cosgrove, she was sick. Came home Jan 4 - 1940. Run in a ditch East of Mr. Frank Coulter. Damaged car. They didn't get hurt.
 Marsh got a letter from Govena Wilson Jan 4 - 1940
 Kenneth Bettis went to East Moline, Ill. to look for work Jan 7 - 1940. Came home Jan 10 on Wed, 1940.
 Took Mr. Bobb Agains to Iowa City Jan 10 on Wed, 1940. Justus Brown set up with Bobb Agains Jan 9, 1940.

     Page 425
 Mr. James Buckly  Died Dec 8, 1939  
 Mr. James Gildroy  Died Dec 10, 1939  Hope.
 Mr. Jesse Night  Died Dec 10, 1939  
 Mr. John Mercer  Died Dec 12, 1939  
 Mr. William Bevin  Died Jan 4, 1940  
 Mr. John Scott  Died Jan 5, 1940  
 Miss. Lucia B. Griffin  Died Dec 8, 1940  
 Mr. Harvey Bloomfield  Died Jan 10, 1940  
 Mr. John Jack Allison  Died Jan 13, 1940  
 Mr. Thomas Collett  Died Jan, 1940  Mary Manley.
 Mr. Lewis Myers  Died March 17, 1940  Anna See     Floyd Bettis place.
 Mr. Frank Gutch  Died March 21, 1940  Companion Tharp, Mother-in-Law.
 Mrs. Amos Miller  Died April 4, 1940  Nels Swartz
 Mr. Lem(?) Wilkinson  Died March, 1940  
 Mrs. R.A. Phillips  Died March 26, 1940   Burial at Mich.
 Mr. R.A. Phillips  Died March 3, 1940  Burial at Boone.
 Mr. Charley Miller  Died Sun Oct 6, 1940  Heart Attack.

 Mr. John Reddish dropped dead Oct 14, 1940 in Albia.

 Ed Luttrell  Died Oct, 1940  Will Luttrell & Alice Sinnott Son.

 Page 426    
 Helen Adams  Born Nov 24, 1930  Mike Adams.
 Wanda Mae Hlad  Born April 14, 1931  Andrew Hlad.
 Betty Lou Adams  Born April 2, 1931  John Adams.
   Born Feb 15, 1931  Raymond Tucker.
 Marvin DeWayne Sammon  Born Dec 31, 1930   Leonard Sammon.
 Leonard Sammon  Born Jan 1st, 1905  
 Lester Edwin Sammon  Born April 2nd, 1927   Leonard S.
 Wilma Jean Sammon  Born April 22, 1929  Leonard S.
 Melvin Marsh Bettis  Born April 28, 1932  Marsh B.
 Robert Dean Albertson  Born May 19, 1932  Clinton Albertson.
 Donna Mae Clark  Born May 25, 1932  Merle Clark.
 Hartley Baby  Born May 26, 193?  Wilford Hartley.
 Everett Eugene Gardner  Born Nov 21, 1931  Harold Gardner.
 Ladonna May Lower  Born Aug 29, 1932  Jarrel Lower.
 Margaret Jane Peterson  Born Sept 6, 1932  H.C. Peterson.
 Rose Mary Swartz  Born Sept 18, 1932  Terry Swartz.
 Richard Kyle Dykstra  Born Oct 3, 1932   Wanda Grimes.
 Evelyn Irene Gardner  Born April 14, 1939  Evelyn Estlack & Harold Gardner.
 Joan Jeanette Smith  Born Sept. 28, 1932  Lloyd Smith.
 John Joseph Dixon  Born Oct 27, 1932  Jo Dixon.
 Edward Joseph Adams  Born Nov 7, 1932   Mike Adams.
 Robert William Froutinell  Born Dec 31, 1932  Frank Froutinell.
 Leland Fred Gray  Born Jan 16, 1933  Fred Gray.
   Born Jan 13, 1933  Goldie Repp Kerr.
 Phyllis Joan Sammon  Born Dec 6, 1932   Leonard Sammon.
                        Amos  Born Jan 21, 1933  Don Amos.
 Earl Eugene Albertson  Born Jan 20, 1933  Lloyd Albertson.
 David Gerald Gillespie  Born Feb 3, 1933  Mary Turner & Grover
 Billie Yvonne Kester  Born Jan 16, 1933  Ellis Kester
 Theodore Junior Henderson  Born Feb 24, 1933  Elsie Ruttan
 Blanche Rowley Margaus Baby  Boy born June 15, 1933  
 Paul Dean Clark  Born July 29, 1933  Merle Clark.
                     baby boy  Born July 31, 1933  Glen Phillips.

     Page 427
 Jackie Junior Caldwell  Born Aug 28, 1933   John Caldwell.
 Charley Monroe baby Girl  Born Sept. 30, 1933  Stove girl.
 Dorthy Louise Adams  Born Sept 28, 1933  John Adams.
 William Daniel Smith  Born March 14, 1933  Florence Matthews & Bob Smith.
 Robert Duane Henderson  Born March 8, 1934  Elsie Ruttan & Teddy Henderson.
                            Vance  Born April 5, 1934  Marvin Vance.
 Billy Neil Dykstra  Born March 9, 1934  Wanda Grimes.
 Ida Mae Jones  Born June 29, 1934  Sear and Gladys Jones
 Herbert William Henderson  Born Sept 16, 1934  Grace Ruttan.
 John Walter Morris  Born Oct 28, 1934   Theodore Morris.
 John William Clouse  Born Nov. 5, 1934  Hannah Thomas.
              Nov. , 1934   Dr. Bay.
 Evan J. Thomas  Born Nov 19, 1934  Reece Thomas son
                Baby  Born Nov 18, 1934  Died Nov 19 Don Amos.
 Geraldine Olive Vance  Born Apr 5, 1934  Marvin Vance.
 Robert Frederick Thomas  Born June 29, 1934  Garvin Thomas.
 James Alfred O'Neil  Born Jan 18, 1934  Mary Griffith.
 Laurel J. Ely  Born Feb 3 1935  
                  Jones  Born Feb 3, 1935  Everett Jones baby.
 Vernie Elizabeth Adams  Born Feb 28, 1935  Mike Adams.
 Helen Marie Davis  Born May 5, 1935  Ralph Davis & Edna Gardner.
 Donna Jean Systma  Born July 10, 1936  Eva Miller & Andy Systma.
 Patricia Ann Stewart  Born July 14, 1936  Laura Surber & Cecil Stewart.
 Robert Gayle Sammon  Born March 13, 1936   Opal Stewart.
 Roselee Ann Stewart  Born April 19, 1936  Roberta Humphrey.
 Dallas Junior Tucker  Born Dec 2nd, 1937  Vera Bettis Mother.
 Katherine Kay Ardith Cosgrove  Born July 25, 1938  Maxine Bettis & Thomas Cosgrove.
 Eloise Josephine Dicks  Born Jan 16, 1939  Louise Swartz & Ernest Dicks
 Edith Ann O'Neil  Born July 16, 1939  Dan O'Neil & Mary Griffith.
 Helen Marie Colwell  Born Dec 17, 1939  Jack & Fanny Colwell
              Dec 1st, 1937  Tom Jamison & May Evans
 William Marvin Williams Twin  Born Nov 26, 1939  Ottumwa, Ia. Albert Williams and Mary Williams.
 Thomas Meredith Williams Twin  Born Nov 26, 1939   Ottumwa, Ia. Albert Williams and Mary Williams.
 Karyn Louise Cosgrove  Born Jan 23, 1940   Maxine Bettis & Thomas Cosgrove.
   Born Jan 19, 1940  Hazel Hoover Conley & Roe Chedister.
   Born April 5, 1940  Bryan Colwell & Anna Jamison.


 Page 428
 Mrs. Lowell Gray took Marsh Bettis & Wendell Bettis to Iowa City Hospital Sept. 29 - 1939 on Friday. Wendell
took examination from Dr. Woman. Came home the same night.
 Floyd Bettis & Edna Bettis took Marsh Bettis & Wendell Bettis to Iowa City Hospital Oct. 13, Friday for observation and treatment. Don't know how long Wendell will be there.
 Floyd A Bettis took Marsh Bettis and children, Marjorie, Richard and Melvin to see Wendell Bettis at Iowa City Hospt. Oct 29 - 1939. Will & Ethel Peterson, Carl & Maude Bettis was to Iowa City to see Wendell Bettis Nov. 6 - 1939. They took Ida Gutcher to Iowa City Hospt. Nov 6. They brought her home the same night. Couldn't do nothing for Mrs. Ida Gutcher at Iowa City Hospt. Took her to Mt. Pleasant Nov 16 - 1939.
 Marjorie Bettis started working at Spurgins Candy Counter on Sat. Sept. 2nd, 1939.
 Doloris Bettis started going to college, A. I. B. Des Moines, Sept., 1938.
 Mrs. Reynolds went to Sam Estlack's home to take care of Mrs. Ida Gutcher Oct 10 - 1939.  There six weeks. Went home Nov. 17 - 1939.
 Earl Stewart got his arm broke Sept. 2nd, 1939. Earl got his arm broke on his sister's, Marie Bettis, 40 Birthday.
Marsh Bettis brought Earl to Dr. Bay about 6:30 A.M. They were working on the roads.
 Lorraine Shepherd came to Marsh Bettis home, Tues. Oct 3 - 1939. Went home Oct 6, Fri., 1939.
 Marjorie Bettis went to Ottumwa Oct. 7 - 1939. Stayed with Dana Shepherd all night. Came home Sun Oct 8, 1939.

 Page 429
 Jan 22 - 1939 Marjorie Bettis 18 years old. They had Johnny Stephenson, Marjorie's boy friend, Rosella Starcevic, Wendell Bettis' girl friend, Miss Frances Nixon for dinner. Marsh Bettis, Richard Bettis, & Melvin Bettis was all home for dinner Marsh and Wendell Bettis got a surprise on Marjorie for Sun. night Jan 22. Refreshments, ice cream, cake, coffee and popcorn were served. The crowd attended were; Mr. and Mrs. Homer Van Noy, Centerville, Miss. Marjorie Bettis, Albia, Mr. Johnny Stephenson, Centerville, Miss. Frances Nixon, Albia, Mr. Henry Ellis, Centerville, Miss. Rosella Starcevic, Hiteman, Wendell Bettis, Albia, Miss. Mary Dee Morrisey, Albia, Bobb Gladfelter, Centerville, Miss. Gertrude Barnes, Albia, Richard Bettis, Albia, Marsh Bettis and Melvin Bettis, Albia. All departed at a late hour wishing Marjorie many more happy Birthdays. She received lots of fine presents.
 Mrs. Jackie Peacock died Dec 5, 1938.
Donald Plum, Wendell Bettis, Richard Samuels & Mr.Jergens.
 Mrs. Cora Dell Stewart went to Kansas July 25, 1939 with her Niece and family, Edith Cornwall, Eureka, Kansas to visit Mr. and Mrs. Will Stewart. Grandma Stewart came home Aug 4 - 1939.
 Richard Bettis went to Ottumwa, Ia. to play Kitten ball with the Des Moines Register crowd, Aug 18 - 1939.
 Mrs. Lowell Gray operated on for appendicitis July 14, 1939. She came home July 30 on Sun, 1939.
 Albert Hollingshead Major operation Aug 14 - 1939 Chariton, Ia.


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