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1847 Directory

The Port Phillip
Almanac and Directory


Victoria*, Australia

There were originally two versions of the Port Phillip Almanac and Directory for 1847.
The information on these pages comes from the version compiled by J.J. MOURITZ and printed
at the "Herald" office, Little Collins Street, Melbourne by W. CLARKE.
The other version was called "The Port Phillip Patriot Almanac and Directory for 1847".
There are 4816 names and addresses in the main part of the Directory, so there will be some errors.
I would appreciate being told about them, so they can be corrected.
I have no further information on anyone mentioned in these pages,
so please contact the Family History Centre or Genealogical Society in the
relevant area for additional help.

Port Phillip circa 1851

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* At the time of publication, the State of Victoria was known as New South Wales.

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