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Thomas Emmons Will  

Dated FEBRUARY 1660

Will Registered in xvii 345,6 in the Probate Index in Boston, Mass.
20, 11mo, 1660 I, Thomas Emons of Boston in New England, cordwainer, being sicke, make my last will  (Debts to be paid.)       I give unto my sonne, Obadia, sonne Samuel, daughter Hannah Crab and daughter Elizabeth Hincksman, 5s, pr. piece to be paid them by my executrix within a considerable time after my Deceas (Declaring hereby that my children before named, have had of my estate, before the Day of ye date hereof their part proportioned with other of my children hereafter named.

Unto my sonne Benjamin, 20 pounds, to be paid by my executrix at or before the end of five yeares after my Deceas, by the value thereof in good paye.

Unto my gran-sonne, Thomas Emons, sonne of Obadiah, 40s, to be paid him or to his use within three yeares after my Deceas. Unto my gran-sonne Samuel Crab 40s, to bee paid as before.

Unto my Kinswoman, Martha Winsor, 40s, to be paid her on the Day of her marriage, or at her age of 21 which of them shall first happen.

Unto my wife Martha, my two houses in Boston, that is to say the house I now Dwell in and my house in the tenure of John Andrews, Cooper, the said houses, Land to have and to dispose of as shee shall think good.

Unto my wife all the mouable goods within my now Dwelling house. My wife, Martha I make executrix of this my last will.

In the presence of us, John Bateman, William Pearse
Thomas Emons

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