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Our Revolutionary War Veterans  


Smoothbore Flintlock Rifle          


                           From the Declaration of Independence
"We hold these Truths to be self-evident, that all Men are created equal, that they are endowed, by their CREATOR, with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness."

We are very proud of our ancestors who served our country during the Revolutionary War. This was a volunteer Army or militia that served during this time. As you can see the volunteers did not receive a pension until after 1832. The majority of them did not have long to enjoy their pensions.


Revolutionary War Medal   Jonathan Emmons - 12/31/1761-12/09/1835
According to the Act of Congress passed June 7th, 1832, Jonathan Emmons was granted a pension for $30.77 per year to commence on March 4th, 1834 for services rendered to the country during the time of the Revolutionary War. His service started as a soldier in Connecticut in 1777 under the command of Captain Bushnell, Aaron Bush, Ensign. Part of their watch was guarding the sound in New Haven. During another enlistment 1779 he assisted in guarding the troops of General Burgoyne serving under Captain Giddon. He was also drafted and served under Captain Uriel Holmes and Lt. Meacham and Colonel Mead. In 1780 he again enlisted in the regular Army and marched from Hartland, CT to West Point where he served under Captain Elijah Chapman in Colonel Swift's Company 5th CT Reg. While in the Highlands opposite West Point he helped erect barracks for the troops. In 1781 he enlisted on board of a privateer commanded by Capt. David Brooks  on the Brigg Sampson that captured several lumber vessel and also a sloop of War in the sound.
He was out of sight of land for three months.  During his service he stated that he had seen General Washington, Baron Von
Stueben and the Marquis de LaFayette.   His time of service was during the years 1777-1781. 

Revmedal.gif (985 bytes) Nodiah Emmons -   03/1755-03/1808
Enlisted 05/10/1775 as a private in Capt. Joseph Spencer's 1st Co., 2nd Reg. Minute Man in Capt. Eliphalet Holmes Co. May of 1776 appointed Capt. of the 1st Co. in 1777, and Major in 1780.

Revmedal.gif (985 bytes) Daniel Spencer Emmons - 10/09/1757-09/21/1841 
1781 - Served as Sergeant under Col. Canfield at West Point.

Revmedal.gif (985 bytes) Samuel Emmons - 1762-07/02/1850
1776 - Enlisted at age 14 or 15 and was taken prisoner by the British in September 1776.

Revmedal.gif (985 bytes) Oliver Emmons - abt 1758-1826
1777-1778 Private in Maj. Woodbrige's Co. 7th Reg.

Revmedal.gif (985 bytes) Jonathan H. Sykes - 08/25/1753 - 07/25/1839
Private John Sykes served in the Revolutionary War with the Continental Volunteer Army and the US ARMY serving with General Washington's Army in New York City and Westchester County, NY and also with General Arnold's Army at Saratoga, NY. He was at the Battle of Bennington in VT under the command of General Stark against General Burgoyne of the British forces. On August 16, 1777, at Bennington, Vermont, General John Stark defeated a large raiding force sent by Burgoyne to capture American supplies stored there.
General Burgoyne's forces needed food and ammunition so  he ordered Col. Baum's Hessians to seize it and also ordered a dinner to be ready at Catamount Tavern for Baum's officers.  As it turned out Baum was killed and the Green Mountain Boys ate the dinner.  General Burgoyne's forces retreated to Saratoga. 
He was called or volunteered nine times and served in CT, MA, NY and VT between 1775 - 1780. He was awarded a pension $20.55 per year on March 4, 1831 in Herkimer County, NY.

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