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Martha Emmons Will

Will #433 in the Probate Index in Boston, Mass. 30, 1mo, 1666.

I, Martha Emons, of Boston, widow being sicke and weake in body, but of prfect memory, make this my last will, Debts to be paid. I give Vnto my sone Obadiah Emons, all that my messuage tenemt, or dwelling house, with the land thereto belonging wherein he now dwelleth, being in Boston. Vnto my sone Samuel Emons, my dwelling house wherein I now live wth the land thereto belonging, situate in Boston.

Vnto my sone Joseph Emons 20 pounds, to be paid him by my executors at such times as the ourseers to this my will shal judge meet (that is to say) when he doth take such good courses as to live orderly, and to follow the Trade of a Cordwainer, and is clear of such debts as he now owes, by following the imploy he now hath taken up.

Vnto my sone Benjamin Emons, Foure score pounds, to be paid him by my executors as followeth 60 pounds thereof in such pay as will prduce him lether other things wch he may need. I will that the 20 pounds given my sone Benjamin by his fathers will, be paid to him in the moneth of June wch shall be in the year 1667, by my executors, for the 60 pounds aforesaid to be paid vnto him 40 pounds by my sone Obadiah out of the value of the house I have hereby bequeathed him, 20 pounds by my sone Samuel out of the value of the house I have bequeathed him, 20 pounds by Obadiah 10 pounds by Samuel, to pay the said Benjamin in June 1668; the other 30 pounds to be paid in specie in the moneth of June thence next ensuing; the other 20 pounds to be paid my sone Benjamin to make up the sume of Fourscore pounds to be paid vnto him by the value thereof of my goods, viz: that Fether bed wch he best liketh with the Bolster pillows; the new Courled; a paire of Blankets; hangings; the bedstead I now ly on; two paire of my best sheets; a paire of pillow beers; my silver Beker; Silver Spoon, of other of my goods, as pewter, Brasse; old bedding, to make up the value of 20 pounds, said goods to be paid him when he receives the legacie of 20 pounds aforesaid given him by the will of his father, or sooner if his occasions call for it, and the plate and bedding immedyately after my Decease.

Vnto my sone Samuel, my Cloth Gound to make him a sute, & to his wife my best cloth petticote.

Vnto my dau. Alice Emons, my Turkey moehaire coate & my finest paire of new pillow-beers.

Vnto my grandsone Thomas, 40s.

Vnto my Grand Dau. Martha Emons, my Gold ring & my siluer bodkin; to my grandsone Samuel my siluer wine cup & Dram cup.

Vnto my Grand dau. Mary, 20 pounds to be paid to her in pewter; to my grand dau. Elizabeth, 10 pounds to buy her a siluer spoon.

Vnto my grandsone Samuel Crab, 18 pounds to be paid him by my executors when he shall be 20 years of age.

Vnto my Kinswoman, Martha Winsor, 8 pounds to be paid vnto her at her age of 21, or day of her marriage, wch of them shall first be, & my hire Callimines gound, & my old Moehaire petticote, & a red taminy petticote, & a new cloth wastcoate wch lyeth in my chest, & a sute of my linning complete (except a white apron), & my bible & box. To Goodman Prat, of Charlestown, 10s.

Vnto my Kinswoman, Hannah Winsor, Two platters to be paid her at her marriage.

Vnto Goodwife Cop & goodwife Goold, 10s, apeece; vnto my loving neighbors Goodwife Stanes & Goodwife Winsor, each of them a dressing of my best, after my dau. Alice hath take her choice.
My will is, that my sone Samuel shall have the refuse of such implements in my house wch he shall desire, paying for it as it is prized.

Vnto my sones Obadiah & Samuel, all my goods, Debts & estate not hereby bequethed, to be devided between them, whom I make joint executors of this my last will & testament.

I intreat my loving friends Mr. John Wiswell & Mr. William English to be ourseers, whom I do hereby also impower that in case my executors be remisse in prforming this my last will, that then vpon such neglect, they shall have power over the before bequeathed dwelling houses to dispose of them for time, till my debts & legacies be paid, anything before expressed to the Contrary thereof not withstanding.

Vnto my before named friends Mr. Wiswell & Mr. English, 40s, a peece for theire paines.

I have here vnto set my hand & seale the second day of April, in the yeare above written.

In case my household goods & debts will not amount to pay my debts & legacies hereby ordered and bequeathed, then the same shall be made up & paid by my executors out of the value of the houses respectively, hereby to them bequeathed, Obadyah paying two parts & Samuel one part thereof.

In the presence of us, John Wiswall, William Inglish

                Martha Emons

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