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WELCOME TO OUR FAMILY SITE ..... As you can see this site is under construction and I will be updating as time permits. So please bookmark it and come back often. ABOUT OUR FAMILY RESEARCH--- Our genealogy research focuses on the Surname "FELIX". These Felix individuals who left their homes in search of a better life in the new World were undoubtedly courageous. Who were these early Felix Immigrants? Research through thousands of reference books, genealogical registers and other official records led to the discovery of Early Felix immigrants. First found in Sussex where they were anciently seated as Lords of the Manor. Some of the first settlers of this name or some of the variants were the name represented in many forms and recorded from the mid 1700 century in the great migration from Europe. Some migrants settled in the Eastern Seaboards from New Foundland to Maine, Virginia, the Carolinas and Islands. The Surname Felix appears to be patronymical in origin (father's name). My research indicates that it can be associated with the English, German, French and Spanish, meaning "the descendant of Felix (happy. Probable spelling variations are: Felice, Fillis, Felixe, Feallis, Feliz, and a new discovery Frelix, I was informed that Felix was changed to Frelix post slavery but I am not certain of this. Beares of the old names comprise of a small percentage today. The majority of names of African Americans are similar to those of the European population that came to America. During the years of slavery most were given new first names, usually biblical, by their plantation owners After slavery, many African Americans adopted the surnames of their former owners (or local names they liked or that were familiar to them.

My family tree will begin with WILLIAM FELIX--dob abt 1811 in Maryland.

Here are some of my favorite websites:Ancestry. com, Christine's Genealogy

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